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    Amazingly compact and so light you’ll barely notice it, the new UFL-3 underwater flash is a serious tool for serious divers. Waterproof to an incredible 246 feet (75 meters), this adaptable flash is specifically designed to work seamlessly with a number of Olympus camera/underwater housing combinations.
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  2. 260590-410 Thumbnail
    O-Ring for PT-EP03 Underwater Housing (POL-EP-3)
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  3. Anti-reflecting Ring (POSR-053)
    Replacement Anti-reflecting Ring (POSR-053) for use with the TG-1 Series cameras.
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  4. V6360370W000-410 Thumbnail
    Replacement Body Cap (PBC-EP08) for the PT-EP11 Underwater Housing.

    item #V6360370W000
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  5. V6370520W000-410 Thumbnail
    O-Ring for PT-058 Underwater Housing (POL-058)

    Item: V6360530W000
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  6. 202187-410
    The PTSA-03 is an accessory long arm used to mount underwater strobes such as the UFL-1 or UFL-2 to the accessory shoe of the PT series underwater housings. It can also be used for attaching a focusing light to the housing when using the underwater strobe on an external bracket. It is made of a corrosion resistant plastic resin and features a large easy to turn knob, making for easy swivel adjustment even when wearing dive gloves. Attaches to any Olympus PT series housing that has an accessory shoe.
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  7. V6370550W000-410 Thumbnail
    Replacement O-ring for the PT-EP13 Underwater Housing. Creates watertight seal.

    Olympus recommends the O-ring is replaced by a new one at least once a year. See your PT-EP13 instruction manual for more information.

    Item # V6370550W000
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  8. 202142-410 Thumbnail
    The PTSA-02 is used to mount accessories such as the UFL-1 underwater strobe and underwater focusing lights, to the accessory shoe of PT series underwater housings, The PTSA-02 fits all Olympus PT series underwater housings outfitted with accessory shoes.
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  9. 200975-410 Thumbnail
    Underwater Macro Conversion lens designed for use with PT-020, PT-022, PT-027 and PT-037 housings for the C-5060, C-765, C-770, C-7070, SP-550 UZ cameras. It is also for use with the PT-EP01\PT-EP03 Underwater Housing with the M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 or M. Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 II. Capable of close-up underwater photography with magnification up to 2x.
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  10. 260591-410 Thumbnail
    Shading Ring for M.Zuiko ED 14-42mm II lens when used with the PT-EP03. Helps prevent lens reflection.
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