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    ENJOY $5 FLAT RATE SHIPPING + Free shipping ON ORDERS $100+

Tracie Maglosky

Professional Wedding and Portrait
Photographer – Cincinnati, Ohio
Web: http://www.traciejeanphoto.com
Blog: traciejeanphoto.com/?page_id=42

Olympus Trailblazer Tracie Maglosky is an award-winning wedding and portrait photographer living in the greater Cincinnati area.

She is a busy mother of two boys and the owner of Tracie Jean Photo Studios, where she is committed to creating timeless memories for her clients. She left her corporate career as a top salesperson for a fortune 500 company to follow her passion for photography and an Olympus camera has been in her hand every step of the way.

Tracie is an enthusiastic Olympus user. After years of feeling like she’d been “run over by a bus after weddings” due to the size and weight of her older gear, the new Olympus OM-D E-M1 is like a walk in the park to carry, handle and produce excellent images.

The Olympus Visionary Program is Olympus Imaging America Inc.’s official program for professional and emerging photographers. Its mission is to define the state of digital imaging for professional and advanced consumer audiences, and to promote both the individual photographer and Olympus’ highly-regarded and widely-acclaimed digital camera systems.

Olympus Visionaries are established, award-winning professional photographers who travel the world with Olympus products to capture life’s beauty and splendor. The elite members of the program include several Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers, as well as artists whose careers have included assignments around the globe.

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