Maitland Lottimer

Filmmaker, Musician and Photographer –
Denver, Colorado
Twitter: @MLottimer

An Olympus Visionary since 2012, Maitland Lottimer has a pretty impressive film, music and television resume for someone in his mid-20s.

Maitland first caught the attention of Olympus when he and his older brother and fellow Olympus Trailblazer Austin Lottimer won the Olympus PEN Your Short 48 Hour Film Contest at the 2011 Vail Film Festival by shooting their entire award-winning film Running Colors with the Olympus PEN E-PL2 camera.

Since then, Maitland has gone on to work on a variety of largely film projects for Olympus including extensive work at the 2012 Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival and the TG-1 iHS launch video.

Maitland got his start making short action films using his father’s cameras, and he continued to build on his love for all things film and cinematography by shooting several extreme skate and BMX videos. Soon thereafter he started working professionally for Good Time Golf, a travel golf adventure television series for FOX Sports, working sound, and eventually he landed a crew job working on the Indie film City on the Hill.

Over the next several years the Lottimer brothers worked on numerous independent film projects before they started their own film and production companies Bujin Productions and Zero1Films.

In addition to helping to run the two companies, Maitland is focused on shooting music videos, writing screenplays and producing documentary and feature films using a variety of Olympus digital imaging and audio products including the OM-D EM-5.

The Olympus Visionary Program is Olympus Imaging America Inc.’s official program for professional and emerging photographers. Its mission is to define the state of digital imaging for professional and advanced consumer audiences, and to promote both the individual photographer and Olympus’ highly-regarded and widely-acclaimed digital camera systems.

Members of the Olympus Visionary Program participate in events, photo and video content creation, social media, imaging associations and much more. The Olympus Visionary Program is constantly evolving and welcomes and encourages new and innovative ideas and contributions from its members.

Olympus Trailblazers are members of the Olympus Visionary Program who are emerging creators that use Olympus products to explore the wonder of everyday life and share it in brilliant detail. Olympus has discovered many of its Trailblazers through their engagement with the brand on its many social media channels.

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