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Jay Dickman

Photojournalist – Englewood, Colorado
Twitter: @jaydickman

As a Pulitzer Prize–winning photojournalist and National Geographic photographer, Jay Dickman is one of the most traveled, experienced and celebrated photographers in the program.

Over his illustrious award-winning career, he has spent three months living in a stone-age village in Papua New Guinea and a week under the Arctic ice in a nuclear-powered attack sub, and he’s even gone down with a boat on the Amazon. A veteran of more than 25 assignments for the National Geographic Society, Jay has taught workshops for Santa Fe Workshops, the Maine Media Workshops, Photography at the Summit and American Photo Mentor Series. Jay and his wife, Becky, are founders of the award-winning FirstLight Workshop series, having hosted workshops in Spain; Scotland; France; Italy; the Chesapeake; Dubois, Wyoming; and Italy.

The winner of several World Press International awards, including the Golden Eye and the Sigma Delta Chi Award for Distinguished Service in Journalism, Dickman is a regular on the photo lecture circuit and the author of two editions of Perfect Digital Photography.

Working with National Geographic Expeditions, Jay has also been on more than 25 trips as the “National Geographic Expert.” These have included Around the World by Private Jet and Central and South America by Private Jet, as well as trips to Svalbard and the High Arctic, the North Cape of Norway, the British Isles and the Dalmatian Coast, and multiple trips to Baja, the Galapagos Islands and Antarctica.

Over the past few years, Jay has worked with National Geographic Expeditions, traveling to places such as the west coast of Africa, Antarctica, the Arctic, several "Around the World by Private Jet," and "Central & S America by Private Jet," Expeditions, Baja, California, the Inside Passage of Alaska, the Cape if Norway and the British Isles. Future Expeditions on Jay's calendar include: Mozambique, the Northwest Passage, Iceland and Greenland, as well as Sri Lanka, Borneo & the Andaman Sea.

An Olympus Visionary since 2003, Dickman highlights the Olympus OM-D E-M1 as his favorite camera for its power and portability, especially in the extreme conditions in which he regularly shoots.

The Olympus Visionary program celebrates the work of 12 talented photographers who shoot exclusively with Olympus cameras and lenses. The mission of the Olympus Visionary program is to educate the photographic community about the possibilities of photography and Olympus digital leadership. The program is also dedicated to creating superb images and videos and developing innovative digital photographic equipment to meet the needs of the most demanding professional photographers.

Olympus Visionaries are established, award-winning professional photographers who travel the world with Olympus products to capture life’s beauty and splendor. The elite members of the program include several Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers, as well as artists whose careers have included assignments around the globe.

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