Frank T. Smith

Olympus Trailblazer

Olympus Trailblazer

Frank is a photojournalist from Center Valley, Pennsylvania.

Frank is a photojournalist from Center Valley, Pennsylvania.

About Frank

Olympus Trailblazer Frank Smith is a self-taught photographer whose love for the craft goes back to a very early age. Decades later, Frank’s passion for photography has yet to fade as his skills continue to evolve.

A native Northeasterner, Frank often focuses his lens on regional and local scenery including the Pocono Mountains and the historical sites of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. His raw travel and philanthropic photojournalism covers global themes, shedding light on cultural issues such as regional corruption in areas including South Sudan and Haiti.

“The image quality from Olympus interchangeable lens cameras is second to none. The technology is brilliant, and the size and weight of the equipment provides for ease of portability without sacrificing image quality.”

Frank is dedicated to Olympus interchangeable lens cameras, using the OM-D EM-1 for work and reaching for the OM-D EM-5 for travel and family events.

Frank’s work has been featured in print, in exhibits, and in philanthropic venues including Glow Artworks, a North American-based consortium of 30 photographers’ healing art that encourages the well-being of patients, visitors and workers in healthcare centers and other spaces.

About the Program

The Olympus Visionary Program is Olympus America Inc.’s official program for professional and emerging photographers. Its mission is to define the state of digital imaging for professional and advanced consumer audiences, and to promote both the individual photographer and Olympus’ highly-regarded and widely-acclaimed digital camera systems. Olympus Visionaries are established, award-winning professional photographers who travel the world with Olympus products to capture life’s beauty and splendor. The elite members of the program include several Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers, as well as artists whose careers have included assignments around the globe. For regularly updated content from all of the Olympus Visionaries, visit, and follow @getolympus on Twitter. For more information about the Olympus Visionary program, please contact Jennifer Colucci at

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