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Telephoto Tough Lens Pack TCON-T01 & CLA-T01 Adapter

SKU# V321180BW020-410


Expected to Ship early October.

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Unlike with most cameras in the compact class, you can attach waterproof converters and 40.5mm lens filters to the TG-1, TG-2, TG-3 and TG-4 using the CLA-T01 conversion lens adapter. The tele converter lens TCON-T01 lets you increase the optical zoom ratio by 6.8x - for dramatic close-ups with professional-looking background blur. With the Super-resolution Zoom feature of compatible TG cameras, you can even reach 13.6x magnification. This conversion lens is particularly helpful when shooting long-distance shots enjoying the high brightness even for far away scenes.

  • Waterproof to 50ft/15m with TG-2, TG-3, and TG-4 (40ft/12.2m with TG-1)
  • Telephoto shooting with 1.7x magnification without sacrificing aperture
  • Capture far away motifs by extending the focal length from 100mm to 170mm
  • Easy attachment to the camera, even underwater, up to a depth of 15m
  • Extends your optical zoom from 4x to nearly 7x.
  • The CLA-T01 Adapter and the TCON-T01 Telephoto lens are both included in the package.
  • Everything needed to attach the lens to the camera is included in the box. 

  Lens cap for the CLA-T01 is included with purchase.

Item number V321180BW020

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Customer Reviews of the Telephoto Tough Lens Pack TCON-T01 & CLA-T01 Adapter

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September 09, 2015


wonderful lens

i recently purchased the TCON-T01 & CLA-T01 adapter for use on my new TG-4 camera. WOW i love this lens! the closeup images are sharp and crisp while the background is in a soft focus. long distance image capture is also a big deal for me and this lens just pulls things right up close! great product great company. the lens is well built and just as tough as the TG-4

April 28, 2015


Nice lens

I bought this lens for my TG-2 and now use it on my TG-3. It does a very good job but you really need a tripod when using it. I would give 5 stars for the lens but only 2 stars for the lens cover and the ring that you use to mount it onto the camera. The lens cover does a very poor job of staying on the lens and the ring that you mount it to the camera broke (cheap plastic) the second time I used it. I took a picture of a grain of sand in super macro mode and it turned out very nice. I've taken pictures of boats that are miles off the beach and they have turned out very nice as well.

April 16, 2015


Love it!

I received both the lense and adapter today to use on my TG-3. I took several pictures and I was really amazed on how clear and crisp the pictures were. This is one very good quality lense.

One thing I think needs to be more clear in the instructions is the fact you have to have your camera set in "P" mode before you can select the lense on the Accessories/ Conversion Lense page. Before I switched to "P" mode the Conversion Lense on the accessory page was greyed out.

March 02, 2015


Great lens ... read the instructions!

No offense ,,, but I feel the three comments from the people who apparently used the tele attachment lens without reading the instructions, and saw only a little circle pic ... I feel these three comments should be deleted by Olympus, or by the original commenters.

The simple fact is, this telephoto attachment is designed to be used at the telephoto setting of the camera's prime lens. Duh!

When used at the camera's tele setting (about a 100 mm lens on a full-frame 35 mm camera) the tele attachment turns it into a beautiful, fast, approximately 135 mm telephoto equivalent. It makes for great photos and I love it.

August 18, 2014


Weird field of view

I got the TG-2 & this lens for Christmas. I am used to putting on a lens and having a full screen view not the circle. When you zoom in, the circle goes away. I don't notice much difference between the regular zoom and the additional of the telephoto. While a really like the camera and it's overall toughness, I am disappointed with the telephoto lens.

July 05, 2014


Not worth it

Does not add much zoom capability at all, not at all worth the purchase price. All of the other accesses for the TG-3 (LG-1 light guide, FCON-T01 19mm fish eye lens converter) work GREAT!! This is the only one to stay away from.

August 21, 2013


camera must be set to telephoto

I don't think SAH's review is valid as the telephoto accessory is meant to be used with the camer'as lens set at telephoto. There is no "small circle" when used according to the instructions that came with the accessory telephoto. It's a great little accessory to the great little camera. Suggest SAH's review be deleted, as it is misleading.

August 20, 2013



Not an ideal telephoto lens. They do not describe that this lens is a tiny circular zoom image of a single object surrounded by a blackout of everything in the background.
If that's what u want great! I thought I was getting a normal telephoto lens! Used it once. Have a single pic I like and don't even carry it with me anymore.
Please come out with a real telephoto attachment.

June 19, 2013


unique, useful accessory for compact point/n shoot

First, I find the TG-2 an amazing little point'n shoot. It works great for for most of how I like to shoot. -- Usually in the (full frame SLR equiv.) 28 mm, or 100 mm perspective, rarely any length in between.

The tele adds to the package, as my favorite, full-frame SLR lens for portraits, etc. is a fast, 135mm that has pleasing perspective and also can soft-focus the background. It is surprisingly sharp and corrected, provided the TG-2 is zoomed out to the telephoto range.

The TG-2 is not superior to my full-frame SLR, only because any viewing screen is inferior to a through the lens viewfinder, especially in bright light. However, a mentor told me long ago, the only camera that counts is the one you have on you when a photo opportunity presents itself ... and that's why I'm liking the pocketable TG-2 more every day.

June 08, 2013


Not as advertised

The design of this lens is such that the field of view is becomes a small circle in the center of the original view window. You lose about 85% of the original view and any picture you take will have a large blacked out area that must be cropped. I don't think this is necessarily a defect but had I known this I would not have purchased the lens. Now I am out shipping costs simply because the web page fails to accurately describe the functionality of the lens.

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