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To demonstrate the incredible power of the OM-D and the versatility of our Micro Four Thirds lens system we hit the road with Olympus Visionary John Sterling Ruth. John is widely recognized as one of the top commercial photographers in the country. He opened his studio over 20 years ago and currently produces a wide range of high-end photography and video that unleashes the creative potential of his clients’ brands.
Here you’ll find some of the incredible images that he captured at Roy’s Motel and Café on historic Route 66 in Amboy, Ca.. He shot for two days from sun up to sun down using all Olympus lenses and additional converter lens options to provide thousands of images and multiple videos.
Shooting cars in this historic location gave John and his team the opportunity for action shots as well as allowing them the creativity to focus on the car’s macro details and beautiful lines. The colors and lighting of the dessert were the perfect backdrop to show off our full range of lens capabilities like capturing low light shots at sunset.

Hear what John has to say about the shoot.

To capture Challenging Images, You need amazing technology.

That’s why the E-M5 has 9fps sequential shooting, F.A.S.T AutoFocus and Touch Shutter to freeze time and capture the shots that are the hardest to capture. Check out what John Sterling Ruth brought back from Amboy.

Click to enlarge and learn which lens was used to capture the image.

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