April 12, 2013 by Frank Paris
Works great once it's installed
I should dock this rating by 1/2 star, but can't. The 1/2 star comes off because the eyecup is difficult to install and requires a lot of strength from elderly hands. To install it, you take off the original rubber ring that comes with the VF-2 and try to stretch the DP-9 to fit over the rotating eyepiece. The DP-9 has a mark to line up the mark on the VF-2 (for zero optical compensation), but who knows how well it's still lined up after struggling with the installation. Once it's installed, it's great. I tested it outside at 8:30 in the morning when the sun was still low in the sky and directly at my back. You can exclude all sunlight by pressing the cup directly against your eye for superb visualization of the subject. I also tested it when sunlight is coming in from the side (which is worse than when coming in directly from the back) and it still excludes all sunlight. This is a must addition to the VF-2.
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