April 14, 2015 by AJ
Works Great!
I've used this strap for the last 5 years and have snorkeled many times with this strap as well as using it on land. I have never had a problem with this strap. It floats the camera beautifully. It has even out lasted my last camera and will be used on the new camera I just ordered from Olympus. (The last one died because I failed to change the seals at the right intervals and though I could get "just one more" trip out of it). I would like to mention the two previous reviews however, I do not let my camera dangle from the strap even though it is a "tough" camera AND I always inspect my equipment prior to using it on any trip. I feel if the two previous reviewers had used some common sense neither would have posted the reviews they had. I do not fault the strap for failing as so much as the user for failing to check their equipment properly.
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August 8, 2014 by Elizabeth
Great idea. Doesn't hold up.
I thought this float was great at first. I got numerous comments on how smart/awesome it was that I had a float on my camera. I'd definitely agree-- it made me not hesitate when taking it out on the water. I used this float with the Olympus Tough camera snorkeling in Belize and Hawaii, surfing in Costa Rica, and white-water rafting in NC. It wasn't until I took it rafting on the Salmon River in Idaho that it utterly failed me. No, I wasn't going on a huge rapid when the webbing on the camera strap ripped. I was simply swimming down the river when the strap broke (without me even noticing until I was back in the raft) and sent my camera to the bottom of the river. I'd had the strap about a year so maybe the strap just needs to be replaced more frequently?? Regardless, it was devastating and I lost 100's of pictures along with one of my favorite cameras. Overall, great idea. Just make them durable enough to be compatible with the activities the Tough cameras are built for.
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June 3, 2014 by Sharon
I had it on the camera less than 20 minutes and it broke apart between the fine thread that attaches to the camera and the snap/connector. I was luck it was over soft land and not in the lake or I would have lost my camera; it never caught on anything just fall apart from the weight of the camera. Worse yet [retailer] would not replace it, because we had bought it 2 1/2 months ago when we bought the camera. Not quality and not warranty. Very bad product.
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