March 4, 2017 by Natalia
Great for pools
It works great with a compact camera (Tough series), not sure if it would hold a heavier one. Great for use in a pool, as you can just let go of it and it will be easy to find, however, I would only use it as insurance in open water, the waves could make you lose it!
July 22, 2014 by Randy
Nice to use, with a weak link
I used this strap on my TG-820 for a couple of years, and it was comfortable and functional. However, recently I was in the water and noticed that the strap had become detached from the camera. It turns out that the thin loop that ties to the camera had broken. Fortunately, I had the camera in my hand when I noticed this, or I might have lost it. After some use, I would advise that you keep an eye out for wear on this loop.
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September 10, 2011 by IHaveARedOne
Works Great, but be careful...
When I got my red Stylus TOUGH-3000, this came in the box. It worked great! It kept my camera afloat perfectly in the pool. Until I broke it. When I was trying to detach it from after a pool trip, the snap broke from the string that goes to the camera. I wasn't able to fix it. But overall, if you're careful with it, it can keep a camera afloat for many, many, many years.