June 11, 2013 by Dixiepeach
Love this camera strap!
I've used and worn this camera strap on my Olympus Stylus 800 since I bought it! I wished I had something like this when my first (non-waterproof) Olympus went swimming with me unintentionally when I fell in a tidal pool. My camera conveniently hangs my camera around my neck making it easily accessible when I am out hiking or at any event. I have a severe nickel allergy, and this strap does not bother my neck. If it will work with my new Olympus, I plan to order another one.
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May 20, 2012 by glorybee
Digital Camera Metal Neck Straop
I have been using the metal neck strap for a digital camera the past several years. It has saved this camera from falling when joggling items you carry when traveling or at events. (1) The camera when its connected hits me just perfect. (2) Be careful when you bend over as it could catch on something but this has only happened once. Very sturdy metal and it would be difficult to break.