September 20, 2015 by KAR
A Great Tool
I can't say enough about this little remote. I purchased it with my E-410 and have been glad about it ever since! Probably the best thing is that this remote works with all the E-series cameras I have used, including the E-410, E-3 and E-1. While the infrared is sometimes a little finicky, I have been able to use it standing far enough away that I could fire my camera while not disturbing birds coming to a feeder. Because of the small size it's very easy to hide in your hand when you're in a group photo. While I do have the RM-CB1 for my E-3, this little device is so much more convenient that I almost always use it unless I am doing portraits where I have to stand behind or to the side of the camera. It also allows hands off operations when using BULB via the W and T buttons. If you are using an E-series camera, this is a great tool to have in your camera bag.
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