February 27, 2016 by Hussein
Good battery, but discontinued
I bought this battery as a spare for my E-PM1. It it a good battery with decent life. When I bought my E-M10, I was surprised it came with a different charger and the BLS-5 battery, which is the same battery but having an extra connector. Both the BLS-1 and BLS-5 are compatible with my E-PM1 and E-M10, however, I now have to travel with both chargers as the BLS-1 can only be charged using the BCS-1, and the BLS-5 can only be charged via the BCS-5. Although this battery is replaced by a newer model, I would advise to get it if you already have a camera that came with the BCS-1 charger, to avoid travelling with two chargers as I do.
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