January 21, 2016 by harvey
Good Audio
Essential adaptor for using remote microphones. Fits professional shotgun mike which is very useful in windy conditions and has its own power supply so you don't; burn the camera battery. I sue it to produce excellent audio with a PEM PM1 camera mounted on the roll bar of a race car and a shotgun microphone mounted remotely under the dash so it picks up the sound of the transmission shifting, the engine and exhaust system noise. Best track audio I ever heard.
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April 23, 2015 by Paul
Good mic but requires a windjammer for outdoor use
I am using this on a XZ-2. The mic is sensitive and quite good for indoor use. For outdoors a Windjammer is a necessity, which I couldn't find on the site, to cut down on wind noise; otherwise it will drown out every other sound. Mounting the mic on the camera will allow it pick up every noise in the body including Auto Focus and even finger movement. Don't discard the extension cord that is the key to better audio.
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May 4, 2013 by spencer
Good kit
This is a must have for video, I have an old EPL1 PEN and the AF is a bit noisy, but with the extension cord attached you can place this mic well out of the way of the lens and get stereo sound for a better presentation.