March 23, 2017 by Johnathan
Amazing product. Takes stunning photos and intuiting video.
February 25, 2017 by James
From Canon to Olympus, It's what I needed for Me...
WOW!!! what an amazing camera. I was, Was a Canon Man for years. This Olympus OM-D E M1 Mark II changed my mind. It gives me everything I'm acustome too, and EVEN more. I love this camera and it's power. Balanced well, while fitting comfortable in my hand, it is easy to maneuver all the buttons. The LCD screen tilts and turns. Battery life is awesome. I have one complaint, when charging the battery out of the body, the time and date have to be set each time. it's easy to set, but annoying. Video is Impressive. Two SD slots for lots of storage for lots of pictures. The Olympus App works nicely on my apple 6+. I paired this camera with the Olympus Zuiko Pro 12-100mm...Just Fantastic...the pictures are tac sharp. I'm comparing to the Canon L lens. I take lots of pictures in various places, so I do not really have anything bad to say about the camera, just some minor nuances, but in no way a problem. Yes, it's a camera that's packed with lots of technology and advancements not found in your standard DSLR. For me, Olympus has made a commitment to this Camera and for that I'm OK justifying the price. It has raised the Bar, for others to Compare to...GREAT CAMERA...OM-D E-M1 Mark II...A+
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January 25, 2017 by Timothy
The faster, bigger, heavier OMD progression.
I stepped into the realm of Micro 4/3 from Dslr's solely to take advantage of the portability, sacrificing the highest possible image quality for the ability & ease of having my camera with me ALL the time. My thought was that many great pictures far outweighed a few awesome pictures(which I could still get with my Dslr.) The progression from OMD-EM5 might naturally have been to OMD-EM1 eventually leading to this mark ll. But, I have come to the conclusion that this camera is not the portable M4/3 camera that the first EM5 was. While Full Frame and APS-C sensor cameras have been getting smaller and lighter, the Olympus M4/3's have been getting larger especially if you couple them with any of the new pro series lenses. I returned this camera because when it was sitting on my desk next to my Pentax K3 it was about the same size. Yes its a great camera, the most capable M4/3 yet. Its very versatile and fast focusing with somewhat better resolution than the previous 16mp version. But, it is no longer extremely portable, definitely not light and pocket-able like my original EM5. I don't really shoot video(the files are just too big to store) and I am not one to lug around a lot of heavy pro lenses - mostly just fast primes. On some occasions I do take landscape photos but a full frame camera is better at capturing the detail, depth of field and subtle qualities of light and color. So the EM1 ll has now developed into a camera that doesn't fit my needs anymore. In turn, I purchased a Pen F for half the amount. it doesn't have a weather sealed body and the new TruePicâ„¢ VIII Dual Quad Core Processor, and obviously doesn't shoot as fast - BUT it has the same 20mp sensor AND it's light and portable like my original EM5. I believe that the M4/3 sensor has reached its image quality limit, and my partner camera to my Pen-F will be have a full frame sensor because there are many quality small versions to choose from. If Olympus weather seals the Pen F ll along with adding the Dual Quad Core Processor and resolving a few manual dial design issues(I know if, if, if) But, my point is that I am sure I won't be the only one to head back to the smaller camera for the sake of portability. For now, I am happy that there was another option since I am invested in the M 4/3 lenses.
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January 21, 2017 by Barry
Fantastic and only one downside for me.
Haven't had the camera long but so far it works like a charm. Fast focusing, stabilization is amazing. Even though the menu is deep most everything is easily accessible from buttons. The only thing that needs to be better is startup time. Don't think you will see a shot and be able to turn on the camera to get it quickly. It can take a few seconds to get going. Only thing stopping me from giving it a 5 star.
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January 17, 2017 by Erik
I'm shocked and awed
I had left Olympus when they all but abandoned Four-Thirds. I had a lot of money invested in the line, but when my E-3 started showing it's age, I moved on to another brand of DSLR. Over time, it became apparent what a mistake that was. The "Pro Level" lenses from this other brand just didn't come close to the contrast and clarity that the equivalent Olympus lenses did (look at those MTF charts and see for yourself). I started looking into Micro 4/3 and watched the OM-D develop for a few years. I really missed the ingenuity, capability - and mostly the photos - that my old Olympus gear could make. The straw that broke the camel's back (almost literally) came when I had to go for a week of camping and hiking with the other camera. The weight of my gear almost displaced the tent by weight. I suddenly realized I was hauling around accessories and gear for that camera that the OM-D line had built in to it's diminutive frame already! (for instance, wireless flash). That was it. I was going back to Olympus. When the EM-1 Mark 2 was announced, I waited patiently and put myself on the pre-order list. When it arrived, I was a bit dismayed at how small it was. I was actually a bit disappointed. But, when I actually picked it up at the camera store, the weight and solid construction put my fears to rest. The Mark 2 melted into my grip, and every button was right where it needed to be. It took me less than 50 exposures to get the Mark 2 customized to my liking, and to figure out what it did and what it would give me. I am overwhelmed by the image quality coming from the Mark 2 paired with the 12-40 PRO lens. The focus peeking is pure genius, and I'm only about 25% into exploring the full ability of this camera. The auto focus is about as fast as my eye (my eyeballs are a bit older now, admittedly), and the IS sets the EM-1 apart as the single most capable digital camera I've ever used. Best of all, this camera is so simple to clean without the complexity of a mirrored system!! It's impressive beyond compare, and at $2000 easily out-performs the pro-level competitive product I had been using before at â…” the price! The hardest feature to get over was that the viewfinder was an LCD, and not an actual view through the lens. However, the advantages of this quickly gained my respect as I realized I could run the entire camera through the viewfinder without every having to move my eye away from the lens. This is an operational speed advantage. I can set my customizations right from the view finder without having to look down at the back LCD. The camera that is with you at all times is the camera that's most capable of snapping the best shot, and the size and ability of the EM-1 Mark 2 make it a hands down winner to be there, and ready, when you need it most. Amazing.
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