February 24, 2013 by Daniel
A very exceptional lens in the M4/3 world of photography
Some would say a true cult lens. I certainly agree that the M.75mmF1.8 is an exception on its own. Despite its high pricepoint, it worth every penny of it. The lens by itself is beautifully design and crafted with the classic metal feeling and the very smooth manual focus damping. It is an heavy lens by M4/3 standards especially compared to the « polymer » products. The results are outstanding. I meanly use this M.75mmF1.8 as a portrait (face) lens. I like the creamy effect of the outfocused aera surrounding the subjet. You have to pay attention to the weight of the lens by holding it the classical way using your left arm as a palm receptor. This position allow you to manually correct the focus with the OM-D E-M5 S-AF/MF autofocus mode. I am not really fond of the big lens hood proposed except maybe with some strong ponctual front light situations. My only recommendation is to protect the front optical element of the lens with a first class neutral filter. Yes the M.75mm F1.8 is a beauty by itself but it is also a compentent tool that generate outstanding results.
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January 16, 2013 by Brad
Outstanding lens
This is a must have lens for the micro four thirds system if you can afford it. The lens is fast to focus, quiet, solid, and is incredibly sharp at all apertures. It opens up some creative options with its telephoto focal length and fast aperture. I use it for detail shots when outdoors, kids playing and love it as a portrait lens.
November 6, 2012 by Temucin
It is fast, it is silent, it is great. I bought the OM D E-M5 when I was in New York just before Sandy. And a day later, I bought the 75mm. I had a GH2 that I gave to my daughter. The combo; OM D E-M5 with the 75 mm is great in low light situations. With a gorilla pod, you can shoot literally anything at night. It is sharp, noise is low even at 3200 ASA, with the Art Filters of the camera, even the dullest scene looks interesting. Highly regarded, strongly suggested as an essential.
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