October 31, 2013 by David
Another fantastic fast prime
I am using it a lot more than I thought. The image quality is stunning. I bought a refurb and saved $100. Close focus is not too close, but for outdoor portraits - wow! I also used it for some outdoor group shots. I went way back, ran 2 600R flashes with PocketWizards and the results were great. The fall foliage colours were compressed and brought right into the group photo due to the 150mm effective length. A lot more versatile than you might think and forces you to experiment a little. What more could you ask for?
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September 13, 2013 by Robert
Sharpest Lens Yet
This is one of the sharpest lenses available for any system -- essentially as sharp wide open as stopped down, as sharp in the corners as in the center. It is solidly constructed (made in Japan) and beautifully finished. Only fault is that Olympus are too cheap to include its hood and pouch. As a portrait lens, it is more useful at longer distances from the subject, such as use outdoors or in larger spaces. It is also wonderful as a landscape telephoto.
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July 15, 2013 by Ryan
Of all my portrait lenses I have owned, this one is THE BEST.
I know it is hard to believe this but I actually prefer this lens over my old Canon 85L II. It's focus is fast, build quality is superb.... I LOVE THE QUALITY of the build. This lens in combination with the 45, 17 and 25 PanaLeica form my lineup and I have used them for many well paying gigs over the past year. When this lens came out I sold my FF DSLR setup and converted to all M43. I truly believe anyone serious about photography should consider this lens as a valuable asset in their lineup. You will LOVE what this lens will do. Smooth bokeh, fast focus, sharp as anything I have ever seen from edge to edge, no distortion, quiet with smooth focus operation and sexy as anything in silver.
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April 24, 2013 by Don
Who can argue
The quality of the lens has been well documented. Yes the cheapskates should provide a hood at the very least but there are third party alternatives. I like the lens and the quality of the shots it takes. This particular length is a bit of a tweeter for me so I find I am not using It as much as I thought I would. I will be trying to find some new perspectives to take advantage of this lens. I would really like to see something like a 75mm-150mm f2. While it wouldn't be cheap I think I personally would use it more. I have been thinking about the pant 35-100 because that is a range I do use but based on the reviews I am waiting to see if olympus comes up with something in that focal range. Great little lens but think about your shooting style.
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February 28, 2013 by Daniel
The perfect portrait lens
Some would say a true cult lens. I certainly agree that the M.75mmF1.8 is an exception on its own. Despite its high price point, it worth every penny of it. The lens by itself is beautifully design and crafted with the classic metal feeling and the very smooth manual focus damping. It is an heavy lens by M4/3 standards especially compared to the « polymer » products. The results are outstanding. I meanly use this M.75mm F1.8 as a portrait (face) lens. I like the creamy effect of the out-focused area surrounding the subject. You have to pay attention to the weight of the lens by holding it the classical way using your left arm as a palm receptor. This position allow you to manually correct the focus with the OM-D E-M5 S-AF/MF auto-focus mode. I am not really fond of the big lens hood proposed except maybe with some strong punctual front light situations. My only recommendation is to protect the front optical element of the lens with a first class neutral filter. Yes the M.75mm F1.8 is a beauty by itself but it is also a compentent tool that generate outstanding results.
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