October 14, 2015 by luanluuatelier
awesome portrait lens!
I have been using this lens for the past few months and it has become my most favorite portrait lens! The sharpness is amazing and provides the perfect amount of compression at 45mm (90mm equivalent). Don't let the small size fool you as the lens produces amazing photos. I love opening a photo in Photoshop, zooming all the way in and seeing all the details that it has captured. I never leave the house without this lens! Must have!
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October 8, 2015 by Nichole
Best Lens I Own
I have been using this for a portrait class in college, and have gotten amazing quality work with this lens. My professor in art photography even asked, "What lens is this? I really need to buy it." The quality is just too good compared to the rest of my kit. If that doesn't convince you that you need this lens, I'm not sure what will. I continuously reach for this lens and find myself switching back to it over lenses with better range, etc., even over other cameras that I own.
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September 5, 2015 by Dana
Perfect Portrait
This is my favorite lens of all my micro four thirds. This lens gets tremendous work during family gatherings, and the results really show compared to other non-portrait lenses, and obviously compared to run of the mill point and shoots. This lens really can separate the subject at the lowest f 1.8, and the sharpness is quite good. The lens can be used at f 1.8 quite often due to the inherent sharpness present.
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August 1, 2015 by Saeed
It's really an amazing little thing, does what's expected from. I'm using this lense with olympus air a01 and it's doing a great job. I took a really nice photos with it. I like the size, weight and quality of the photos. The auto focus is really fast. I use it almost for everything. I think it's a MUST have lense for a 4/3 cameras. Thanks
May 4, 2015 by Eric
Great short telephoto and useful for throwing the background out of focus of one or two person portrait photos. One star off since the autofocus can sometimes not lock in after initial start up. Just use manual focus to bring some contrasting edges into the frame and the autofocus will be able to pick it up from there. I keep this lens with me just about all the time.
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