December 26, 2014 by episa
A very exceptional lens
I have been a Nikon loyal photographer for 30 years and have sold some of my pictures to calendars and post card companies. I have switched to Olympus EM-1 with Pro lenses for their lighter and smaller design while retaining the same performance as their FF equivalent among the Pro Nikon inventory. I must say that this initial switch was mainly for personal travel and family photography. With the arrival of the Olympus 75/1.8 and recently the 40-150mm f/2.8 Pro, I must say that I am totally convinced that with the help of the IBIS system I can do even sharper pictures with these Olympus lenses. This latest Pro Telephoto zoom in particular is very exceptional: it gives a sharpness, contrast, bokeh and 3D rendering absolutely stunning. I have the same reaction when reviewing the Zeiss Sonnar 135mm f/2 mounted on my Nikon D810. The good news for Olympus is that the 40-150mm f/2.8 Pro out-resolves in my opinion the current 16MP sensor of the E-M1: it means that greater pictures await the owners of that lens when the successor of the -M1 arrives. Finally, as an outdoor photographer working in all weather condition (particular cold, snow and rain, I found it brilliant from Olympus to come up with a complete weather proof system EM-1 + Pro lenses + teleconverter which I bought as well. I did some extreme condition photos with my E-M1 and 12-40 f/2.8 Pro on zodiac for whale watching on sea water and under the rain and it passed with flying colors! I am already conquered by Olympus MFT system and will buy the upcoming 300mm f/4 PRO to replace my current Nikon 3kg monster AF-S 300mm f/2.8G VRI which will go to ebay soon. Thank you Olympus for introducing so much innovation and performance in a small and light form factor: it rejuvenated photography by opening up so many new possibilities.
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December 13, 2014 by David
Worth the wait AND the price
Wow. Got it yesterday and took it out today. This is the lens I have been waiting for. My favorite Canon was the 70-200 f/2.8 L and this is better. It is big, but not as big as the "L" by a long shot. It has an extra 100mm of reach. It is superbly crafted. Even the lens hood is better than all the other lens hoods! I read one review that said if you cannot afford this lens right now then don't even look at it. I would agree. The image quality is superb. Great subject separation. Color and contrast is excellent and requires substantially less work in post. Easy to handhold. In "A" mode the OM-D keeps the shutter at 1/350 and the IS does the rest. I took a 100 shots and not one of them would have benefited from a tripod. The tripod collar will come in handy for studio work. Tack sharp and punchy wide open like the Pan-Leica lenses. What to do with my M.75mm f/1.8? Hmmmm. Can't wait for the 300mm and then hopefully a "Pro" minimalist OM-D with all the goofy features stripped back!
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December 1, 2014 by KC
So impressed!
I saved and saved from the moment it was announced, then stayed up late to pre-order at the first chance. I am so pleased! The last time I was this impressed with a lens was when I received the 75mm from Olympus and that's saying a lot. It's razor sharp, loaded with features, and so fun to shoot with. I guess Christmas comes early for me, but trust me... it'll be worth the wait!
November 27, 2014 by Binny
Only have the lens for nearly a week now and am a proud owner. Well designed, smooth focusing ring, fast and accurate focus. Compared to other pro lenses, it feels comfortable and is easier to handle and lighter than others. Overall expensive but worth the money. Looking forward to spending Xmas with this lens and perhaps a long trip with it.
November 12, 2014 by william
The Lens to Buy
Purchased my EM-1 along with the 12-40mm f2.8 Pro lens and last December and consider them five star. This new lens 40-150mm f2.8 PRO is incredible, I know it may seem expensive but well worth it, take your camera in to your local dealer and try it out. A must have.
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