January 21, 2013 by Tim
Excellent lense
I use the macro lense to shoot while we're teaching at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking. I love the fact that I can switch from taking a portrait to the detail of a joint or tool without changing lenses. Crisp, quick focus. Excellent!
November 4, 2012 by zwagner
I got this lens with my new OM-D about 5 days ago, and have been out shooting with it twice. First let me say that sharpness is first rate. Simply outstanding, and is even very good right from 2.8. Stopping down of course grants a small bonus in this area, but there is never a point where the lens isn't sharp (unless it's due to diffraction). Build quality is very good, and the fact of it being weather sealed is just icing on the cake. The focus limiter switch is very useful, and part of the reason for this is that the af can be a bit finicky. I pondered giving the lens 4 stars due to sometimes indecisive af, but it hasn't affected me in enough circumstances to really warrant a whole star knock. One of the best things about this lens is its rather modest price point. $500 really isn't all that much for a lens of this caliber, and I certainly appreciate Olympus keeping the cost reasonable. Simply put, a great buy, and recommended without reservation.
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October 29, 2012 by JW
Perfekt Macro
Still on preorder, but I got my lens in September (09.19) As good as the FT 50mm Macro, but it is much faster on the E-M5. It is lightweight and sealed. So you can take pictures under all weather condition together with the sealed E-M5. Excellent pics quality. Thumb up!!!!! Perfect buy for my OMD E-M5
October 20, 2012 by Eric
A fantastic little lens
Users of micro 4/3 cameras have been waiting for a macro lens to rival the Oly 50mm f/2 lens for the 4/3 system. With *this* lens, their wait is finally over -- it's light, compact, and produces beautiful macro images. It's an excellent portrait and telephoto lens, too -- so it's very versatile.
October 20, 2012 by Kevin
excellent macro lens
Image quality is fantastic, probably as good as can ever be wished for in a lens this small. Weather sealed & good price make it an even better deal. The focus limit dial on the side seems a bit odd to me, hope it doesn't break or jam up. No lens hood included? LH-49 isn't even for sale yet? That's why I didn't give five stars.
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