May 9, 2016 by Shutterspeed
Focus Bracketing
This lens, in combination with focus bracketing on the E-M1, results in spectacular images that were very difficult to create in the past.
March 3, 2016 by JW
Great quality in an unbelievably small package.
This lens can be carried in the pockets of my hiking pants. My previous macro lens an Tamron 180 f3.5 was larger and heavier that the Oly Pro 40-150. This means it goes with me more often and to more places than its predecessor. It has been on hikes with rain and drizzle. The hood should come with the lens and it is nice that it slides into position. Focus limiter is great at improving auto focus speed.
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February 17, 2016 by Paul
Great macro lens
As a macro enthusiast I highly recommend this lens. Paired with my EM5 II I have a remarkably light, small and effective macro tool. I used to use a DSLR with 100mm full frame macro lens, and I can get better and more reliably focused images with my Olympus setup. If you've ever used one of those typical DSLR macro lenses, you will be amazed how small and light this lens is.
February 17, 2016 by spencerberus
Excellent macro
I like taking close-up photos, not necessarily true macro (1:1) that often, but close enough that a macro lens is about all that is going to work within that distance. I've had the PanaLeica macro since it came out and while I've enjoyed using it, I prefer this one significantly enough that I've shelved the other. The Olympus has a slightly longer working distance, being a longer focal length, that, while not huge, can definitely come in handy. The real bonus is the focal limiter, I found the PanaLeica doing a lot of hunting on autofocus, where I can get the Olympus in a much more narrow range. True, with macro you're most likely to manual focus anyway, but I like to start with the autofocus to get it as close as possible before I tweak it manually, saving some time and effort. This is really sharp lens, and being weatherproof it is well suited for non-macro as well. Considering the image quality, and weatherproofing, not to mention the macro capabilities, I think this is one of the best values in the entire m43 lens line-up.
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February 17, 2016 by Richard
lightweight and functional
I don't think this lens will win any awards for it's aesthetics, but it should for it's functionality. The ability to select a focal range specific to Macro, makes it very fast to focus.(important when you are out in the field, and your subject might fly away). I have tried extension tubes on many other lenses, and, with the exception of the Olympus 75mm, they just did not compare with the quality of images I get from this lens, This is my dedicated Macro lens, and if you like to take macros shots, this is the one to get for the M4/3 system.
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