September 21, 2016 by Nora
I was so hesitant reading some of the review about buying this lense. It was expensive for me, but happy I made the plunge
I just received my new lens @ 3 days ago, and ran out and started shooting with it. (Bear in mind that I am a point and shoot person) I was blown away by all the options and the variety of shots I could take with this lens. One thing I learned quickly though, was when I went into full zoom it took a second or 2 for the lens to adjust and capture a sharp image. I was just shooting quickly at my hearts delight. I was capturing birds running, flying moving quickly in all different directions. Once I realized I needed a little patience we became great friends. All I can say is I truly LOVE it, and so happy I took the plunge at buying it. It is your all in ONE lense
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September 5, 2016 by Marie
Perfect for Single Lens Travel
I travel for work and being an avid photographer, I could not leave my camera at home. However, weight and space limitations prevent taking a full complement of lenses, and this little gem was exactly what I was looking for. The zoom is fantastic, and I was quite delighted with the bokeh in close up shots. I have been contemplated taking a 30mm Sigma prime along too, but found that I was satisfied with this lens alone.
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February 17, 2016 by Tucson Jim
Great Travel Lens
I upgraded from an Olympus E-30 to an OM-D E-M1 because I wanted something smaller and lighter for traveling. I paired it with the 12-50 mm which is a fine, lightweight walk-around lens, but which couldn't always provide the reach I needed. Although I had an MMF-3 and a Zuiko 50-200 & 70-300 with EC14 & EC20 tele-converters schlepping all those extra lenses around for the handful of shots I would need them would defeat the purpose. The 14-150 solves the problem. No more missing shots or risking dropping a lens while fumbling around changing lenses. It is a well constructed and compact lens that sits very well on the E-M1 and the image quality is more than sufficient for vacation photos. And, it is weather resistant to boot Paired with the E-M1's 2X Digital Tele-converter I have from 14 to 300mm covered. More than adequate for vacation photos.
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January 21, 2016 by Dominic
Very satisfied!
I used it as m'y only lens on a trip to Barcelona and liked it, the zoom covers all kind of situations, all my images are perfectly clear even in low light conditions. Altough it is a little big and prevent me to put it in m'y pocket, I would totally recommend it. I plan to buy a projective Lens: after 2 days of use with care I happened to scratch it at 3 places.
January 21, 2016 by harvey
Great Range
Love this lens for outdoor shooting because of the range. Great travel lens for this and for weather proofing with my OEM EM-5. Very sharp for a reasonably priced zoom with so much range. Feels well built. Smooth zoom and focus rings. Covers wide and long enough requirements for most everything with a 12mm prime and fisheye when I need one. Surprisingly light. Looks good, balances well on the OMD bodies.
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