September 29, 2015 by Torsten
Almost a pancake lens -
Very nicely build lens Very nice metal build - compared to the plastic 25, 45mm lenses. A bit to long for being called pancake lens. As usual Olympus 'forgets' to add the lens hood which I regard as a must. Focus is generally fast - I love the manual focus ring. Consider great for street photography. Fix focus and aperture and you won't need to wait for your AF.
September 13, 2015 by Wanderlust
Amazing lens for street photography
I recently took this lens with my E-M5 MKII to Spain. This lens was perfect for both street photography and shooting inside churches and museums (especially where flashes weren't allowed). This lens delivers tack sharp images and renders beautiful colors. I really liked it's compact size and all metal construction. I will definitely add more Olympus primes to my collection soon.
May 19, 2015 by Devan
Superb lens, well worth the investment.
Takes stunning photos! Very sharp and fast lens. You can tell the quality improvement over the kit lens. The focal length is great for street photography, portraits as well. I recently used it on vacation in Disneyland and it was the only lens I used. Very nice bokeh also. I have an E-PL5 and together with this lens it creates a great compact package. It appears to have good resale value as well when I was browsing for used kit. Overall I would recommend it if looking for that classic 35mm focal length..(34mm actually, but very close). It is a great lens to carry around and use for general purposes. Another great lens from Olympus!
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April 3, 2015 by Anne
Compact and sharp when weight is a consideration
As much as I covet the pro zoom lenses, size and weight is an important consideration. So to walk the Inca trail, I took this one lens for my OM-D EM-5. The few people with full sized DSLR unpacked them once or twice at the passes. I was able to take carry this easily in my pack's side pocket or even over my shoulder and get all the shots I wanted.
April 2, 2015 by Duhg
Sharp and very well built
This lens has a very fast focus, it is very sharp, and it is a joy to use because of the excellent build quality. I love it.
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