October 1, 2016 by Mirko
Good all-rounder
Very good for casual shooting and travel and OK for other purposes (macro, portrait). Excels in optimal conditions (enough light) but starts having trouble as the light gets lower. I don't think the size or the weight are too much as I've never thought the setup with it and the E-M5 was cumbersome. Haven't done any videos so can't comment on that but it does have a motorized zoom which should come in handy. Weatherproofing proved to be a great feature. Overall, a good all round lens which doesn't break the bank.
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July 18, 2016 by decia d.
It's like have two lenses in one!
This lens is a perfect when you only can bring one lens with you and it's weatherproof. The electronic zoom it's a great help to capture thing for far away. Also, it can convert to macro, like have two lenses in one!
February 17, 2016 by Paul
Agree with others reviews
Yes a bit slow, yes a bit big, but true its a good go to lens for the beginner. Unitl I started purchaing primes this was my lens of choice.(didnt know better at the time) At the time of purchase I was really into the weatherproofing thing, it seemed I really didnt need that feature. i dont use the macro so much and really cannto tell you how it is. I can say i have used this extensively for some landscape shots. They come out ok. Just ok, nothing too sharp but its been working out fine for my publishing. if you want a good budget lens for all around, and can deal with the physical length of it. then go for it.
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January 21, 2016 by harvey
Old Faithfull
Been around for a while but still good lens to have in the kit because of the 12mm wide view. 28-100 a good general purpose range. Very sharp, fast focus, 44mm MACRO function a bonus. Weatherproofing makes it useful when you don't need more than 100mm reach. Light, compact, handles well on PEN and OMD bodies. Primes can do better, but zooms are nice when the distance changes and you can't zoom with your feet. Nobody says the photos don't look good because they do. Nice travel lens when you don't want to bring a bag of them and you know you don't; need anything longer than 100mm.
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January 11, 2016 by Paul C
My go to lens!
I love this lens and it spends most ot the itme on my EM-5. The performance is commendable. Having the 12mm for my landscpae shots is a definite plus. Never had any issues with it and is durable as well. getting a little rain onit didnt seem to affect it except for the lens getting wet and thats a simple wipe off. I wasnt to used ot the "weatherproof" aspect but it is a plus when you are troping around in the tropics where it rains frequently, I like to stay within the 30mm (MFT) range though going any further I feel like Iam stretching the capabiities. But this is a great GP lens. very satisfied with the product and will continue to use it. I am actually conseidering buying another one for my EM-10.
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