December 31, 2016 by Nick S.
Lives up to the PRO name!
Great lens, love the size and weight! Goes perfect with my E-M1!! Always get great images with this lens, you cant go wrong with the PRO line!
December 30, 2016 by James
Really awesome and fun to use, but so heavy
So fun! The wide end gives you even more coverage than an iPhone camera, and it's great to be able to get in close for portraits and stuff and a moment's notice. Lots of detail all across the aperture range, f2.8 is fast enough for carefully executed night time shots even in motion. But wow this thing is dense. Kinda hard to hold for a long time on short grip cameras like the EM5, but not impossible. I like durability and everything, but you can make high quality durable products that are also lightweight.
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December 17, 2016 by Sylvie
Very sharp lens
This is my go-to lens. When mounted on an E-M10 or even an E-M1, it’s small enough to fit easily in a handbag. And it’s very solid too. I dropped it once from a table (it was in a handbag, mounted on my E-M1): the filter in front of the lens was smashed, but the lens (and the camera) kept working.
December 12, 2016 by Konrad
Great lens
One of my favourite lenses. I carry 2 cameras with me; this lens is always mounted on one of them. Excellent quality product, just like the other Pro lenses.
November 24, 2016 by KL
Feels good, gets great pics.
This was my first PRO lens purchased. Really liked the build quaity, it shows and feels good. I am using it n a Pen E-P5, and its my heaviest lens. A touch oversized for this body, but not bad... more heavy than unbalanced. YMMV though, so try in hand before you buy. Image quality is excellent, you can get some great pics with this one. Performance very good with quick reliable focuisng. Now that I have it, I find myself wanting to get an E-M! body. I think this lens would be a killer match for that body.
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