September 25, 2017 by Torchy
Who needs primes?
I had a panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4 and was looking at other prime lenses. I I had read reviews of the 12-40mm and thought I would give it a try to see if it was as good as the reviews make out. It certainly is. The Leica lens is now gone. Inevitably it's bigger and heavier than a prime lens, but you nedd one lens to do the job of 3 prime lenses.
September 11, 2017 by Logan
This is the one micro 4/3 lens you can't live without!
What a difference this lens makes. I know its a little expensive, but this lens really allows you to get the most of your camera! Great zoom width, great sharpness, and great performance all around. I wish I had got it sooner.
September 10, 2017 by Tim
Great travel lens!
I usually like to shoot with primes, but this lens is perfect when you don't want to have to switch your lens too often. I use it almost exclusively when I am traveling, since I am usually outside for the whole day and want to reduce as much weight/things to carry as possible. The image quality is amazing and the continuous 2.8 aperture is extremely helpful in lower light situations. It's a bit heavy on my E-M10 but with the grip attached it feels pretty balanced.
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August 28, 2017 by Jeffrey
if you don't own this lens you should!
this was my first lens sharp-sharp-sharp i pared it with Pen-f and now added OMD em1-mk2 lens is fast light and snaps into focus awesome build nothing but pure quality the images are so sharp i can count the whiskers and fir on my cat color is right on the money easy to use and i like the AF/MF clutch feels right at home when I'm using it
August 19, 2017 by Christopher
Pricey but well worth it!
This lens covers such a large range and the ability to keep the lens wide open makes low light shooting a dream. It's a little bit heavy at first, but once you get used to it, that lens won't come off as it's so useful.
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