April 6, 2015 by Hank
Wonderful colors and contrast!
I have two copies of this lens, and they are both amazingly accurate, sharp, and deliver wonderful colors and contrast. The lens does seem a bit larger for a m4/3 lens, but with a E-M10 + grip, the size is actually pretty manageable. The out of focus areas when at f/2.8 are pretty stunning for a zoom lens. With IBIS, I rarely feel as though I need a larger aperture than f/2.8. Build quality is top notch, with well damped zoom and focus rings. The manual focus override with depth scale is a nice addition that is not offered by many (if any!) other camera systems. This lens is a must have for anyone who owns a OM-D camera! You will not regret the expense. After using the lens for a few days, any concerns about the cost of the lens melted away after looking at some of the photos that it delivered. These are irreplaceable and non-repeatable moments which are being captured, and the size and quality of the entire system is perfect for a non-professional. ... with that said, I can see these PRO lenses being pushed into commercial and professional photography as well. I think Olympus is creating some incredible products for m4/3, from amateurs to professionals.
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April 6, 2015 by Robert
Outstanding Lens for Everyday Use
As a photo hobbyist, I got this lens for everyday use and vacation photography. It gives me a wide, usable range of focal lengths and a fast 2.8 aperture. Its clarity, from edge to edge is truly impressive. I also love the solid feel. I'm no professional photographer, but holding this lens makes me feel like one.
April 5, 2015 by Blake
Worth every penny - buy it.
I purchased this lens and the E-M10 six months ago after my Sony alpha body broke when returning from a vacation. I was previously using a Tamron 24-75 f2 which was extremely sharp. This lens makes my old glass look terrible. Sharpness is excellent, build quality is phenomenal, manual focus is easy, and another customizable function button is always welcome. My single complaint is that the function button is a bit to recessed into the barrel. I was using it as AF hold and found it to be to stiff/awkward for that function. I have longer fingers but they are not large. I found another use for that button and it is by no means a deal breaker. I cannot see the advantage of owning a few slightly faster primes than this beautiful lens.
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April 4, 2015 by Bruce
At least as good as my former Nikon 24-70; lighter and smaller and the manual focus option is amazing. The best mid-range zoom in the m4/3 world and perhaps in DSLR/ILC world.
April 4, 2015 by Eric
My micro-4/3 "walk around" lens
Back in the 4/3 days (before micro-), I *loved* my Olympus 12-60mm lens -- hardly ever came off my camera. Now that I've fully switched to micro-4/3, I'm so happy that Olympus released this lens to replace my former standby. It's not the lightest lens of its type, but a bit of extra weight gets you weather sealing and amazing durability. Twice since I bought this lens, I've fallen on my E-M1 with the 12-40mm mounted (and I'm definitely not petite!). This is definitely not how I'd recommend you treat the lens, but my copy has survived my occasional clumsiness without sustaining any damage. Oh, and of course, it helps me make great photographs. Its range of focal lengths is so handy that I now rarely take if off my E-M1. All in all, this is a lens that's well worth the investment.
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