February 17, 2012 by Canockie
Wider is Better
I'm too old to lug a 6x17 to the top of a mountain anymore. But I still want to capture the wide mountain vistas. This lens provides that in a light and compact package. With power comes responsibility, distortion is present and must be managed. Careless shots may well look ridiculous.
January 8, 2012 by Pictures4work
My main lense
I have evolved through all of the Pen cameras starting with the EP-1 to the EP-3 (my favorite to date). I am a contractor often working in confined spaces and this lens does a wonderful job...in fact my web designer wondered where I got such beautiful photos. The wide angle doesn't distort to the point of changing the photo (I know in some cases, this is desirable). Pictures are sharp, colors are great and I am able to show off my work better than anyone else.
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June 28, 2011 by DBru
Superb PEN companion
I purchased this lens to be paired with my e-P1 for mostly landscape and architectural photography and couldn't be happier. For an ultra-wide angle zoom the body of the lens in incredibly compact, especially when retracted. It feels so natural on the PEN system and offers wonderful capability for the price. Granted, the lens is not super sharp in low light situations but it manages distortion well and can help create some breathtaking photographs. Would definitely make this purchase again.
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