November 21, 2016 by BT
Great product overall for a TOUGH camera in a little package
Have been using this camera for the last 2 years. It has been great overall. As the other reviewer stated keeping the front lens clean is a must to get good pictures, with that said it was hard keeping it clean especially at the beach with the salty water and sand. It did take the pounding of some rough ocean waves, and kids throwing it around and a few drops. In the pool it was great, especially if you have a kid that likes doing cannon balls, you can take some fantastic clean shoots. Speed is an issue if you are use to working with a DSLR, but for the durability it is great. It doesn't work great with low light situation from what I have used it for
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October 20, 2016 by Tom
Slow, AF issues, and needs a lot care for a "Tough" camera.
I have many Olympus products that are great, but this one missed the mark. Takes a long time to turn on and actually take photos. It does work underwater and the underwater images are good enough, but not as good as expected. The front glass is very sensitive to any finger prints, dust or smudges. They seem to mess with the AF and also just ruin photos. Using this camera is a constant battle to keep the front glass clean. I think this is the number one issue with the camera. Underwater the controls are not the easiest to use, but better than some other underwater cameras I have had. The TG-4 boasts a F2.0 at wide angle, but low light performance is not great in Auto or the more manual modes. Even in bright day light this camera has trouble with AF and proper Auto settings. With this being the current flagship model of the Tough series point and shoot I expected a much better camera. With the amount of time it takes to make sure the TG-4 might get a decent photo I would not call it a point and shoot.
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October 15, 2016 by David
Even better than the specification - sat in 61 feet of water for two weeks and still works perfectly.
The key feature is the toughness but the camera takes amazing pictures as well. To the toughness, my TG-4 slipped off my wrist when we were swimming in Lake Travis, TX. We hired a diver to find the camera, and he did - sitting at the bottom in 61 feet of water for two weeks. Let it dry for three days (we could see condensation in the panel and lens) and powered it up. It works perfectly. Lesson learned, I bought a floating strap for it the next day.
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October 3, 2016 by Thien Tu
Amazing vacation pics thanks to TG-4
I have the OM-D M5 mark II and purchase the TG-4 for vacation pictures, Really happy with purchase, the quality of the pics are almost as good as with my M5. I loved the fact that I could spend an hour in the ocean with the camera mostly under the water than just lift the camera and take a picture without any worry. The double locks on the battery door and sd card door make is a very nice addition .
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October 2, 2016 by Olympus Customer
Love it!
I love this camera. I take it on my various travels and fell in love with the underwater mode! I've used it for diving and snorkelling. Seems pretty tough too, but have yet to drop it.
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