October 15, 2016 by David
Even better than the specification - sat in 61 feet of water for two weeks and still works perfectly.
The key feature is the toughness but the camera takes amazing pictures as well. To the toughness, my TG-4 slipped off my wrist when we were swimming in Lake Travis, TX. We hired a diver to find the camera, and he did - sitting at the bottom in 61 feet of water for two weeks. Let it dry for three days (we could see condensation in the panel and lens) and powered it up. It works perfectly. Lesson learned, I bought a floating strap for it the next day.
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October 3, 2016 by Thien Tu
Amazing vacation pics thanks to TG-4
I have the OM-D M5 mark II and purchase the TG-4 for vacation pictures, Really happy with purchase, the quality of the pics are almost as good as with my M5. I loved the fact that I could spend an hour in the ocean with the camera mostly under the water than just lift the camera and take a picture without any worry. The double locks on the battery door and sd card door make is a very nice addition .
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October 2, 2016 by Olympus Customer
Love it!
I love this camera. I take it on my various travels and fell in love with the underwater mode! I've used it for diving and snorkelling. Seems pretty tough too, but have yet to drop it.
September 20, 2016 by JM
Backlight magic in scene mode.
Purchased 2 weeks ago, getting used to all features. Inadvertantly dropped it this morning, 0n concrete, scuffed corner, but no other damage! Thank you TOUGH camera. Pics are coming out as expected, great. Used "backlight" in scene mode for 1st time today. We were approaching a backlit sunlit vessel on the water.. Auto mode just darkened the whole image, the backlight setting just improved subsequent images beyond belief. I can't wait to experience more of this camera's features. Have ordered the telephoto lens adapter, looking forward to trying that as we take a lot of photos of our club regattas from shore.
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July 17, 2016 by Jab Jabski
Most valuable camera
Recently went on a 3-day island hopping expedition in El Nido Palawan Philippines (with Tao Philippines) and this camera was go-to gadget. It accounted for most of the pictures as I didn't worry about it getting wet or falling into the water (I attached an Olympus floater). Most of the pictures were quite amazing and definitely a step up from my previous Lumix. I also took an EM-1 as an alternate and that took spectacular pictures as well including a Milky Way shot over the sea with bright lights from fishing boats. But the TG-4 rivals some of the pictures from the EM-1 in situations and most situations called for the TG-4 on hand. We snorkled, road on kayaks, explored beaches, and walked in rain. The TG-4 was always available and reliable. The only drawback was that when the 32GB SD card became fuller, the camera had a slower response time to show recording and saving pictures. But the video still came out complete and did not miss any frames. So overall, I really like this camera, the battery lasted the whole day by the way, and it took the worries out of mixing electronic gadgets and water. One thing to add to your equipment list and another to check off the worry list. Amazing camera, highly recommended.
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