December 31, 2016 by Robert
Awesome Camera!!
I received this camera as a Christmas gift this year and I absolutely love it! it is very easy to set p and start taking pictures. I'm looking forward to taking it on an upcoming trip to Bora Bora for some underwater photography. Until then, I'm using it as my "everyday" camera and am thrilled with the pictures it takes!
December 24, 2016 by BL
Good camera for underwater and macro
Good features - focus stacking/ bracketing in microscope mode, underwater mode, hdr mode but lacks ability to bracket series of exposures for making hdr in post-processing instead of in camera.
December 22, 2016 by SmokeyBear
Rugged Camera
I am a Wildland firefighter, I Bought this camera to carry along on the fire lines. Works great, has held up to the dusty, smokey, rough environment. Couldn't be happier.
December 14, 2016 by Natalia
Amazing Camera!!!
I do photography a lot, and I am usually equipped with a big DSLR but I cannot bring that camera whenever I go snorkelling or just swimming. I bought this camera after owning its predecessor and I am surprised at the quality of the images I am able to obtain, especially underwater! I would definitely recommend it for that use!
November 26, 2016 by Olympus Diver
The underwater photos are ok quality. I like how tough this camera is, and I take it on my adventures.
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