July 27, 2015 by Deb
Great little camera
Bought this camera on a recommendation of a friend. He had the T3 and had great underwater pictures. I bought this basically as a replacement for my other underwater camera that stopped working this year. Like the fact that it does not need a housing unit for underwater. I have not used it for underwater yet but the pictures I have taken have been great. The f2 is a great feature and the macro pictures have been unbelievable. Better zoom would have been nice but have a DSL with zoom lenses so will deal. Did like the fact that I could use the wifi to down load pictures to iPad This will be a nice camera for travel. Looking forward to trying out all the features
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July 27, 2015 by Peter
Good small sophisticated camera, but....
This camera is miles ahead of only a few years ago. At this point, it is surely the best inexpensive waterproof, semi-indestructible camera out there. Pics are very good. Only wishes for improvements are as follows: better on-board flash -- the flash is weak for almost anything beyond a few feet; more zoom -- no doubt it is very difficult to put a zoom in a waterproof camera, but a longer zoom range would be great. BUT, given that those are the only real lacks, this an amazing camera for the price. The macro feature puts this camera in a category all its own. The RAW will serve well, when and if an opportunity arises that 'begs' for more pixels and possible enlargement.
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July 24, 2015 by Barbara
I'm in love
Such a sweet little camera for the price. I'm not doing under water photography or back country camping, I'm city walking. I wanted a tough little camera that could always be thrown into my pants pocket or bag without a case. No worry about lint or dropping or dirt. I've got that plus amazingly good picture quality for a quick carry around camera. The features are easy to use. I'm enjoying the freedom to quickly play with effects. Love jumping into black and white making fun street shots. The microscope mode makes the ordinary fascinating. The wireless functionality makes for some interesting possibilities. It's really fun to operate the camera from my phone and to pull pictures onto my phone for editing or sharing. The raw file pull seamlessly into lightroom and are surprisingly good! I wish the LCD screen was a little better. It really does no justice to the picture quality that is being captured by this camera. Use it just for composition and then pull your pictures onto your device or computer. They are so much better than the LCD would lead you to believe.
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July 20, 2015 by Lisa G.
great all around travel camera
PROS: This is a great all around travel camera. Used it on a trip to Kauai. Went snorkeling with it X4 and no leaks so far. took great under water pictures of fish. also did a good job of above water pictures to. Capture action shots well. Good color capture too. Hope the camera continues to hold up with rugged use. Cons: Cost. its a newer model. Price will drop after 6 mo.~ year. If you can wait. Also, I wished it had more zoom, but then again , i can fork out more $$$ and get the additional telephoto lens that is available as an accessory (but then you have stop and add it to the camera). But you can't have it all (yet).
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July 17, 2015 by notclear
Nice camera
I bought this mainly for taking pictures of my reef tank at home. I need to shoot corals underwater and this camera does the job nicely. Shoot with RAW is a great feature as in the reef tank with LED lights, the pictures always need to be edited for colour balance. As other mentioned, the zoom lever is very hard to use, esp. I only use one hand to take the pictures underwater in the confined tank!
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