December 10, 2015 by Dr. Vinny photog
amzing camera with best in class IBIS
EM1 is an amazing camera, it's feel natural to grip within my hand and the controls are within reach. The camera responds fast to inputs and very sturdy (I've drop it a few times on the floor with cosmetic dents on the body and the camera still functions without an hitch) The image stabilization is just magical that I'm not afraid to shoot still subject under low light condition. I refuse to buy any other cameras without build-in stabilization now since I got spoiled by the EM1's image stabilization. looking forward to EM1-markII
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December 3, 2015 by Sean
Why the OM-D E-M1
To say that the OM-D E-M1 is a good camera is a bit of an understatement. Do your homework, read your reviews and do web searches for images created with the camera and you'll find that the days of Canon and Nikon being the only smart choices are over. 5 axis image stabilization cant be understated (especially if you have less than pure expert photography hands like myself). The camera is also insanely customizable, giving you the option to assign the options you choose that YOU use most often in a variety of buttons and dials. The quality feel is definitely there and weatherproofing is a really comforting thing to have. But mostly, the most perfect image in the world means nothing if you left your bulky camera at home. I love the size, it's just a great combination of full spec performance and "please take me with you" portability.
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November 30, 2015 by Yan
The best M43 at good price
I purchased OMD-EM1 along with the 12-40mm f2.8 pro lens. This package outperformances the Sony A7 II with 28-55mm kit lens by big margin. Buying a camera is just like buying a car or a computer. There are so many choices and combinations out there. You need to know what you need and pick the best the combination that suit your need. For me, I need a camera to take indoor pictures of my kids and record video of their fun times. Before I purchased the Olympus, I also tried the Sony A7 II and the Nikon D750 with 24-120mm kit lens from my friends. The IQ from Nikon is the best of the three. I like the JPEG color especially the auto white balance selected by the Nikon. However, the Nikon combo is almost twice the weight of the Olympus or the Sony. And, the live view auto-focus system is a joke in the Nikon. You just can not record video using the AF with the Nikon. It keeps hunting and make loud noise when it is focusing. As for the Sony, the auto AF is pretty good even though some reviews say it is not very fast. For me, it is as fast as the Olympus in most of my shooting conditions. But, it is not accurate. Even though the AF points confirmed that it focused at the right point, it did not when you view the photo in the big screen. The slow kit lens came with the A7 II also lets it down in most of the indoor shooting conditions. To me, OMD-E1 is the best to my need. It is fast, light and always capture the right moment even in the not so optimum conditions.
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November 30, 2015 by KW
Best mu43 camera I've had
I love my EM1. I've owned numerous other bodies but this one feels perfect in my hands; so perfect that I've just ordered another one. This camera has travelled with me to Kenya, Ecuador rainforest, the Galápagos Islands, and Myanmar and has provided me with thousands of great shots. The only thing I'd improve on this camera is better low light capability. It does everything else just perfectly.
November 24, 2015 by Erick
Great camera, but miss articulating screen
Got this to replace my E-3. Good upgrade, but the screen tilted and rotated on the E-3 making it MUCH easier to compose pictures than on the E-M1. Function lever on back very useful. HDR button very nice, but why can't I get an in-camera HDR RAW? Why doesn't E-M1 have in-camera panorama like other cameras? Radio flash interface needed for this to truly be a professional camera.
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