February 09, 2016



Just received 12-40 Pro much more lens than the standard kit lens. Action is smooth and accurate, impressed by how fast auto focus is and how easy manual focus can be used. balance on EM1 with battery grip is excellent., a little heavy without the grip The lens will be my go to lens taking pictures in the weather extremes in Alaska. The 2.8 is what is needed half the time up here with our long dark winters

January 25, 2016


Fantastic Lens

I love this lens for it's crispness, beautiful color rendition and portability. I have used it for everything from wide angle scenery photos to portraits and it can do it all! The small size makes it a perfect companion no matter where you go. I have taken it out in -15 temperatures for extended period of times and I've never had any issues with it. Snowshoeing was a delight because I could finally take pictures at the destination without any issues.

January 04, 2016


Temperature Limits

In a recent trip to Yellowstone's Old Faithful Geyser, the auto-focus mal-functioned in sub-below temperatures. It made me wonder what the limits are of this fine lens. Before that it had been a bullet-proof solution to living in the Pacific Northwest. Takes epic pictures. But alas - I broke mine while snowshoeing. I love it so much I am ordering a second one.

December 27, 2015


Excellent lens

This is my first Pro series lens, and I am very impressed with the quality and detail of the RAW pictures. Fine detail, and I really like the Manual Focus ring for crystal clear sharpness on the subject in the shot, and having the ability to move the depth of field where I want it.

I shoot mostly B&W but usually start in color, and the L-FN button on the lens really makes it simple and easy to program and move between both picture modes to capture the shot I want. The zoom 12-40 zoom works well for framing shots and works well for close in shots. Very pleased with this lens.

December 15, 2015


Great lens but too heavy

I changed over to the Olympus system to get a small light high quality camera lens combination. This lens takes great photos, and it is beautifully made, but when put on my OM-D E M5 mark ii, the combination weighs two pounds which is 8 ounces more than my Sony NEX 7 with the Sony/Zeiss 16 - 70mm f4 zoom. There are times when you need a zoom, and I carry it then, but most of the time I just mount my Oly 25mm f1.8 on my camera and use that..

If you are considering a purchase of this lens you have to ask yourself if you are willing to carry the weight of this thing around your neck all the time. For me I find I leave it at home so often I question the wisdom of the purchase.

November 30, 2015


One of the best mid range zoom lens

I have purchased this lens along with the OMD-EM1 to replace my aged Nikon D40. I am very impressive by the IQ came out of this package. Before I made my decision, I also tried the Nikon D750 with 24-120mm and the Sony A7 II with 28-55mm from my friends. I use my camera mainly to take photo of my kids indoor and record video of their fun times. Even thought the sensor in the EM1 is only 1/4 of the other two, this lens save it. The photos taken by my Olympus is sharper than those from the other two FF camera. Since this lens is faster than the other two lens attached to the FF camera, I only needed ISO1600, which compare favorable to the ISO6400 regularly used by the Sony, for most of my indoor shots. If you buy a M43 body, this lens is a must.

November 24, 2015


The one lens to own for Travel photography

Bought this lens in June 2014. My main use for it is travel photography as I document all my travels with pictures and notes. At the same time, I also like to make artistic pictures that I can use for illustration on my websites and for selling purpose on an online art gallery I own.
This lens is really top quality. With it, I get the best results on every shot. I like the f/2.8 and focal. It is a lens that can be used anywhere, outside and inside. The focal length is great for landscape and at the other end it is excellent for closer shots.
The quality of the images I take with it is on par with my Leica lenses. I have always been a Leica (since Leica M4P) and Olympus user (since the OM-1) and own quite a few lenses from both. Since I bought this 12-40mm, this has become my main used lens (on my OMD-M5) and I can't say I am using my Leicas very much these days.
If I had only one lens to go with this would probably be the one. It is fast, gives excellent results and is built to last.

November 24, 2015


Nice Lens

Very happy image quality. My one complaint is that the lens is put into manual focus by sliding a ring back. This happens inadvertently too often.

I prefer having the distance scale displayed all the time as on the older 4/3 lenses and controlling manual mode from camera, especially using E-M1 function lever.

Lens cap pops off a little too easily when lens hood reversed. I bought an aftermarket one that stays on better

November 05, 2015


A great one!!!

From the first day of use I've loved both OM-D1 and 12-40 2.8 pro (ordered together). Enjoy with every shot, the lens is fast, sharp and very responsive. A really perfect combination. Noticed that I am outdoor 4-5 times more than before just because of the excellent camera and professionally-build lens -very inspiring gear. Started to notice small stuff, got big desire to experiment -thanks to have lots of options. Good job Olympus!

November 03, 2015



I love this lens! Super sharp, built like a tank, images are spectacular. 2.8 throughout, weather sealed definitely a PRO lens. Build quality is incredible. I use this on an E-M1 couldn't be happier. AF is super fast, and a range of 24-80 is perfect. Great job Olympus! Worth the price I paid for it, glad i made the investment. I can't wait to get the 40-150/2.8 next.

October 30, 2015



Woow!!! For the past few weeks I have been using this lens. And there is absolutely no words to describe it performance. When olympus said it was a "Pro" level lens, it is Pro level in every aspect! A constant f2.8 throughout the entire range. Amazing, and razor sharp. Well worth the money. I cannot wait to get my hands on the 40-150mm with adapter!

October 28, 2015


Very nice all purpose lens

Nice heavily build lens which seems to be over-sized for my Pen body and needs the additional grip at the OMD-M5II to feel balanced in the hand. In that combination it's not exactly pocket-able anymore - even in a large jacket and in street photography people get aware that you are pointing a pretty large lens on them.
If you to travel rather light and don't mind changing lenses - the 3 prime lenses 17, 25 and 45 have about the same combined weight and give you 1.8 aperture.

Fantastic look and feel. I love the manual focus ring. In my opinion image quality is slightly off the primes

September 12, 2015


M.Zuiko 12-40mm PRO lens

This is a fabulous lens for using with scenery, outdoors, landscapes and buildings. You have the manual setting or you can switch it to using auto focus if need be.

The zoom function it does have makes taking the pictures with it even more fun.

I like to capture structures that are in a state of decay and this lens works wonders for that. I am able to get the building in and I can adjust the distance I want to capture of the image.

I always make sure this lens is with me every where I travel.

July 20, 2015


Amazing clarity

This lens is worth every penny! I am using it on an OMD EM10. Focusing is fast and the optics are superior in a wide range of conditions. I have been able to get close-ups of flowers and to zoom in on kayaks on a lake - both resulting in startlingly clear images. Be mindful of the ring that will flip the lens into manual focus mode - it sometimes can engage as I put the camera into a bag. This lens is truly a joy to use!

July 13, 2015


Awesome lens with horrible attachments

Yes the lens is great, sharp beautiful crisp pictures coming out of it! Lightweight, easy to carry. I love the lens... but... first the shade broke in two months and then the front lens cap broke in 3 months. Fortunately it was still under warranty and I got replacements. I wish Olympus showed the same quality for the attachments as they did for the lens.

June 28, 2015



I've had this lens for about a year and it's my workhorse lens. I've been using it it to take night images of stars and the MilkyWay at f2.8 and 12mm. The starfield and foreground is ultra sharp when pre-focused at infinity. Close-ups are very sharp. The lens is small and the fast f2.8 lenses is great for handheld low light when using image stabilization on my OMD EM5 Mark II. The PRO series Olympus lenses are a must for any serious photographer.

June 24, 2015


Excellent Lens!

Great lens, I love that the minimum focus distance is able to produce almost macro like results. Very sharp photos! A little on the heavy side on my little E-M10. I'm sure it's more balanced on an E-M1.

Prior to purchasing this lens, I had 3 other lenses covered by this focal length, and was constantly switching lenses. For someone like me who doesn't like having to switch lenses all the time, this lens will stay on my camera almost all of the time.

As I have an E-M10, I can't comment on the weather sealing of the lens, however, I can attest that there is no dust getting inside the lens elements.

June 04, 2015


Most versatile lens in the entire M43 line up

Can I say "best lens ever"??

Sure, optically there some better lenses out there but seriously for a travel guy like myself, there's no other lens that comes close to the amount of time this is mated with my OM-D E-M5.

12-40mm in full frame is 24-80mm which is perfect because when I was shooting full frame, I was using 24-70 ALL THE TIME. That behaviour didn't change when I migrated over the M43. I even get a bonus 10mm of reach which I love.

The build is excellent. Love that it's dust and splash proof. It's close enough to water proof that I don't get too worried if it starts raining a bit.

The glass used here is spectacular. It's such a workhorse for me that I get to see images from here on a pretty regular basis. I'm always blown away by how good it is and the kind of depth of field I'm able to get. At f/2.8, the bokeh is pleasing and the right amount for all of my travels. Focus is fast plus you get a bonus LN button to program.

I think the only can that I can think of is that the ring that pops in and out to go from manual focus to auto is a little too easy to knock by accident? There's been a few times where I thought I was shooting in auto without realizing that in the bag it was switched to manual focus.

I'm really not sure what else to say. This will be the best bang for buck you'll spend as far as lenses go in the M43 world. There's nothing else that compares to it.

May 21, 2015


Beyond Impressed ...

I absolutely love this lens. I been using it for 6 months and I can say that it has surpassed my expectations. The auto focus is very fast. The manual focus ring is also engineered properly. I don't find myself hitting the ring inadvertently turning off Auto. The zoom ring is also setup for quick cropping of the shot. I can concentrate on the composition of the picture as apposed to fiddling with the lens . Color is superb and focus razor sharp
What I don't like is, when in full wide angle, up close images will distort . I understand that is the nature of wide angle lens. I felt it was excessive.

If your are going to buy just one lens, I highly recommend this one for indoors / outdoors.

May 17, 2015


my go to lens

Matched up to the E-M1, rain or shine the camera comes along. This lens is parked on the camera daily, only coming off when I am specifically out to shoot and need something different, closer, farther or wider. The lens itself besides the great images it can capture is a pleasure to use. It's a small and dense lens and you can tell it's been designed well. The manual focus ring has the perfect amount of travel stop to stop. The zoom has just the right amount of tension and stays right where you put it. It matches perfectly with the E-M1 and works well with the E-M5 as well.

May 14, 2015


Excellent Travel Lens

I've been using this lens since it was first introduced for my OMD-EM1. It's been to Europe & back twice and has been used in the pouring rain while my family worried about the camera getting wet. (Needless to say, both camera & lens worked great in a driving rain in Piazza San Marco in Venice.)

Pictures have been excellent with terrific detail even when blown up to 4' or more and framed.

Be aware that f2.8 is not the equivalent of f2.8 on a standard 35mm camera and may not provide the depth of field effects you expect. Of course, that's true for all lenses of this genre.

Overall, an excellent zoom which is still small enough to carry around all day without being cumbersome.

May 07, 2015

Patrick RH

Outstanding lens for what it is

I have to agree with all the other reviews in that this lens is a superb lens all in it's own right. Fast auto focus, fantastic build quality, crisp/sharp images, etc.

My one observation though is that this lens does not quite match the sharpness, color, or clarity of the older 14-35mm F2. At almost any aperture or focal length, the older 4/3 lens produces slightly better results. I suppose that is somewhat to be expected since the 14-35 is substantially more expensive.

For truly professional work, the older 4/3 lens might be a better pick.

That said, very few people who look at your prints would ever notice the difference so for me, the 12-40 is nothing short of outstanding.

April 23, 2015

T. Miller Photography

Professional quality to suit a wide variety of shooting conditions

This lens seems like such a great value after carrying around 3 primes (45mm/f1.8, 17mm/f1.8 and 25mm/f1.8) to fill the same need. I may still use the 45mm simply because of the larger aperture, but in every other situation, this lens has been a beautiful thing.

The PRO designation is no joke. The lens itself feels significantly more substantial and heavy duty, weighing more than the camera body. I suppose this isn't unusual, but is certainly noticeable when you are used to carrying around the smaller prime lenses. Includes a hood, cap, and nice lens bag.

My body (EM-10) is not weather sealed like this lens, but at the very least, I can feel more secure about dust getting in the lens and should I be able to upgrade to a weather sealed body, I will be fully equipped to shoot out in more inclement conditions.

I am extremely happy with this purchase, as it is going to be something I will have for a long time, and use for the vast majority of situations. Focus is sharp. Build quality excellent. Image quality superb. Worth every penny.

April 22, 2015


Without Any Doubt An Outstanding Travel Lens

After much study and comparison to most other formats and systems I chose the M. Zuiko ED 12-40mm F2.8 Pro Lens as the mate for my new OM-D EM-Mark II. I purchased both direct from Olympus and could not be any happier with the combination as a travel companion.

I'm a retired Professional Photographer after a thirty five year career and I know it's almost always about the "glass" when it gets down to finer details. Combined with the new E-M5 Mark II, eighty percent of my normal photography needs are covered with this one lens. My travels are mostly on a motorcycle and the weather sealing plus metal construction goes a long way toward my satisfaction with the capabilities of the lens. I'm looking forward to miles of smiles and fine prints to boot!

April 17, 2015


excellent zoom lens, and a little odd feature

I bought this lens a couple of weeks ago and so far I'm very happy with it. It's a great complement for my OMD EM5 Mark II. The crispness and the rendition of colors and textures are as good as when I use my Olympus 25 mm (1.8), with the added benefit of the zoom.

There is only one - minor - aspect that puzzles me (if anyone has any insight, I'd appreciate your letting me know). When I adjust the zoom but turning the zoom 'ring' (I'm sure there is a more technical term for that...), there is a nasty noise, besides the normal and quite soft noise that should accompany that operation. It sounds like two pieces of rubber are rubbing rather hard against each other. This only happens when the camera is on. I assume it's got something to do with the lining (or whatever it is) that makes the camera splash proof and dust proof, but it's odd that the noise is, again, only produced when the camera is on. This is, certainly, not a major flaw and I can live with it; I just find it baffling. If you've noticed the same rubbery squeaky noise in your 12-40, I would appreciate your letting me know.

All in all though, the performance of this camera is impressive enough for me to give it five stars.

Note from Olympus:
There is a difference in sound when the camera is powered on. This is normal for this lens. The sound is the VCM (Voice Coil Motor) Focusing System moving the floating focusing element to maintain focus as the lens is zoomed.

April 11, 2015


Landscape? Check. Portrait? Check. Weathersealed? Check

If you need a fast 3x Zoom with almost zero optical compromises, sharp from corner to corner at almost all focal lengths and with weather resistant build then look no further. If you want to treat yourself, get this lens. Save your pennies, mortgage your home, sell your blood, do whatever it takes to get this lens in your possession. If you own an OM-D system do it a favour and put this lens on it and make your camera a photographic power house.

April 10, 2015


Oooh what a lens

I love this lens for every day use. It is super sharp and well constructed. I like the Way the manual focus ring works although if I accidentally slide it it provides a few seconds of confusion on my part. I always enjoyed my Olympus lenses and this one is a great example of why Olympus lenses are loved and cherished. The lens has a good range and a 24 mm equivalent is more useful than the 28mm of my 14-54 lens. I have little use for my 11-22 now that this lens arrived.

April 07, 2015



If I had to pick just one lens to use on my E-M1 it would be this. 24mm equivalent is plenty wide for most indoor/landscape situations and is rendered sharp and bright and distortion free across the frame. Telephoto can give excellent portrait results (I don't always need the 1.8 or 1.2 dof) Every focal length in between gives excellent resolution from f/2.8 to f/8. The AF is very quick but the snap manual focus ring with focus peaking works so well that I prefer MF half the time. While it won't get to 1:1 macro, the close focusing permits excellent detail shots. After 3 months of use including in rain, snow and freezing conditions, I have not found a flaw.

April 06, 2015


Wonderful colors and contrast!

I have two copies of this lens, and they are both amazingly accurate, sharp, and deliver wonderful colors and contrast. The lens does seem a bit larger for a m4/3 lens, but with a E-M10 + grip, the size is actually pretty manageable.

The out of focus areas when at f/2.8 are pretty stunning for a zoom lens. With IBIS, I rarely feel as though I need a larger aperture than f/2.8.

Build quality is top notch, with well damped zoom and focus rings. The manual focus override with depth scale is a nice addition that is not offered by many (if any!) other camera systems.

This lens is a must have for anyone who owns a OM-D camera! You will not regret the expense. After using the lens for a few days, any concerns about the cost of the lens melted away after looking at some of the photos that it delivered. These are irreplaceable and non-repeatable moments which are being captured, and the size and quality of the entire system is perfect for a non-professional.

... with that said, I can see these PRO lenses being pushed into commercial and professional photography as well. I think Olympus is creating some incredible products for m4/3, from amateurs to professionals.

April 06, 2015


Outstanding Lens for Everyday Use

As a photo hobbyist, I got this lens for everyday use and vacation photography. It gives me a wide, usable range of focal lengths and a fast 2.8 aperture. Its clarity, from edge to edge is truly impressive. I also love the solid feel. I'm no professional photographer, but holding this lens makes me feel like one.

April 05, 2015


Worth every penny - buy it.

I purchased this lens and the E-M10 six months ago after my Sony alpha body broke when returning from a vacation. I was previously using a Tamron 24-75 f2 which was extremely sharp. This lens makes my old glass look terrible. Sharpness is excellent, build quality is phenomenal, manual focus is easy, and another customizable function button is always welcome.

My single complaint is that the function button is a bit to recessed into the barrel. I was using it as AF hold and found it to be to stiff/awkward for that function. I have longer fingers but they are not large. I found another use for that button and it is by no means a deal breaker. I cannot see the advantage of owning a few slightly faster primes than this beautiful lens.

April 04, 2015



At least as good as my former Nikon 24-70; lighter and smaller and the manual focus option is amazing. The best mid-range zoom in the m4/3 world and perhaps in DSLR/ILC world.

April 04, 2015


My micro-4/3 "walk around" lens

Back in the 4/3 days (before micro-), I *loved* my Olympus 12-60mm lens -- hardly ever came off my camera. Now that I've fully switched to micro-4/3, I'm so happy that Olympus released this lens to replace my former standby.

It's not the lightest lens of its type, but a bit of extra weight gets you weather sealing and amazing durability. Twice since I bought this lens, I've fallen on my E-M1 with the 12-40mm mounted (and I'm definitely not petite!). This is definitely not how I'd recommend you treat the lens, but my copy has survived my occasional clumsiness without sustaining any damage.

Oh, and of course, it helps me make great photographs. Its range of focal lengths is so handy that I now rarely take if off my E-M1. All in all, this is a lens that's well worth the investment.

April 02, 2015


great glass

I love this lens. Everything I could say has already been said, so I'll just add that it's the main lens I use and I find it very versatile.

April 02, 2015


Sweet sweet lens

I held off buying this for a while. I have a nice 20mm lens: brighter, smaller, what does the "Pro" get you anyway? Well I'll tell you:

+ I use the zoom much more than expected. Especially the wide end, it's nice to be able to go out to 12mm.

+ Autofocus is MUCH MUCH FASTER. Now all my photos are of the moment I intended, instead of 1 second later.

+ Autofocus is also more accurate!

+ Result: better pictures, and now I only use the 20mm when I just don't have room for this lens, or I really need to open up wider than 2.8.

Note: It's heavier than a lot of m43 lenses, so I find this lens much more fun with a viewfinder.

April 02, 2015


A Must have sense for an Olympus M4/3 owner

Love this lens. Weather proof, fast and super sharp. Bonus pretty light and looks great on my E M5.!

April 02, 2015

Dr. V Wu

wonderful wide to telephoto constant zoom

This is a great zoom with constant f2.8, the equivalent focal length of 24-80mm works great among many situations. The clutch mechanism is intuitive and able to manual focus without a glitch. The weather seal makes shooting in the rain with an OM-D-EM5 or E-M1 a breeze.

It is pricey for micro 4/3 but worth every penny.

March 26, 2015


Buy It!

Absolutely beautiful lens! The manual focus ring puts this lens over the top no one has anything close to it!!

March 25, 2015


Great All Around Lens

I initially bought this lens to supplement my 12mm, 25mm, and 45mm primes, This lens has become my go-to lens for everyday shooting and I now use my primes for specialty shooting. The lens performs great wide open and is extremely sharp corner to corner. The lens is built to last and the snap aperture ring makes switching between manual and auto focus seamless. The weather sealing compliments the EM0-5 / EM-1 bodies and makes for a great travel lens.

March 23, 2015


Geat quality lense

Love this lens. Well built and a joy to carry/use over the full frame Canon eqv. glass I have. The quick manual focus pull ring is sweet. F2.8 is great for out of focus backgrounds. The button on the lens is useful for say dof evaluation. The focal range 24-80 eqv. Makes this my go to lenses for walking about. I would strongly recommended this pro quality lenses!

March 23, 2015


Great kit lens replacement

Hasn't left my camera since buying it last christmas. Nice bokeh, sharp edge to edge, bright, fast and quick auto focus. Paired with the 40-150mm covers 24-300mm FF equivalent!

March 17, 2015


Outstanding Lens

Shot a bunch of interiors at the Dawes Mansion in Evanston, Illinois. Interior so dark it was hard to see into some corners with the naked eye. Flash not allowed. Coupled with a OM-D E-M1 was able to take good sharp images, some at 2 sec hand held at ISO 200! One of the nicest lens I have used and I go back to the days of Leica M3 range-finders (which I still use).

March 15, 2015



So, I am new to Olympus system. I have had mostly Nikon products. My latest camera was D600 with professional zoom Nikon 24-70 2.8.
I have tried Olympus E-M5 II with this lens- 12-40 2.8 and I find the quality superb , pretty much the same if not better than my Nikon 24-70 on full frame and that says a lot. At the fraction of the weight and size. I am very happy with this purchase and I can't recommend highly enough this lens. It will be in my bag for decades probably. Excellent, job Olympus. I wish other would realize how all those stupid DSLRs are overrated.

March 07, 2015


Super Standard Zoom; Smooth and Compact

I have had this m-4/3 Pro 12-40 f/2.8 lens for four days now, and use it on an E-M1. This lens works great… focus is extremely fast, and gives really sharp results.

The zoom range covers everything from a super wide 12 mm to a short telephoto 40 mm (24 mm wide angle to 80 mm telephoto on a 35 mm system). The quality of this glass is amazing! My images have come out very sharp and crisp, with fine contrast. The colors produced are Rich and Saturated… True Olympus Quality.

Shooting in low light has produced very good results also, achieving excellent focus. The camera (E-M1) was set to ISO Auto, so it selected a high enough setting to allow a faster shutter speed to be used.

There is so much you can do with this lens. By itself, it would (and probably will) be a great choice for weddings. I have used the 11-22mm lens for weddings, and it works great; 11mm is great for groups after the service, and the 22mm length is excellent for head-and-shoulders of bride & groom, full length bride, etc. I use a longer lens for shots during the ceremony (50mm f/2.0 is a great choice). But now I think the 40mm range of the 12-40 will work for the same shots. Then I can use only one lens to do the whole job. For portraiture, everything applies as well. The fast f/2.8 aperture is perfect!

The lens is just a super “All Around Lens”, letting you shoot in so many situations. The fast f/2.8 allows you to get a great “out of focus” bokeh in your back-grounds.

The weight is 382 g, which is less than 480 g for my 11-22 (plus MMF-3 Adapter)… (even less than the 575 g for my 12-60mm)

Olympus I think came up with a remarkable feature on the lens shade (LH-66) for this lens. It has two latches on opposite sides of the shade, which click when the shade locks into place on the lens, and you have to press them to un-lock the shade. I like the design of the shade very much!

The 12-40mm Pro is a great lens. I like the range of my 12-60 better (or I am more used to that range), but the 12-40 range matches the lens range I used on my OM-1 in the film days. I shot a lot of images with an 85mm f/2.0 Zuiko (plus 24 f/2.0, 28 f/2.0 and 50 f/1.4) This lens covers all those primes

Also, they offer a FRF-D62 filter, to protect the front element… everyone should have a filter protecting the front element on ALL their lenses.

A costly lens in the Pro series, but I do not regret spending the money on it; it really is worth the investment. I can produce just about any image with this lens. It should be high on every one’s list of lenses to have, especially when using the OM-D cameras or the E-P5 etc.

February 28, 2015


Environmental wedding portrait lens

I was in love with my 12-60mm. This lens is in a different league all together. The constant f2.8 is insane. Used for our wedding photography and EM-1. Must have as part of your kit.

February 14, 2015


Fantastic lens

This lens (and the E-M1) has been my first foray into mirrors cameras, and my first step away from over a decade's use of Canon equipment.

To say I'm impressed is an understatement. The image quality, colour rendition and sharpness are fantastic. The focus is silent and lightning quick.

On top of all of this, the build quality and attention to detail are superb; this lens is so nice that it makes look for excuses to use it (as does the 40-150 PRO). I was initially very hesitant to move to Olympus: I had regarded them as a tier two manufacturer, and not in the same league as Canon and Nikon. Boy, was I wrong. I rate the build quality, finish and attention to detail over some of the Canon L lenses I own. The lens is beautifully machined. The focus ring has a nice smooth action in either position, and has a very satisfying 'click' when changing operation.

I really commend Olympus on their PRO series of products: lightweight, fantastic design and quality, and weatherproof. I have been searching for a system like this for years, and have always felt that I'd need to compromise. I have absolutely no complaints with this lineup and cannot wait for more products in the series to be released.

January 07, 2015


One of The Best Standard Zooms

Not going to bore you with what hasn't been already been said about how superlative this lens is, because it is. Sharp corner to corner throughout the entire zoom range, comparable to the primes. Color is accurate and well rendered, chromatic aberration and other such things are well controlled. The ability to focus closely really makes this lens apart from its competitor.

I will note that compared to some of the primes, the color saturation is a bit lower, needing a slight boost in post processing to correct.

I use this lens a lot, and enjoy it immensely. The only thing I would keep in mind is that it is neither compact, nor light for a m4/3 body. I the world of APS-C and FF bodies this lens is tiny and light, but relative to its own ecosystem, just be aware that this lens doesn't balance well on the more compact m4/3 bodies.

December 23, 2014


Simply Fantastic!

Simply the best lens I've ever owned! Olympus has made a great system even better by adding the Pro Series! Two words in my recommendation, "Buy It!" I can't wait for the other lenses in this series to be released in 2015.

November 05, 2014


Dealing with arthritis

I've been using the E-5 with a couple of very nice lenses for the last several years. Thought it would be my last camera, but arthritis decided otherwise. I still use the E-5 for tripod work, but for walking around and handheld work, I just love my new E-M1 camera and the M.12-40mm PRO lens. My photos are tack-sharp, even handheld ones.
Tonight I took some photos off our sundeck - after dark: ISO 200, Aperture f/16, Exposure 60 seconds, focal length 40mm. And yes, on a tripod. I was tickled pink when the streetlights, about 3 city blocks away showed up as beautiful 14-pointed stars. The only part of the photo that is not sharp, is a tree, whose foliage is the kind that moves if you only look at it, let alone if there is even the slightest puff of wind.

This lens is a keeper, and even when I get the longer lens later this month, I think that this one will be my go-to lens.
Thank you, Olympus!

October 06, 2014


Great travel lens

I bought my E-M5 for travel photography on my motorcycle adventures. The camera is perfect, and before my latest trip I added this great lens. Space was very limited on this trip, a cross country, off-pavement ride on a small dual sport bike from Tennessee to the coast in Oregon. I kept the E-M5 on with this lens for the entire trip (though I had other lenses) and it was fantastic. Very pleased with the crisp pictures, great color, and terrific auto focus.

I am already planning on selling the 12-50 kit lens and saving my pennies for the 40-150 pro lens. If it is anything like this beauty, I don't know if I will need any other lenses (though I have another telephoto zoom and some primes). Great job!!

September 15, 2014



I’ve been shooting Canon SLR cameras since I was a teenager, but as I get older, weight is becoming more of a factor. This standard range zoom lens is 382g, which is heavy for a Micro Four-Thirds lens, and together with the M.Zuiko ED 75-300mm f4.8-6.7 II, which weighs even more at 423g, is exactly the same combined as the Canon EF 24-70mmf/2.8 L II at 805g. So, I can carry my Olympus PEN E-P5 (420g) with the M.Zuiko 17mm f1.8 (120g), the Olympus FL-300R wireless flash (97g) with a small bounce reflector, and the 2 aforementioned lenses, but still be less than my Canon 5D Mark III (950g) with just one lens.

Moreover, this lens is fast to focus and solidly made. If I ever get the E-M1, it would be just as weather-sealed as my Canon setup. In any case, the combination I commented above makes for a wonderfully light combination to keep in my bag to catch almost anything on a trip. I can even throw in the M.Zuiko 45mm f1.8 (116g) and the M.Zuiko ED 9-18mm f4.0-5.6 (155g) along with a few filters and still be fleet of foot.

Ultimately, photography is about composition and getting the shot off, which I can seemingly do faster with this than my bulkier Canon cameras. For the pixel peepers, it's not quite as good as my Canon lens, but the Canon lens almost 3 times the price, too, and won't cramp my neck or shoulders after a long day.

August 25, 2014


Phenomenal Lens

I took an Olympus OM-D E-M1 and this lens to go to three countries in Africa in April, the system was awesome, and the weatherproofing turned out to be essential.

I fully agree with the super high build quality combined with the great image quality mentioned below. The compact size was perfect for travel, and not having to worry about dropping everything in to zip lock storage bags when rain hit was perfect.

July 27, 2014


Superlative Lens

This lens is a revelation. Super high build quality combined with excellent image quality make it one of the best lenses I've used. I love it's close focusing ability combined with the E-M1's image stabilization make it very useful for close up work. The lens hood attaches firmly. The center pinch lens cap works very well. Despite it's relatively high price, I would say this lens is a very good value.

March 22, 2014


My first introduction to Olympus lenses

I bought this as a first lens to go with my new OMD EM-1 camera. The lens is solid and definitely a quality product. It seems to be a good choice as a general purpose lens for the EM1, although I am already eyeing a couple of the fixed focal length Olympus lenses in order to have a lighter and more compact package. Since this was my first micro 4:3 camera, I have nothing to compare it to, but so far I am delighted with its low-light capabilities, the extraordinarily fast focus, and the useful zoom range.