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April 05, 2015


Fantastic camera.

I decided to dive into the m4:3 ecosystem after my APSC Sony DSLR broke in the way back from vacation. I sold off all my 2 fast zoom lenses and flashes. My main reason for choosing the m4:3 system was it's smaller form factor, value, and quality.

The EM-10 is a phenomenal camera. Build quality, control, button customization, and photo quality all exceeded my expectations. It's fun to shoot, easy to travel with, and is easily one of the best cameras for the dollar.

I am disappointed with the noise levels at ISO 1600 and up. It produces the same amount of noise that my old a35 did at ISO 800 and that's on a much older camera. By no means is it a deal breaker, but if you mainly shoot RAW then make sure you have a good noise removal tool.

I did consider looking at the lineup at Fuji but I found the cost of their lens lineup to be to expensive where as Olympus seems to have some if the best glass at extremely competitive prices.

I would buy this camera again in a heartbeat especially direct from Olympus. I live in Canada and we don't have a lot of choices to buy from. I snagged the body with the a lens for an unbeatable price.

One last thing, unless you have very small hands make sure to buy the grip. I have long fingers and without the grip there isn't enough camera to hang onto comfortably.

April 04, 2015


A fine, small camera

It's a back-up to my incomparable E-M1 but it bows to no one. Very small, light and flexible it is a great travel and vacation body that can lift heavy weight when it needs to do so. Is a leftover E-M5 a better deal? Probably, but, they are hard to find and dwindling fast. This is a very capable little machine.

April 03, 2015

Luis Silva

Great for travel

This was my first camera and I'm loving it! Great for travel because of the size of the body and lenses.

April 03, 2015


Excellent Camera for a Wide Range of Needs

This little camera has everything! I mean, everything: EVF, tilting LCD screen, 3-axis IS, great m43 sensor, two control dials in addition to the mode dial, built-in flash, built-in WiFi, great styling, and solid build quality. I cannot ask for more from a camera in this size.

The handling is exceptional. Its ergonomics easily allow one-handed operation, and its 3-axis IS helps getting sharp photos even when casually handled. The menu takes some time to get used to, but the super control panel on the LCD satisfies 90% of my needs. The dynamic range is superb and I can easily pop colors out of something that looks like a blob of shadow.

Overall, this camera is ideal for a wide range of photographers, from beginners to pros, and I am looking forward to purchasing more lenses from Olympus to maximize its full potential.

April 03, 2015



This is my first OM-D. And I've been longing for an OM-D since the E-M5 days, but never were able to get a hold on one, until past Christmas.
First impression is, that I should have saved my money and get an E-M5 years ago. This is no camera for the faint of heart. This is a serious photographic tool. I don't remember seeing that kind of customization options but on the highest and most expensive DSLRs from the top dogs, and even though, the options were not near as varied and extensive. In a word: Massive. There are at least 2 and sometimes more ways of doing things. And you can always store you top preferred options on a myset, and put it on a dial position, and voila. 4 cameras in one.
IBIS is out of this world. And we are talking about 3 axis IBIS. I can't imagine how 5 axis is nowadays.
I really love the vintage SLR look, the multiple dials, programmable function buttons, the included little pop up flash is a good addition, at least for filling up shadows, or triggering slave units. Manual flash control is outstanding. Live Bulb and Live Composite remember me my wet lab days, when I got hooked into Photography when I saw my first B&W print appearing in front of my eyes using a red light.
I should really write a fully fledged review in my blog, because I'm only scratching the surface here.
In short, very well done Olympus. You have a customer for life.
Looking forward for the E-M10 Mark II.

April 03, 2015


Love this Camera

Upgraded from a Canon 40D to the Olympus E-M10 and couldn't be happier. I was looking for a camera that was compact, fast AF system, interchangeable lens, and could take high quality images for my trip to Europe. The E-M10 fit the bill and I haven't used my Canon since.

Pros: Cons:
Built in EVF Battery Life
Built in Flash Video Quality
Fast AF (single shot) Tracking AF
Lenses available
Touch Screen Focus

April 03, 2015


Entry level camera that performs above it's price point

The camera feels solid, with metal bodywork. While the layout is nice enough for one handed operation, the grip doesn't provide enough support to comfortably grasp the camera. Another gripe is that the EVF is not as detailed as the LCD, and isn't as pleasant to shoot with.
The buttons are easily configured to accomplish any task under the sun. Truly, this puts it on a plane with much higher end cameras with many dedicated buttons. Once the camera is customized, it feels remarkably welcome in the hand. The image stabilization is also excellent, I can't ever imagine needing more than it can provide.

March 29, 2015


Great little camera

Bought this camera around 10 months ago, have not touch my canon dslr since.

March 28, 2015


Great camera!

"Upgraded" from a Nikon D300s to the Olympus E-M10 and couldn't be happier. Love the size, and the quality of the images is fantastic. The wi-fi feature alone has been a huge help to me -- I can transfer images to my phone, do a few quick edits, and email or text them on the spot.

The lens choices, along with Olympus refurb store deals, is quite extensive. I'm very happy to have made the choice to get this Olympus!

March 23, 2015


Great midrange camera

A great camera for people searching for a compact system that doesn't compromise in terms of image quality.
Good in body image stabilization, focus peaking and tilting screen mean you can get sharp photos while shooting from the hip, combined with its small size make it a great travel companion and great for photo-shy subjects.
A huge range of lenses with more being made constantly means a well rounded versatile system that can grow from a entry level set up to a rather serious bit of kit!
This is the camera that made me fall in love with photography!

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