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September 07, 2014


The OM-D E-M10 in real life

I have had the camera for about three weeks now and used it almost every day outdoor and indoor with consistently excellent results. While my brain has no doubt, my gut is still trying to come to terms with how capable and fun to use this little thing is. The E-M10 has a reassuring, solid feel and fits nicely in my average size male hands. I never hit controls by mistake which is surprising given its diminutive size. Even if not top of the line, the EVF is highly usable. I am used to the glory of large SLR prism finders but having all the main camera settings visible in the EVF is VERY convenient. I seldom compose with the LCD but the E-M10's is bright and sharp and its tilting capability comes very handy when my eye can't get to the EVF. The complexity of the menu system is real but it's due to the amazing amount of customization offered by the camera. I read the manual, identified all the controls (fixed and programmable), and set things up just right for my kind of shooting. Now I can change all the important settings without moving my eye away from the EVF. Focusing is quick and overall camera responsiveness is great. Negatives are all minor: flimsy battery/card door, I/O rubber cover, and still missing AC adapter.

In conclusion, the E-M10 is a great little camera with a vast choice of excellent lenses that competently helps me turn my vision into exhibition-quality, poster-size prints within a wide range of ISO values. I just ordered a second body and am selling my APS-C system to purchase a number of Olympus pro quality lenses. If portability, IQ and customization are your priorities, there is little else out there that can match the E-M10.

August 31, 2014


Little Powerhouse

I bought this as a second body to my Olympus E-M1 and have had so much fun playing with this camera. It's small, fast, and most importantly powerful! When I pull this camera out people are always curious about it and then when they see the images blown away by the quality. Would highly recommend this camera as your first step into photography, second body, or even your main body - you won't be disappointed.

August 31, 2014


Great all around Camera!

Honestly a wonderful camera from P&S to all Manual Capabilities! I was very impressed with the improvements over my older PEN E-PL2. Much better picture & video quality, as good as and even better than the larger DSLR. Low light "Big" improvement too. For the price and features, you will absolutely love it!. I checked stores and online reviews for a few months, I wish I didn't wait so long. Still playing around with the features, my family has been very impressed with the overall quality. I wish they kept the thumb dial like the PEN, but the Wi-Fi, touch screen, & EVF make up for it.

August 12, 2014


Excellent camera for the recreational photographer

Camera is very easy to use. The buttons are a little small for these fat fingers. I took the camera to the San Diego Zoo. It performed very well. The auto focus was fast, and accurate for the most part. Occasionally, it would focus on the wrong thing i.e. the fence separating the viewer from the animal. I shot a short video of the Secretary Bird (uploaded to YouTube) and the auto-focus kept the bird in focus as it moved around the enclosure.

July 24, 2014


Wonderful Camera

I bought this as an "upgrade" / replacement for my E-620. I did a little research on it (read the full review at There are not any Olympus Dealers near me, but given how much I enjoyed my E-620, I didn't have any doubts or misgivings about buying "sight unseen" and direct from Olympus. I decided to save a little money and purchased a refurbished model; aside from the packing (clearly marked "refurbished"), you'd never know that this camera was previously used.

I've been using it for over a month and I'm quite impressed with
1) the quality of the images,
2) the speed of the autofocus,
3) the Wi-Fi connectivity/functionality,
4) how powerful it really is for such a small/light package,
5) the 8fps really blows my mind,
6) the amount of options available for bracketing.

I could go on and on but I'll just say "buy one; you won't be disappointed". This little camera is definitely on the cutting edge of technological innovation, but then again, Olympus has always been 3-4 years ahead of the "competition" when it come to new tech. I also purchased the M.Zuiko ED 14-150 lens at the same time; I'll review it as well (I love it, too.)

July 12, 2014


Excellent travel camera

I purchased the Silver version. What I love about this camera are:
- It looks stunning. Looks retro yet handles well.
- Build quality is excellent. Usage of metal gives this camera class and personality.
- When I use it with my 14mm f2.5 lens, it is so small and portable.
- I purchased the kit + an M.75-300mm II lens. This setup results in excellent reach.
- The twin dials and the GUI makes usage of camera in field easy.
- The kit lens produces excellent images wide open at all apertures.
- Get either the M.40-150mm R or M.75-300mm II lens and you have a setup covering most situations. And it won't break your back as the setup is still pretty light.
- Later perhaps consider adding a prime such as a 14mm lens as it will make a good street or general photography in a really compact package.

Some tips I would recommend:
- Although this camera has 3 axis, when using with the 75-300mm II lens, at the 300mm end, I found I get more keepers using either a tripod.
- When using with the 75-300mm II, at the 300mm end, in not so ideal condition which we will likely see when doing birding, it is better to use Single AF as otherwise sometimes the camera will stay out of focus and won't AF. Moving to Single Shot AF took care of this issue.
- Carry a spare battery as you don't want to stop enjoying your photo shoot.

What can I say, for the money, this camera is a steal. It is a beautiful product producing beautiful pictures.

May 15, 2014


Incredible camera

Like the previous reviewer I'm coming from the DSLR world and I was fed up with carrying heavy gear all the time. I pretty much concur with all his statements.

My mirrorless search took me to the OM-D's and the Fuji X cameras. I bought both and tested them out at home. The best way to put it is: OM-D E-M10 is a Ferrari and the the Fuji XE2 I bought is an SUV. Fuji's are awesome cameras with incredible IQ, but opted for the Olympus as it was smaller, felt really solid and the IQ was incredible for the size. It just handles so well. It made photography fun again. And it is super customizable.

I've only had it for 2 weeks and I can say that the IQ is DSLR standards (if not better). With the 17/1.8 prime the camera is very small and discrete. You don't feel like a tourist walking around. And plus with such fast primes you can shoot easily at ISO 200 even indoors with decent light thanks to the great in camera image stabilizer.

The menu is actually very simple to me. The only thing that I'm yet to figure out (and it will probably just require watching a youtube vide for a few minutes) is how to set up the MySets options. But other than that if you know about photography and cameras, and how to use all the options of a camera the menu is a breeze. Having said that, for a true beginner it may be a little complicated; but not because the menu is any harder than other camera will be "complicated" because if you don't know what all the functions are, you would have no clue how to set it up. But you can always just shoot in fully auto mode and you'll still get amazing pics.
Get the camera and go shoot! It will make photography fun again and it won't hurt your back.

May 07, 2014


Fabulous Camera

Coming from a DSLR I really didn't know what to expect from the smaller sensor of the E-M10. Not only are the images equal to, they are better in many regards. Everyone mentioned the complex menu system with its sometimes confusing layout. On the contrary, I find the menu system very intuitive and a pleasure to use. The customization possibilities are very handy as well. The camera is well made, easy to hold with the add-on grip just a pleasure. I like that the two knobs make it easy to change settings comfortably with one finger. The touch screen is so user friendly. The ability to press the ok button to toggle between screens is very helpful as well. I am so pleased with the Olympus OM-D E-M10 that I can highly recommend it.

April 27, 2014


Great Step Up from Point and Shoot

I've gone full circle from 35mm film SLR's, to early digital adopter, to point and shoot and phone cameras. I missed the functionality and capability of SLR's, but didn't miss the size. I've had this camera since it first became available, and it meets every one of my requirements, all in a small portable package. Battery life can leave a little to be desired when used all day, and lenses can be expensive. But if you're looking to go back to SLR's or thinking of trying one out for the first time, this is a great way camera. Plus it's easy for my wife to use on iAuto.

April 24, 2014


Excellent Camera

This camera is great for street photography! It is smaller than I thought (a good thing) and has superb auto focus. The handling is good, it is packed with features, and it performs well. I can recommend this camera to anyone in the market for a new camera (mirrorless or not). You will be glad with your decision. It is that good.

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