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June 20, 2015


Great little camera

I had switched from a Nikon DSLR and my neck has already thanked me multiple times. This camera is so much lighter with good durability so far - judging from the hikes it has been to - and image quality. I love some of the cool functions such as the touch focus that snaps a photo as soon as it is focused. That is so awesome!

I did experience issues with focusing up close though. I can focus it manually on the kit lens, but it won't auto focus on things that are within 2 or so feet even when the background is uniform and should not interfere with the object in focus.

June 08, 2015


Hurray for OM-D E-M10

It's my very first digital camera. (Other than iPhone)
Love the size, love the classic look!!!!!!!!!
It takes better photos than my skill level!!
Great camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It'll be great for traveling.
Compare to my Nikon F3 it weighs nothing.
Lends are light weight too.
The art filter is fun to play with.
I like it!!!

May 19, 2015


Focusing Issues

I really wanted to like this camera. While the build quality is excellent, there are too many quirks with the menu system and too many missed/out of focus pictures, especially indoor pictures. When it does focus, the pictures are beautiful. The hissing sound from the IBIS is irritating. Pictures are too noisy over ISO 3200 (1600 is about the limit for this sensor).

Video capability is hit or miss with the focusing often hunting.

May 14, 2015


Superb little camera – disappointing WiFi capability

Olympus has always prided itself on packing full-size features into small, well-built cameras, and the E-M10 appears to be no exception. It fulfills my need for a compact, versatile camera with excellent optics to take with me into the field, and its 16 megapixel image sensor is more than sufficient for my purposes.

The camera is well-built, with build quality on par with the OM-series film cameras I used for over 30 years, and the E-M10 is even more compact than my dear old OM-1n. The viewfinder and screen are fantastic—the tilting screen is great for low-level photos. Controls are well laid out and camera operation is easy as long as you take the time to familiarize yourself with the camera’s controls. Images appear crisp and autofocus is quick. Overall I am very pleased with the camera.

However, I find the WiFi capability disappointing. It appears you cannot connect the camera to your home network for uploading photos. (Personally, I think WiFi uploads would be a lot easier than playing with cables or pulling the memory card out of the camera and connecting it to a reader.)

You can connect the camera to a smartphone using a wireless LAN connection, and Olympus touts this as a way to remotely control the camera. But, it is dependent on the phone (some older phones do not support the feature) and on your data plan. (I was told by my provider that I would have to upgrade to a more expensive plan to use the feature.) It is also dependent on cell phone reception. If you are taking photos in an area with spotty or no cell phone reception the WiFi is useless.

Note from Olympus: The wi-fi is for use with only a mobile device using the designated Olympus app, OI Share. Your cell coverage or data plan would only limit your ability to send an image once imported to the phone via an application that uploads to a cloud, sends email, text, etc.

May 03, 2015


OM ED 10

As I have mentioned in my other reviews that I have been an Olympus
user since the early 1970s. My first OLY was an OM-1 and I have owner every OM SLRs that OLY made and my favorite was the OM-2s! I had that camera till 2006 and it was a dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I have an E-500, an E-30, AN OM-D E-M10 and an E-PM-2.
Even though the E-500 is my fav camera due to the amazing Kodak sensor, I love using the new OM-D E-M10 since it is smaller and great for travel. The pics from this OLY camera are sensational-color-contrast-sharpness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also I am amazed at the clarity of the viewfinder- its so sharp and there is hardly any delay as you move the camera seen in may other DSLR brands with EVF design.

The size and quality is amazing and the lenses-even the kit lenses are so good!

this camera is great!

April 15, 2015


Pretty good small camera

On a whim, I bought a camera that I could hope to get into sporting events where "pro cameras" or "pro lenses" weren't allowed. Not too impressed with the tracking autofocus, single point seems to be more accurate. Image quality is pretty good (I own the 14-42mm, 45mm and 75-300mm). However, you have to keep the ISO down, as the higher ISOs , normally above 1600 are not the best quality. Its not going to replace my DSLR on paid shoots, but it met my expectations. I've never been turned around at a sporting event (crossing my fingers) out of 5 tries (fits in my pocket!). So I'm able to get shots at games, which is what I needed. I decided to get a 2.8 medium telephoto to keep the ISO reasonable...its in the mail. OH, I don't do much video, but shot a few of my kids...pretty good stabilization and quality.

April 14, 2015

Peter A.

Great Camera fun to use excellent pics.

I have a Stylus -1 which is a great little point and shoot and because I enjoyed it so much I purchased the E-M10 which I find a joy to use. I bought the E-M10 with the standard 14-42mm lens and found it to be fun to use and nicely customizable. I bought all 3 Sigma 2.8 DN primes to go with it as well as the Panasonic 45-275 zoom and a Rokinon 12mm f2.0. Next purchase will probably be the Olympus 25mm 1.9 or the 45mm 1.9 (probably both at some point). I now also own the E-M5 Mark II but I won’t be parting with my E-M10.

I have repurposed 2 of the Function buttons. One I converted to the magnification function – especially useful for manual focusing with my old tired eyes. The 2nd button I changed to the electronic zoom feature doubling the range of whatever lens is attached. The only drawback here is you can’t use the zoom magnification feature then go to the electronic zoom you have to shut off the camera and go back to it. You can go from electronic zoom to magnification however. Using the camera I put the Olympus grip on it right away because that is the feel I was looking for and it fits great in my hands. I normally have it set in Aperture Priority and large fine as my standard. I also wove a Para cord quick disconnect (on the Camera’s strap loop) that links to a para cord survival bracelet I made so it is a quick lock in and sets the camera up perfectly for 1 hand shooting. I put a second buckle on the opposite side and matching buckles on the neck strap so I can quickly shift to that carry option if I wish.

April 06, 2015


Outstanding camera

I'm thrilled I got this camera: it's small, beautiful, the image stabilization is game-changing, the image quality is wonderful. I bring it with me everywhere, and am capturing photos that I've never captured before. With the integrated Wi-Fi, I never use my smartphone camera anymore. Awesome.

April 05, 2015


Fantastic camera.

I decided to dive into the m4:3 ecosystem after my APSC Sony DSLR broke in the way back from vacation. I sold off all my 2 fast zoom lenses and flashes. My main reason for choosing the m4:3 system was it's smaller form factor, value, and quality.

The EM-10 is a phenomenal camera. Build quality, control, button customization, and photo quality all exceeded my expectations. It's fun to shoot, easy to travel with, and is easily one of the best cameras for the dollar.

I am disappointed with the noise levels at ISO 1600 and up. It produces the same amount of noise that my old a35 did at ISO 800 and that's on a much older camera. By no means is it a deal breaker, but if you mainly shoot RAW then make sure you have a good noise removal tool.

I did consider looking at the lineup at Fuji but I found the cost of their lens lineup to be to expensive where as Olympus seems to have some if the best glass at extremely competitive prices.

I would buy this camera again in a heartbeat especially direct from Olympus. I live in Canada and we don't have a lot of choices to buy from. I snagged the body with the a lens for an unbeatable price.

One last thing, unless you have very small hands make sure to buy the grip. I have long fingers and without the grip there isn't enough camera to hang onto comfortably.

April 04, 2015


A fine, small camera

It's a back-up to my incomparable E-M1 but it bows to no one. Very small, light and flexible it is a great travel and vacation body that can lift heavy weight when it needs to do so. Is a leftover E-M5 a better deal? Probably, but, they are hard to find and dwindling fast. This is a very capable little machine.

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