January 18, 2015 by Nicolas
Best Bang for Your Buck
I must admit that I'm not the most delicate person. I went to Test this camera out, to see if the specs were right...they weren't... I was able to take pics, and video, with this camera in conditions ranging from -30C to +30C, dropped it from a second floor balcony (accidentally), took it sailing, to my friends wedding, took it scuba diving (went under the recommended limit of 10 m, to 12 m (PADI recorded dive)), took it into a pool.With each activity I pushed the limits, conventional digital cameras would shy away from. To my amazement not only did the camera survive, it captured so many amazing moments. Thank You Olympus for making such an amazing product! -Nick ---- NOTE FROM OLYMPUS: Olympus advises operating the camera within posted factory specifications.
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January 16, 2015 by Jhimboe
Reliable, easy to use and tough.
I bought this camera for a our trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I can't say enough good things about this little camera. Picture quality is great. I was able to use most of the features like the portrait, landscape, night scene (i used a small tripod),cuisine (very rich in colour) and even the sunset. I was able to get a video of the sunrise. The picture quality is good for me. Underwater shots were really good as well (went, snorkeling). Very sturdy and can take abuse, I dropped it a couple of times and still works just fine. I did notice that I already have a few scratches on the screen but it can be fixed easily. I want to keep memories and not worry about colors and blurriness and all that jazz and this camera surpassed my expectations and more. Plus the screen can be flip for selfies. Very handy as it has ultra wide. That is the one feature that I used a lot. I bought this camera when it was on sale but even at this price right now, i would still buy it. I highly recommend this camera.
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January 5, 2015 by Caroline
Not Up to Par
I was replacing my Stylus 850SW because the lens got damaged with sand. This seemed like a good match as it was suggested by Olympus' costumer support. It did not live up to expectation for several reasons. First, there is no cover on the lens when it is not in use. That means it will probably not make it through my purse well enough a full summer of beach use. This is a huge negative for me. I never would have considered the camera had I known that it did not have this. Second, mine either has a damaged battery or a damaged battery compartment. Sometimes it turns on and sometimes it does not. I call tech support or they believe it is damaged in one of these ways. I will be returning the camera. Third, this camera it big and heavy. Its size coupled with the right hand controls makes this camera hard to use. If you use the left hand technique of flipping the camera over to use it, the shutter is hard to press with your thumb as it is small and set in a guard. I am so disappointed with this camera.
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January 3, 2015 by Patrick
Excellent On-The-Go Camera
Finally a camera that will stand up to going along for the ride. I have no intention of throwing this thing around or submerging it but if it's built for being submerged it should easily survive some rain and it should be able to handle bouncing around in my glovebox. The menu system is the easiest I've ever used and the camera takes really great pictures in almost every condition I've tried so far. Works in low light without flash better than any other as well. Focus seems acceptable and the optical zoom is fine for my use. Macro is amazing! If expectations don't include DSLR performance and you need a durable camera to take on vacation or have at hand wherever you go this little gem will do the job. For those who want more than a smart phone pic this camera will fit the bill. Price, build quality, features, ease of use, battery longevity, and results make this an outstanding choice for a versatile point and shoot that includes some manual control but very nice auto operation as well. I'm very impressed and pleased with my purchase.
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December 8, 2014 by Jim
Great take anywhere camera
Only had this camera a week, but am very impressed and pleased. First images were great. I bought to be my take anywhere camera irrespective of the weather. Have no intention of taking it underwater. I love the 21mm wide setting and the flip screen is great! Typical solid Olympus build.
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