January 17, 2015


Best Bang for Your Buck

I must admit that I'm not the most delicate person. I went to Test this camera out, to see if the specs were right...they weren't... I was able to take pics, and video, with this camera in conditions ranging from -30C to +30C, dropped it from a second floor balcony (accidentally), took it sailing, to my friends wedding, took it scuba diving (went under the recommended limit of 10 m, to 12 m (PADI recorded dive)), took it into a pool.With each activity I pushed the limits, conventional digital cameras would shy away from.
To my amazement not only did the camera survive, it captured so many amazing moments.
Thank You Olympus for making such an amazing product!

Olympus advises operating the camera within posted factory specifications.

January 16, 2015


Reliable, easy to use and tough.

I bought this camera for a our trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I can't say enough good things about this little camera. Picture quality is great. I was able to use most of the features like the portrait, landscape, night scene (i used a small tripod),cuisine (very rich in colour) and even the sunset. I was able to get a video of the sunrise. The picture quality is good for me. Underwater shots were really good as well (went, snorkeling). Very sturdy and can take abuse, I dropped it a couple of times and still works just fine. I did notice that I already have a few scratches on the screen but it can be fixed easily. I want to keep memories and not worry about colors and blurriness and all that jazz and this camera surpassed my expectations and more. Plus the screen can be flip for selfies. Very handy as it has ultra wide. That is the one feature that I used a lot. I bought this camera when it was on sale but even at this price right now, i would still buy it. I highly recommend this camera.

January 04, 2015


Not Up to Par

I was replacing my Stylus 850SW because the lens got damaged with sand. This seemed like a good match as it was suggested by Olympus' costumer support. It did not live up to expectation for several reasons. First, there is no cover on the lens when it is not in use. That means it will probably not make it through my purse well enough a full summer of beach use. This is a huge negative for me. I never would have considered the camera had I known that it did not have this. Second, mine either has a damaged battery or a damaged battery compartment. Sometimes it turns on and sometimes it does not. I call tech support or they believe it is damaged in one of these ways. I will be returning the camera. Third, this camera it big and heavy. Its size coupled with the right hand controls makes this camera hard to use. If you use the left hand technique of flipping the camera over to use it, the shutter is hard to press with your thumb as it is small and set in a guard. I am so disappointed with this camera.

January 03, 2015


Excellent On-The-Go Camera

Finally a camera that will stand up to going along for the ride. I have no intention of throwing this thing around or submerging it but if it's built for being submerged it should easily survive some rain and it should be able to handle bouncing around in my glovebox.

The menu system is the easiest I've ever used and the camera takes really great pictures in almost every condition I've tried so far. Works in low light without flash better than any other as well. Focus seems acceptable and the optical zoom is fine for my use. Macro is amazing!

If expectations don't include DSLR performance and you need a durable camera to take on vacation or have at hand wherever you go this little gem will do the job. For those who want more than a smart phone pic this camera will fit the bill.

Price, build quality, features, ease of use, battery longevity, and results make this an outstanding choice for a versatile point and shoot that includes some manual control but very nice auto operation as well. I'm very impressed and pleased with my purchase.

December 08, 2014


Great take anywhere camera

Only had this camera a week, but am very impressed and pleased. First images were great. I bought to be my take anywhere camera irrespective of the weather. Have no intention of taking it underwater. I love the 21mm wide setting and the flip screen is great! Typical solid Olympus build.

December 02, 2014


great for the price.

Still getting use to the settings and "use" of this digital camera. There are some areas I'm learning to set for certain type of shots, but overall I'm very impressed of the outcome of the clarity and definition of the picture. Haven't tried the movie/streaming side yet, but I'm quite sure that is just as clear. Also, the support is far more helpful than most. They respond quickly, and will give you step by step on how to according to your question(s). This impresses me, because most places just lose in this aspect anymore.

November 16, 2014


You want good pictures ? seek another camera

It badly decides when ti use the flash or not, you cannot take a normal picture overriding the flash preset ( on iAuto you can set auto or disable) i cannot find any reason in my mind why the designers don't let me choose to force the flash ... what are they thinking ????
The viewing angle of the screen is +/- 10 degrees to left/right
Very good underwater pictures (unexplainably the flash sometimes decides to shoot ruining the photos ... whatever)
Luckily may be a software update to take care of that ... unluckily don't think Olympus care

- - - -
Note from Olympus:
The Flash can be forced in P mode (which is similar to Auto but with more options).

October 26, 2014


Great, sharp pictures

We just recently replaced our old Olympus camera that we had for 15 years. Our 5 year old managed to break it but it had been a great camera. This new Olympus seems to be an even better camera, so far. The pictures are sharper and I like that it has a rechargeable battery since the old one used up batteries really fast. It is easy to use and convenient to carry anywhere. If it lasts as long as my old Olympus, I will be VERY happy!

August 11, 2014


Best camera ever had!

That is my second tough camera of Olympus and it is still the best camera on the market! The flip screen is so perfect for selfies and underwater pictures. The automatic mode takes every pictures perfectly and choose the right mode for you. The night mode is so much better (more light sensitive) than my old one and the macro is even better since you can shot at 1 cm of your subject! It's so perfect for vacation!

July 20, 2014


After two I have given up!

This camera would be a great "tough" option for someone if it were really that tough! The first camera i received from olympus was a refurbished one bought here. Camera came broke and scratched right out of the box! It was stuck in one of the modes. You could have played with the dial and maybe it would have changed modes but whats this 5 point inspection program they follow? Returning the camera now. We then bought the same one from a local big box store and took it with us to grand turk for some snorkeling fun. Thinking that it was just a malfunction from the first refurbished one this "new" one must be better. Only looked better and that's it. 15 min. in our snorkeling it started messing up. Stuck in one mode and buttons not working. After drying it out we found water spots not only on our pictures but in the camera lens? Wish this could have worked out. Love the wide angle lens and selfie feature but if it can't take water then its not for us! I even question the quality of their other products as well now.

- - - - -
Note from Olympus:
Please see support notice found here: http://cache.olympusamerica.com/static/cpg_section/service_announcement/oima_tg-850_announcement.pdf

July 18, 2014


Totally Impressed

I bought this camera to replace my Tough-9000 which was lost during a trip. While researching replacements, the TG-850 was available for pre-order. So, I decided to wait for the new toy. For a point and shoot camera... it takes some awesome pictures! I love the wider angle of a lens... great for scenic shots... I love taking pictures of sunsets... sunrises... and mountains... Beautiful pictures. I also played with the super macro option last weekend. Wow! Was I ever able to get up close, and the stabilization is wonderful. I know I was shaking pretty good, and the picture was totally in focus. The panoramic option is also extremely easy to use... I love it! So far... since it is a rugged camera... I carry it in my glove box and in my pocket. The display screen is starting to get scratched.

July 02, 2014


Very sad with this purchase.

Was very excited about a camera with zoom, water proof, hi-res pics and 1080p video - but 5 days after vacation began most of the camera no longer works. Was getting good pics and videos for 5 days. Had previously used in in salt water at a theme park. However, after using for a short period in the ocean, all buttons on the right side no longer function. Can only take pictures with the top button. All buttons including zoom and video no longer work. Rinsed in fresh water, even soaked in fresh water for hours, hoping it would start to work again. A major disappointment as I bought specifically for this vacation and have had success with an Olympus SLR we have had for a few years now. Not having video or zoom for the remainder of our trip is a major issue for us. Very sad with this purchase.

- - - -

Note from Olympus:
Please see support notice found here: http://cache.olympusamerica.com/static/cpg_section/service_announcement/oima_tg-850_announcement.pdf

July 01, 2014


Very dissatisfied with TG-850 product

I would not waste my money on this product. It does not live up to anything it states in the details. I purchased this because it proclaimed to be waterproof. My wife and I had planned a vacation to Mexico where we intended to snorkel most of the time and wanted to be able to capture some of the beauty under the water. The camera failed miserably. Some of the shots underwater were OK but pictures taken after it had been submerged were foggy and difficult to make out due to the condensation that formed on the lens. We had intended taking pictures of the Mayan Ruins, but because of all the issues, we missed out on those as well. The camera would not shut off when I wanted it to but would cut itself off randomly. It also was sporadic with turning on. The battery indicator was not accurate either. It indicated a full battery but after taking just a couple pictures, the screen stated Battery Empty. As I said, I would not spend money on this product. I rated this camera a 1 star only because I could not submit my review without a star rating otherwise this camera would get a zero from me.

- - - --

Note from Olympus:
Please see support notice found here: http://cache.olympusamerica.com/static/cpg_section/service_announcement/oima_tg-850_announcement.pdf

June 29, 2014

Daniel F


I am extremely impressed with the TG-850. I took many shots of the same scene experimenting with all the modes and features before going on vacation. The results were outstanding. I purchased the TG-850 as an upgrade from the TG-310 (which is also a phenomenal camera) because there are more functions with the TG-850, specifically continuous shooting. Again, outstanding photos and movies, taken from the sky, on land, and below water. I really appreciate how fast the camera is ready to shoot when turning it on. Battery life is also impressive. I snapped off well over 300 shots, which included on's/off's and photo reviews with one charge. I Love this camera.

June 22, 2014



For me - it was less about quality picture taking. More about durability and a wide angle lens. I film squash with it one day, then go out a take some pretty good quality surfing video. I've dropped it more times then I can count since I bought it, and not a dent nor a scratch on it. LOVE THE INFLATABLE WRIST THINGY, that keeps it afloat. Great durability, one of the best wide lens on the market for a compact. Ain't no DSLR quality, but I love it.

June 21, 2014


Best Camera ever

I just got this camera for a trip to Los Cabos, in Baja California, and it was great not one single problem with this great camera. We went from pool water to the Ocean and had not one thing go wrong with this camera . We also had it under the blazing Cabo sun and then back in the salt water again and under the sea with some of the best pictures ever. I was able to download all of my wonderful pictures of family and fish without a problem. I love this little camera and will be taking it on my next adventure.

June 16, 2014


Faulty Casing

Bought this camera for an Australian holiday and reef diving. The camera died when it touched water. Very disappointed. Pictures taken prior to dive were terrific. Test your camera before departing on your vacation! Returned the camera to Olympus for credit.

- - --

Note from Olympus:
Please see support notice found here: http://cache.olympusamerica.com/static/cpg_section/service_announcement/oima_tg-850_announcement.pdf

June 16, 2014


Perfect performance!

I bought this for my daughter's college graduation present. Olympus fulfilled the order right away. The 16MP photos are amazing. Optional 8MP photos are as well. This cameras first mission was to a 2 week vacation in China, where, the upcoming event were unknown. It went from sea level at 100 degrees F, and under water, to above the snow line on the mountains. Flawless performance! So easy and compact, it is perfect. The whole trip was captured and recorded for the family to view!

June 13, 2014

William D

Good camera except for the excessive noise reduction.

Sadly the noise reduction is so aggressive it ruins the quality of the image. Colour rendition is good. The wide angle "21 mm" lens is very good.
If you are a pixel peeper you will be disappointed. If you just want snapshots this may be a good choice.

June 12, 2014


Totally Disappointed

Purchase this Olympus to take on a trip of life time.
8 days on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.
1st time take camera in water in the Little Colorado River water gets in the body of the camera and the camera is ruined. So much for the tough camera.
This was day 3 of the 8 day trip. No waterproof camera to record my trip of a lifetime.
Returned camera to Olympus, They are refunding my money for the camera, but could care less if I ever buy another Olympus camera.

--- - -- -

Note from Olympus:
Please see support notice found here: http://cache.olympusamerica.com/static/cpg_section/service_announcement/oima_tg-850_announcement.pdf

June 11, 2014



This is my 2nd Olympus Tough camera, I am replacing the 1030. I was so excited to use the camera on a recent cruise, however I was quickly dissappointed when taking pictures at dinner and all the shots were blurry and dark. The pictures we took during the day were washed out and you couldn't see the blue sky and water behind us. I'm hoping there was just a problem with the camera that was sent to me becuase I love the Tough carmeras. I'm going to try a different model and hope for better results. I did love the flip screen, it made taking pictures fun and easy.

June 10, 2014


Very disappointed

While it was working it was fine, but in just my second trip with the camera it stopped working. I always made sure to seal it correctly and followed the the directions of dipping it in fresh water after using it in salt water. Always made sure to dry it completely after every use but for some reason the right side of the camera completely stopped working. I've had the camera for only 2 months.

- - -

Note from Olympus:
Please see support notice found here: http://cache.olympusamerica.com/static/cpg_section/service_announcement/oima_tg-850_announcement.pdf

June 08, 2014


Seek other options.

While the picture quality is fine the reason for buying this camera was for the waterproof capability and the tough build. Problem is, it is virtually impossible to see the display in the water or in the sunlight outdoors. We took about a thousand (blind pictures) in Belize while snorkeling. We could only make out the general surroundings unless the sun was completely hidden, making the zoom virtually impossible to use effectively. I've owned several digital cameras and have never had this severe of an issue with the display. A substantial bummer at $250.00 not to mention the inability to use the camera based on how it is marketed. Will probably ignore Olympus products in the future if this is not addressed.

May 17, 2014


So Far So Good

I have had several Olympus Tough cameras and all have been great. I have used underwater many times and have gotten great photos of sea turtles and sea lions. I like the idea of the flip screen as there have been times I have taken photos of fish under water while I am holding the camera underwater. Since I couldn't see the screen using previous Tough cameras I like the idea of the flip so I can put the camera underwater and see what is going on.

May 05, 2014


Feature removed since 830. I am returning it.

The camera is fine. It's a bit heavy but that helps it feel solid. Picture quality is good. Flip screen is novel. My problem is you can NOT take stills while capturing video anymore. This feature was available on the TG-830 and I'm disappointed it has been removed from this newer version. You can capture lesser quality stills after the fact but I know I won't bother doing that as it is time consuming. I am returning the camera because this feature is missing. My camera hunt starts again...

April 30, 2014


Great Camera

Living in the Marshall Islands I always have to worry about rain, and now I don't have worry about taking my camera. I even take it surfing with me. Thanks!

April 28, 2014

Dan M.

Olympus Cameras stand up to the test

This is my second Olympus waterproof camera. I've had it for about two weeks and its worked great so far. I'm a bit nervous about the flip screen on the TG-850 and don't really see the need for it. However the few hundred photos and short videos I have taken with it so far, have been flawless. The quality of both the photos and videos are very good. I have a time share in Florida that we go to every year. I bought this camera while I was there as my Olympus stylus 790sw suddenly stopped working while taking photos of my family in the water.

Now the 790sw is about 7-8 years old and I've taken thousands of photos with it in fresh and salt water. I watched the LCD go out on it. Later that night I pulled the card and battery and found water on them. I thought 7 years of dry and wet photography was a great run. This is why I stayed with Olympus.

I want to add that as I write this I was looking over my 790sw. Remember the screen that died due to water seeping in? I'm happy to report that after letting it sit; amazingly the camera seems to be working (in a dry state or course) like it was before. I plan to look into getting the seals changed out and maybe handing it on to a family member now that I have a new one.

Bottom line is that I will always have Olympus as my waterproof camera.

April 16, 2014


Outstanding Underwater and Vacation Camera

We just returned from a ten day sail and snorkel trip to the Virgin Islands. The TG 850 was released just days before we left, and I bought it trusting to the initial pre-reviews. And I'm glad I did. This little gem worked flawlessly in the water and on land, snapping some 1700 pics and videos over the course of the trip. The quality of the fish and coral shots taken while snorkeling was terrific, and surpassed only by the impressive videos I also came home with and that are now wowing my friends on Facebook. Daytime shots of sailing, hiking, beachcombing, and town touring all came out well too, though performance in low-light at night was predictably poor. You're also not going to count on this little baby for clear zoom pictures of birds and other wildlife. The operating system is excellent, and the scene settings for underwater photography easy to access and very accurate. Highly recommended.

April 07, 2014


Great little camera that has the fastest shot to shot time.

This little snapper is the fastest shot to shot you can find. I don't ever have to worry about dropping it or falling into water. Wide angle is great and clean clear photos. I have not missed shot of my 5 year old. So glad I waited for this camera and you can do selfies.