August 29, 2015


Love this camera!

I used my new Olympus SP 100 for the first time last night! It was awesome! I got a few really good shots of the moon. I love the Dot Sight. The zoom is incredible. The zoom and Dot Sight are the main reasons I bought this camera along with the extras of Art and being able to edit in the camera, like to crop. I like the explanations of the scenes on the LCD screen. I eventually learned how to activate the Dot Sight feature. As I have only had this camera for a few days I am still learning about it. I am going to enjoy Super Macro when I need to use it.

April 06, 2015


Dot Sight

This is a camera with great range. The best feature is the dot sight which makes it easy to frame distant subjects. I use the camera as a back up in the event my primary camera fails. I also keep the camera in my car at all times for the unexpected moments when a camera is desired. Overall a good camera for a reasonable price.

November 20, 2014


Great Camera

I've only had my camera about a month and still learning all the features. So far I'm impressed. The camera is lightweight and easy to handle. The pictures are sharp. I love the ease of switching from photo to video instantly without stopping to turn a dial for video. My old pocket camera made me do that and I'd miss some of what I was trying to capture. This camera allows me to be creative with the many features added. The "Dot-Sight Assistance" really helps me hold and capture the photo the way it says. This was a great choice for me. Thanks Olympus.

October 20, 2014



I recommend this camera for anyone.
The ease of use and fantastic features make this a winner all round.
The Dot-Sight is by far the best feature followed by the built in filters.

October 19, 2014


product guide

I am hoping I love the SP-100 and it takes great pictures, but the registration process was not user friendly and the 109 page user guide is by download. Really??? My frustration level is at all time high.

August 31, 2014


Love It!

I bought this camera for a trip to Alaska. I was most interested in the zoom capabilities and the sequential shooting. I needed a camera that was light to transport with me everyday and that could catch those faraway pictures of wildlife without changing lenses all the time. It was amazing! The Dotsight framing assist is the best tool to help zoom in on your subject. Sometimes the animals were just a dot on a mountainside and I was able to get a clear picture of their faces! I can't say enough positive of the Dotsight. In the beginning if I forgot to engage it, I would try to zoom in on something and loose the shot. It got that my friends would say "Don't worry, Linda got the shot!"
I did invest in an extra battery as some trips were 16 hours long. I also got a 64GB SDXC card that was great for the sequential shooting and holds thousands of photos (literally!).
I bought my SP-100 with a 30 day return policy with the intent that if I wasn't happy with it I could return it after the trip. There is NO WAY I would return this camera! I Love It!

July 26, 2014


Not too impressed

I was super excited to get this camera. It had everything I needed in a camera. When I bought the camera from the Olympus factory at fifty dollars off I was even more excited only to be let down by the camera and the company. Please don't get me wrong I still own an Olympus Tough camera it's great. But I bought the camera and it would not focus very well at all so I got a hold of the company and they made the exchange for me no problem. But I had to pay forty dollars to send back their broken equipment then I waited for two or more weeks and called them to find out that they had none in the warehouse to send me. So instead of emailing me and saying so or offer my money back they were going to make me wait till they had some. I took an option of my money back from them and went to buy from a retail store an hour away from my small town. Now I have to pay another sixty dollars to get the camera the store plus gas to get there. I got it home tried everything I could to make this one work with no luck. So back to the store and spend another thirty dollars to buy a different brand of camera. All in all out two hundred bucks and not the camera I wanted. The company has done nothing to help me and they most likely will not for I am just one little buyer. I most likely will never deal with the company again.

June 21, 2014


LOVE this Camera!!!

I pre-ordered this camera and so glad I did! It is wonderful! It is lightweight and easy to use. I got the case also and so handy to have. I love playing with the art filters for the pictures. The Dot-Sight is WONDERFUL!! I would and am recommending this camera to all!

June 16, 2014


Excellent product

I currently also own 2 Tough Series for taking photos and videos at the beach. SP100 is easy to use and takes excellent photo and video. Zoom feature is great and setting the sports mode handles most of the video image concerns.

May 28, 2014


Wonderful Camera

Got mine in early May 14 and have been enjoying it for extreme ease of use and good quality images. Very easy to carry when hiking.
Something I'd like to see through a software update is the ability when turning on the camera for it to default to the EVF rather than the screen.
Comparing this camera to previous iterations I like the pan function on the mode dial. But miss the macro function on the arrow pad where was very convenient.
On the SP-100 there is no assigned function to the arrow pad left button and that's where the macro used to be activated.

May 23, 2014


Wow.....Simple, Light & Beautiful Camera

My old Olympus SP350 Digital Camera (brought on May 2005) still works & is in excellent mint condition, forever a present! I have always loved my simple light and beauty camera but am surprised by this new Olympus SP-100 camera!!! Performance, Beautiful and Style from SP350 to SP 100. A+++++

May 20, 2014


Great camera overall!

The SP-100 camera is another great Olympus innovation. It gives a good balance between macro and high powered zoom ability. The picture quality is really good and the autofocus and image stabilization both work well and fast. It does a pretty fair job in low light especially in manual mode. The dot sight works well when in high zoom and can be "sighted in" via the wheel on the right side of the viewfinder. The only drawbacks so far that I've found after a week of pretty heavy use are the time consuming manual focus, and the fact that the battery has no locator on it and will fit in the slot 4 different ways (really!). I've been a fan and user of Olympus cameras since 1979 and still am even with the aforementioned oversight. All in all this camera is a lot of bang for the bucks! Thanks Oly!

May 15, 2014


Eagle Eye Zoom Olympus SP-100 Well Worth The Wait

Olympus has been a pioneer in the bridge camera long zoom lens digicam segment and their experience is evident in the Olympus SP-100 50X optical zoom digital camera. The laser (eagle eye) zoom aid is nothing short of phenomenal in it's implementation and usefulness. Designed mostly for outdoor use when you are zooming beyond the 20X range, you fill find it much easier in capturing action photos and will eliminate the need to zoom wide to find the object you are tracking. It works just like a rifle laser sight and can even be adjusted for fine calibration with an adjustment knob next to the eye cup. The camera is very well built, lightweight and constructed of high quality plastics with a carbon fiber look and feel. The Controls are solid and the assignable function button and selection wheel allow you to customize the camera for your own personal shooting preference. I owned a Canon SX50 and can compare the image quality of photos taken against the Olympus SP-100. The Olympus images are very sharp and clear and noise is kept under control up to 800 ISO. Color rendition and white balance are accurate with vibrant colors throughout. Have not tested video and macro capabilities yet but will update in a later review. The camera is easy to grip and hold with plenty of grip texture and having the additional zoom control on the side of the lens barrel is also a nice feature. Olympus has clear winner on their hands in the ultra competitive long zoom digicam segment.

May 13, 2014


Excellent Travel Camera

Olympus SP-100 is just the camera I was looking for to bring on my trips and it has an EVF which is rare in Olympus cameras. I gave it a four-star instead of a five 'cuz it is bulkier than as shown in pictures. Overall, I'm happy I bought this camera.

May 12, 2014


Freaking amazing camera

Got my camera today direct from Olympus. Been a long time Olympus owner and have owned many cameras, a couple of which were earlier Ultra-zoom models. My friends have SLR bodies with multiple lenses in order to cover the same range as the Ultra-zoom models on one lens. For $400 I have a camera that goes from 28mm to 1200mm+ and I don't have to fumble around with multiple lenses to do it. With built in Macro and Super-macro, this camera is everything between a small microscope and a small telescope.

Things to get used to:
Seems built a bit light, however most of the body is composite nylon and polycarbonate. Strong as all get out, but really light.
Dials/wheels can seem a bit flimsy to the touch, but that again is because of the composite materials.

Really cool new features:
Aperture priority - Been asking for this for years. Sometimes you need to manually set depth of field instead of trying to trick the electronics of the camera.
Manual Shutter - previous models could not do long exposures. This one is not totally manual, however the available open-shutter exposures are adequate for 90% of my needs.
Red-dot sight - At high magnification, trying to follow a moving object is darned near impossible. With the red-dot sight, so long as the dot is on the object, it is in the camera's field of view.
Side mounted telephoto control - In addition to the thumb lever on the shutter release, there is a second telephoto control on the left side of the lens. This feels much more like an SLR experience.
Holster case - Olympus makes a great holster style case made just for this camera. Great investment.

I am already in love with this camera and can't wait to get out in the field and start shooting.

May 09, 2014


I'm Impressed

Still adjusting to the changes over my previous SP camera. I'm impressed with the technology embodied in this camera. Often used features are more readily accessable. The still and movie capacity with an 8 GB card is really impressive. The red dot sight will be a much used feature.

May 06, 2014

Becca M

Beautiful camera!!

I recently downsized from the Olympus E-5 to the SP-100. I needed something more convenient to use and easier to travel with. Having children, It was time consuming to change between lenses when I was taking quick pictures of my kids. The SP-100ee is light weight, VERY easy to operate and the picture quality is beautiful. I am a loyal Olympus customer and thus far, I have yet to be disappointed! Olympus has packed many of its greatest features in this camera. The red-dot focus is a great idea, my husband has already commented that it would a great outdoors camera. A+++