November 2, 2016 by Kevin
Great paired with PRO lenses.
Although this grip is quite expensive when you take the price of the camera into perspective, it feels very natural to use this paired with the camera. I typically use zooms such as the 12-40 f/2.8, and it is much easier to use with this a grip on smaller bodies. The grip increases grip (duh!) on the camera body, and makes it much easier to hold without using a camera strap, or even reduces hand fatigue and finger cramps when shooting for extended periods. The majority of the grip slips off with the flick of a switch so you can access the SD card and battery.
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December 10, 2015 by Steve
SO glad this came with mine!!
The detachable grip makes holding and using the camera much easier. Reduces hand and thumb fatigue by providing a comfortable surface area to grip the camera. I bought my E-M10 second-hand and was lucky that the first owner had this installed. I came from an E volt e-500 which has a full size DSLR body. With the smaller body of the E-M10, it was difficult to hold at first. I put the grip on the body and it was like the feel I was used to with the DSLR, but with a much-improved camera experience. Must have item!!!
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December 6, 2015 by scbwr
Great Accessory for E-M10!
After receiving this grip and installing it on my E-M10, I can't imagine using the camera without it unless it is attached to a tripod. Once installed on the camera, the improvement in how it feels to hold the camera is just so much better. The design of the mechanism for attaching the grip, which is a small wheel that rotates the bolt that fits into the tripod receiver makes it so easy to attach the part of the grip that stays attached to the base of the camera body. And the ease of snapping on and removing the remainder of the grip is amazing. It makes it so easy to access the battery or memory card. The fit and finish of the grip is excellent and appears to be very durable. In my opinon, if you own the E-M10, the ECG-1 is essential if you want a camera that feels comfortable and secure when handheld and the low profile of the grip results in minimal increase in overall size of the camera body.
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November 26, 2015 by Nagaty
A must with the E-M10
I am an owner of the Olympus E-PM1 which was tiny and uncomfortable to use handheld, and I bought the OMD E-M10 as an upgrade. For the price, this is a wonderful camera with picture quality and functionality that can easily surpass entry level DSLRs. Although the OMD is a lot easier to grip and hold, the body is still small with insufficient thumb grip for someone with relatively large hands. This grip solved this issue for me, and it is currently always mounted on the camera. The grip has a fast release button to be removed for battery and chard exchange, however, this release cannot be used when mounted on a tripod.
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April 5, 2015 by Blake
A must buy.
Unless you have small hands (I consider mine average size for a six foot male) then do your hands, wrist, and arm a favor and make sure you buy this grip. It is extremely comfortable, attached easily, is well built, and the quick release functions perfectly. Very happy that I did my research and ordered this grip with my E-M10.
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