February 1, 2016 by Moa Lyssa
Great Features but slow for on the fly.
Meaning,.. There is great capacity, I use almost every feature as a College student but MAN! it's easy too loose track of time and when class is over I need cease recording, select next class (folder) and recording scenario for that and then there is turning it off,.. (elevator music). It goes though this exiting demonstration and it seems like eternity when when everyone but me is getting up to leave and I'm still sitting there waiting for this 'Olympus' exit screen to perform it's visual effects or when I pull my USB out of the computer I have too wait for it too search for something even when I properly do a hardware removal from OS prior too. I just wish it would be quicker about all that. Other than that I love it!!!
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March 24, 2014 by Fletch
Brilliant upgrade with many capabilities but no owners manual
I was excited to receive this. Many, many capabilities that have been needed for a long time - adjustable record levels, zoom mic, but no manual that shows you how to use them. What does DNS mean? Shadowing? Voice Balancer? Play Scene/Transcription? Once again, hours and hours of engineering development and no guidance on how to use it. Olympus could easily gain market share with this unit but there's no product training.
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