April 4, 2016 by RYAN
Almost Perfect
I work in law enforcement and have used every make of recorder available (Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Phillips). I like almost everything about this recorder. PROS: - Long battery life - Small size - Built in USB - Ability to transfer files from internal memory to micro SD. - Great sound quality. - Speaker turn-off feature is very useful for preventing accidental playback. - Ability to turn off record light and button sounds. This is a fairly standard feature on all recorders but its worth mentioning so they don't stop using it. CONS: - Files are only named by date. Panasonic and Phillips name files by date AND time which is far superior if you make dozens of recordings each day. It makes them much more searchable on the computer. - One touch recording from off mode would be better (a feature currently found in Phillips recorders of the same price range). I would give it a full 5 stars if they add the 2 features above!!
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February 19, 2016 by MR
Great Recorder
I use this to record weekly meetings and to review anything I may have missed. It is super simple to use and the playback sound. I used it to record in a conference room with about 15 people. I could hear even the softest voice over the blowing air conditioner. I love that it is light weight. The calendar reference feature is a great way to easily find recordings. I would certainly recommend this product!
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April 25, 2015 by Brandon
Well worth it
Grabs lectures in all my oildfield safety briefings for the OSHA classes that are required consistently; and captures phone calls amazingly when divorce court heard what she would say to me over the phone! I'll never buy another DVR brand as far as things stand! I saved myself on repaid damages for all the hard times that were behind, this little investment has more than proven to have multi use beyond what I could have expected! Recordings so clear I could hear everything that was being said everytime I used it with all my hearing functions adjustable!
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