October 04, 2015


Based on Firmware 1.0

Olympus has just announced Firmware 4.0 upgrade for late November. So why does Olympus still peddle this DVD based on Firmware 1.0? When I tried to track the video with my E-M1 in hand, I thought there must be something wrong with my camera. So I called Olympus and a tech person told me that my camera's Firmware 3.0 had nothing to do with the DVD model's firmware.

So why does Olympus continue to sell this DVD? I can't make any money for Olympus. But it certainly does anger brand-loyal consumers who feel they've be fleeced by purchasing not just an out of date product but a way out of date product -- and one that the seller Olympus knows is way out of date. Olympus's webpage is so hard to navigate, perhaps Olympus just doesn't know this relic is still there for sale.

July 10, 2014



I got this hoping to get some practical advice to use the camera but all it does is go through the menus. Useless! I want to know the best ways to set up the camera for various purposes as a semipro photographer moving from a Canon 5D III. Shame on Oly for releasing this kind of a product.

June 06, 2014



Hate is generally a very strong term (for me); however, it apltly fits when a mutinational orgaization sells you for things that should surely be included in the product package. In addition, the DVD is not worth it becasue it is not catergorized by functions, which makes navigation inefficient and a waste of time. In addition, these products are often available online from other retailers at a lower price or even free sometimes. This is almost the first and last time I am purchasing an Olympus product.

May 27, 2014



It should have been included with the purchase of the E-M1 or a free download. Not really worth the cost of the DVD. Speed of presentation too fast and not much different from the more detail instruction manual.

May 26, 2014



With such an amazing array of products, why would Olympus hire a guy to "read the manual" to me? Nothing motivational or interesting on this DVD at all.

Impressed as I am with their products, I am very disappointed with the design of their website and promotional material. Olympus marketing needs a major overhaul with fresh insight into the desires and needs of potential buyers as well as assurances of current customers.

May 24, 2014


OK but not great

Defines the use of the menu items for set up. However, what I need is a program that really answers the key questions and that helps me to set up the camera for best use.

May 24, 2014

Bill Dasher

Great for those of us who don't like to read user manual

Don't buy this if you expect it to make you a better photographer. It does a great job of explaining the menus for this camera, which I do also own. As a pro Nikon photographer, I can make any number of adjustments without looking at the camera. With the Oly OM-D E-M1, I'm lost. I need to learn how to walk again if I want to use this camera to it's maximum potential. This video helped my do just that. The printed user's manual is too brief and painful to read. Watching this video was a pleasure and is really fit the need to learn about this camera. The audio has a few issues once in a while, but it's really fine if you don't plan on eating popcorn while watching it with your family. Don't force your family to watch this video with you! This was a good purchse for me to learn about the menus and details about my OM-DE-M1. I'm completely satisfied with my purchase and have no regrets. I would buy it again in hindsight. Good luck!

May 24, 2014


Completely Worthless

I also had assumed that this DVD would offer some more insight than the manual. In fact, it's even LESS useful than the already bordering manual. In every topic covered here, the person is simply reading what the manual has to say. He offers ZERO insight beyond that, such as 'why' you might choose to put a setting a certain way.

And they skip over entire sections of the manual, that aren't even mentioned here!

This was a complete waste of money, and Olympus really should offer everyone who bought it their money back and an apology.

May 24, 2014



For novice users who don't like to read the manual (and who can blame them?) this DVD is something that could have been packaged with the camera. But it is a dry recitation of the basic functionality of the camera that never rises above the level of showing the location of control buttons and menu settings. I had been hoping for a bit of insight into why one might make various settings, but the video never addresses the reasoning behind the controls. I wouldn't advise spending the money. In the end, one is just going to have to change some settings, take some pictures, see what happens, change some more settings...

May 24, 2014



Not worth at all. Very disappointed . Just wonder why Olympus would sell this video. Totally waste your time.

May 24, 2014



Why did I buy this worthless DVD? It's like having a guy with a pleasant voice read the manual to you. Don't waste your time or money on this turkey.

May 24, 2014

John Dwight

Waste of $20

No details. You will find better tutorials free on YouTube. Like to have my money back. Don't waste your money.

May 24, 2014


VERY basic instruction

If I had never turned on the camera this would have been some help.
I wish I had returned it. Perhaps the overview on the product page should indicate that this product is Very basic introduction to the camera and only useful for the first time you turn on the camera.

May 24, 2014



Shortly after I received my OM D EM one, I realized I was over my head with the intricacies of the set ups. I purchased this DVD hoping it would walk me through some of the situational usages of these types of settings. Nothing. One of the worst spent $20 I have ever made. The above is correct there is less information here and on the manual. YouTube has much better for free. I mean 10 times better for free. Do not purchase this at all and please complain to Olympus for allowing such a shoddy low level piece of work to come out of their name. I cannot believe how horrible and dull it was not an ounce of anything beyond the very basic information. Stay away and complain. That is what I am doing.

February 01, 2014


basic info only. manual in video.

This guide is a video of the manual. BASIC !
I was hoping for a more in-depth look at how the different menus and function could be used in real life shooting and what is presented is a very simple over view of the manual. not much more. Very disappointed. For $20.00 they could have taken it out doors and explained how the settings could be utilized to maximum shooting creativity and use. Very little beyond the basic settings and nothing about how to they interact. Not worth the money. This could have been exciting and informative but is rather dull and uninspiring.
save your money.

December 08, 2013


Not very useful at all!

I was VERY disappointed in this DVD. I was hoping for detailed explanations of why and how one would want to use certain of the very detailed optional settings, but that was included for only a small handful (and not the most complex ones at that!) The vast majority of this video was just walking through the menus, adding no useful information to what you can do on your own.
For an experienced Olympus user, it was a total waste of time and money. I suppose for a newcomer, it might be slightly useful (though the E-M1 probably isn't going to appeal much to a newbie anyway), but not nearly as useful as the REAL manual for the OM-D E-M1 (which is NOT included with the camera and must be downloaded or purchased separately!) I was hoping the DVD would be more informative than the manual, which explains WHAT settings can be made, but very rarely WHY. In fact, this DVD is MUCH LESS informative than the manual.