October 4, 2015 by James
Based on Firmware 1.0
Olympus has just announced Firmware 4.0 upgrade for late November. So why does Olympus still peddle this DVD based on Firmware 1.0? When I tried to track the video with my E-M1 in hand, I thought there must be something wrong with my camera. So I called Olympus and a tech person told me that my camera's Firmware 3.0 had nothing to do with the DVD model's firmware. So why does Olympus continue to sell this DVD? I can't make any money for Olympus. But it certainly does anger brand-loyal consumers who feel they've be fleeced by purchasing not just an out of date product but a way out of date product -- and one that the seller Olympus knows is way out of date. Olympus's webpage is so hard to navigate, perhaps Olympus just doesn't know this relic is still there for sale.
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July 10, 2014 by Bob
I got this hoping to get some practical advice to use the camera but all it does is go through the menus. Useless! I want to know the best ways to set up the camera for various purposes as a semipro photographer moving from a Canon 5D III. Shame on Oly for releasing this kind of a product.
June 6, 2014 by Haresh
Hate is generally a very strong term (for me); however, it apltly fits when a mutinational orgaization sells you for things that should surely be included in the product package. In addition, the DVD is not worth it becasue it is not catergorized by functions, which makes navigation inefficient and a waste of time. In addition, these products are often available online from other retailers at a lower price or even free sometimes. This is almost the first and last time I am purchasing an Olympus product.
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May 27, 2014 by Joseph
It should have been included with the purchase of the E-M1 or a free download. Not really worth the cost of the DVD. Speed of presentation too fast and not much different from the more detail instruction manual.
May 26, 2014 by Jeffrey
With such an amazing array of products, why would Olympus hire a guy to "read the manual" to me? Nothing motivational or interesting on this DVD at all. Impressed as I am with their products, I am very disappointed with the design of their website and promotional material. Olympus marketing needs a major overhaul with fresh insight into the desires and needs of potential buyers as well as assurances of current customers.
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