March 17, 2015 by Denis
Great FUN camera
I've been an Olympus fan for years ...OM-2, OM-4T, Stylus, E510, E620, M5, M1... all great cameras ... but when it came to just having FUN with a camera the original Stylus was my favorite ...the Stylus 1 has now become my go to camera for having FUN and that is was it is all about sometimes.
January 31, 2015 by Paul
Excellent compact camera
Likes: Eye level viewfinder Convenient size Excellent initial image quality Excellent build quality--feels very solid Useful zoom range Virtually all the settings found on a DSLR Common settings are easy to find and adjust. The comprehensive menu takes a lot more study, but you don't need to use it much, after the initial setup. If you've had other Olympus cameras, it will be familiar. Only one specific dislike so far: It has a useful selection of special scenes, including one for snow and beach. However, when this is selected, it puts in the shutter in burst mode. There seems to be no way to avoid this issue, except a rather clunky workaround. I'm waiting for an answer from Olympus on this one. Overall, a great camera and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants something more than a simple point and shoot or smartphone camera.
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January 1, 2015 by Jerry
My main reason for purchasing a new camera was to take photos of my grandaughter's high school basketball games. Many of the gym's are poorly lighted with a variety of light sources. My old camera could not freeze the action. My Stylus 1 not only freezes the action, but provides vivid colors.
September 15, 2014 by Diana
Excellent small camera
Bought this a few months ago to take on an African safari. I am a beginner but not completely new having owned other Olympus cameras over the years. The pictures I got of animals and scenery were stunning! The zoom was fantastic. This was the perfect blend of a camera for size, speed, focus, ease of use, flexibility for photographic skill level, and quality of photos. My friends took pictures with their cameras and didn't even bother sharing them after I shared mine. I am very happy with this camera!
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September 14, 2014 by kcmoe
For us, the cons outweighed the pros
It appears as though our experience runs against the populist tone of submitted reviews. Nevertheless, our impressions are as follows: What we don't like: 1) Interval (time lapse) shooting is limited to 10 frames. 10 frames! That's essentially worthless. 2) Lens barrel isn't threaded for filters; (clumsy) accessory barrel must be purchased. 3) Tiny sensor limits enlargement prospects; prone to purple fringing; struggles with high contrast scenes. 4) No underwater housing. 5) Pop-up flash is weak-n-wimpy. 6) Takes a lot of fiddling with controls to discern which ring controls f-stop, which button for manual focus, etc. 7) Menu system isn't user friendly. 8) PDF user manual is a very poorly written technical document. What we like: 1) Small, easy to carry, and no shoulder fatigue after a long day. 2) f/2.8 from 28-200mm = superb depth-of-field control. 3) Long battery life (WiFi off). 4) Light weight means a smaller, lighter tripod works nicely. 5) Touch screen controls. 6) Built-in lens cap cover. Conclusion: Absolutely, positively, not a suitable replacement for a DSLR, and not much of a step-up from your garden variety point-and-shoot. Our biggest disappointment is the interval (time lapse) shooting mode. 10 frames max? 1/3 of a (video) second? Seriously, Olympus? What a joke. And having to buy an adapter to attach filters is a bit of a pill and, when attached, ruins the camera's svelte profile. Otherwise, image quality is fair, though not on par with the Nikon P7800, in our experience. The menu needs to be redesigned; a true owner's manual written by (literate) photographers, not engineers, should accompany the camera. Battery life is good with WiFi off and shooters get plenty of manual control, but having to figure out which ring/button/dial, or combination thereof, does what is time consuming and left us missing a few shots. The big sell for this camera is the 28-200mm, f/2.8 aperture, which provides impressive depth of field (blurred backgrounds).
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