May 18, 2015


Thumbs up

I've had this (reconditioned) camera for over a year now and I've used it regularly since I bought it.

The first thing to comment on is the fact that it is reconditioned. I haven't had any problems--it came to me looking brand new and working perfectly. A year on, it no longer looks new but it still works perfectly. The top dial (to change between shooting modes) did fall off but it looks like that is a common problem that is solved easily with super glue.

As for the camera itself, it's not the top of the line Olympus m43 camera. It would benefit from an extra dial to adjust aperture/shutter speed and a viewfinder, but that's why you would pay more for one of the other options. It works very well, takes great pictures, and is smaller than its cousins. I keep it in my purse so I can take it almost everywhere with me.