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November 12, 2013



OK! This camera has exceeded in three weeks all of my expectations. Year's ago I was a loyal Olympus E-20 user then moved over to Canon 5D camera's for the picture quality. After getting an entire system built around that camera the weight of carrying the system around got to be an issue. Left the system at home most of the time. Now I have got two lenses, the remote flash, and the E-M1 everything fits into a small bag that goes everywhere. Picture quality has been excellent and the camera focus has been great. Two issues I was concerned about.

November 09, 2013


I am already in love with the E-M1 and I just got it yesterday

I have owned Olympus cameras starting with the first digital camera up through the E-10, E-1, E-3, E-5 and OM-D E-M5.

Each camera was a wonderful evolution that built on the best of the previous camera. By the time I embraced Micro Fourthirds, I have not looked back to a full size (and Olympus DSLR's were small for DSLR's) camera. As a photojournalist, real estate, and landscape photographer, I have needed a small but highly capable camera and lens system that could meet such a varied set of challenges including photographing outdoors in the middle of winter without worrying about the snow or rain on my gear.

The E-M1 has given me what I was hoping for (primarily a fast focusing system for my four thirds lenses, the 12-60mm and the 50-200mm). Not only has the E-M1 met that challenge surprisingly well, but now Olympus has developed the Pro line, starting with the 12-40mm lens, which I have on order; from what I've read, Olympus has been able to create a compact lens that equals or surpasses my beautiful Zuiko SQ lenses.

I was concerned that in order for Olympus to make an OM-D with a grip and more buttons that I might be giving up the small, fit in my hand, camera I have grown to love. I was so pleased when I opened the box (I bought it without even seeing one ahead of time) to find a small little tank of a camera. I even think it is still beautiful, and I thought my silver and black EM-5 was the prettiest little camera I had seen other than a Leica.

I look forward to exploring the WiFi (already imagining myself staying in my tent nice and warm while I take night photos of winter skies), and some of the other features.

Great Job, Olympus!

November 06, 2013


A Dream Camera Come to Life

I've been using cameras for over 50 years. In the 70's I built up a very nice Canon outfit with 2 bodies and 10 lenses. I drifted away from photography because of the expense of film and processing and enlargements, etc.
I rejoined with my first digital. An Olympus C-740 Ultra Zoom for about $800.00. A remarkable camera.
My upgrade was an E-500 with 2 kit zoom lenses, which cost about the same. After a couple of years I upgraded my basic zoom to a 14-54. I still use that lens but I moved on to an E-620. Now I got more lenses and an E-5. I thought that this is the ultimate camera.
Oops; along comes the E-M1 and trumps all of them.
+ Great pictures + Great feel in your hands + Obvious quality
+ An incredible bundle of features + More ways to control what you are doing with the image than I have learned yet
In spite of spending 2800.00 less rebates of 379.00, I feel that this camera is a great value. I am able to use all of my Zuiko lenses and my old Canon lenses with an adaptor I found on line.

November 02, 2013


An Exceptional Photographic Tool

I've owned many cameras since the 1960's, starting with Pentax SLR's (SV followed by the LX in '84) and then on to large Nikons (film and digital) before making the shift to micro 4/3rds (Panasonic GF1 and GH2) mainly for size and weight reasons. Although I've enjoyed using all of these cameras over the years, none of them since the Pentax LX, have given me the genuine joy of photography until the E-M1. The feel, classical look and responsiveness of the EM-1 is what photography is all about for me. I picked up the vertical grip/battery pack for it as I like having a little extra support in my palm as well as the vertical release of course.

I've tried the camera with my 4/3 rds Leica 14-150 lens/adapter and it focuses very quickly and also tracks moving objects very well with the motor drive on.

Thanks Olympus, for making a camera that has rejuvenated my addiction to photography!!

October 30, 2013


Truly a five-star camera

I've been using my E-M1 for a few days now and can say that it's an excellent upgrade from my E-3. I've been lucky to acquire many of the High Grade 4/3rds lenses so to have such a solid, well laid out, easy to carry, configurable camera with fantastic image quality that focuses those lenses well is just what I needed. It hasn't taken long to appreciate that even though there's a significant difference in size from the E-3, it doesn't matter. I don't even care it's an EVF - it's so good. The ZD 9-18, 11-22, 12-60 and even the 50-200 all handle very well indeed on my new camera. I'm really impressed with what Olympus have created and to offer the MMF-3 for free, which I obviously needed, was the right thing to do. I'm looking forward to many more years using my excellent 4/3rds lenses and being able to add some m4/3rds too!

October 30, 2013


Powerful Tool

The EM-1 is a powerful tool for the photographer who does not want to sacrifice quality but does not want to carry a heavy gear bag. The perfect combination of power, size, and function.
With the EM-1 you see a nice speed boost from the wonderful EM-5. With the added buttons and features there is a learning curve but it's not huge. I love the programable buttons so this camera will work exactly how I want it to.
Check out this powerhouse and be amazed!

October 25, 2013


Incredible Camera

When I first opened the box with the camera in it I thought, "Uh-oh, maybe this was a mistake..." The camera seemed really small (even though it's about the same size as my E-620), but the reviews so far have been great . Then I thought ,
"Maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions"...and I was. After testing the camera for only a couple of days, the pictures have been coming out better than I could have ever imagined!

I bought the lens adapter for the 4/3 lenses and have been surprised by the speed of the auto focus on the E-M1. I've really enjoyed using my 50 mm f2 macro lens and the camera seems to bring new life to all the other lenses as well. If you plan on using 4/3 lenses on the E-M1, I do suggest getting the battery grip; it makes the camera more balanced with the larger lenses.

Even though I know the menu system on the camera really well (thanks to using Olympus cameras in the past), there's still a lot to learn about all the great new features in the E-M1 and that makes it more inspiring and fun to use.

While I've heard that a number of people basically "jumped ship" on Olympus because of the 4/3 system being dropped, I'm happy to have stayed aboard for the entire trip. Thank you Olympus for a camera that takes both 4/3 and micro 4/3 lenses!

Now after I receive the new 12-40 pro lens, I'm going to have to watch my spending. The Zuiko lenses are addicting!

October 16, 2013


An Amazing photographic tool

This is my 1st m4:3 camera. I have a large collection of 4:3 lenses and I waited for this camera because Olympus says it will properly focus the 4:3 lenses. It does a decent job of that.

However I realize that in order to get the full benefit of the camera, I will likely buy a few m4:3 lenses as well.

Most amazing thing is the ergonomics. Amazing how such a small camera is so very comfortable in my hand. Everything seems to be exactly where it should be.

The viewfinder is astonishing! I alway reviled EVFs, but this one is different. Using it, I forget it's not an optical finder. I hate to admit this, but I actually LIKE it!

Image quality is excellent...including ISO ranges up to 3200, with 6,400 being perfectly useable. Something I'm not used to.

It has so many features, it would take too much space to cover all of them. It's a complicated little camera and it will take a while to master it. But it's also easy to use.

This camera IS the future of photography. It is to photography what hybrid technology is to the automobile.

Get one, you'll LOVE it!

October 14, 2013


Best Mirrorless camera hands down!

I come from a long line of using full frame DSLRs. Currently using Nikon D4 and the D800 with every pro lens under the sun for when I want the highest resolve power but I must say, this EM1 (body vs body) gives even the best a run for their money.

Comparatively, the body is so cheap for what you get. What I mean is that for the features packed into the EM-1, I am used to spending 5-7 thousand USD for body and add-on dongles and BS like that to get the same type of features. Not with the EM-1, it is all inside the tiny little body! Just to list a few of the major key features:
5axis stabilization which nobody has, built in wifi where u can use to remotely gain full control and trigger the camera with a smartphone. No low pass filter improving resolve power! Touch screen controls and the EVF is beautiful! Focus is blazing fast. Built like a tank! I could literally go on and on.
One other exciting fact to note is that the m4/3 lineup of lenses is already plentiful to choose from, BUT Olympus is one upping everybody by engineering the new 12-40mm 2.8 lens and from what I hear, a slew of pro level lenses like this are on the way! It shall shortly become a fully complete system leaving you with wanting nothing more!
I would highly recommend this camera to anyone pro or beginner because it is SO bang for your buck even if you don't know it, you'll be glad the features are already in this camera as you grow with it!

October 12, 2013


A great replacement for the E-5

I am a professional shooting mostly in a studio along with location and some sports work. I have owned every professional Olympus camera since the E-10. I was very content with the E-5 but since I shoot over 40,000 images per year I knew I was ready for a replacement soon. I was hesitant to think Olympus was going to replace the E-5 with a mirrorless camera and wasn't sure I was going to stay on with Olympus but I have quite a bit invested in Olympus SHG lenses and frankly just love them. After reading quite a bit regarding the new E-M1 I purchased it and am so far delighted. I really don't mind the smaller size as it actually works quite well with my current lenses. Actually, while I have not made a side by side test, I think the E-M1 focuses faster with the 14-35mm than on my E-5. The image quality is great especially in low light. I would rarely use anything above 800 ISO but I am confident shooting 2500 ISO and perhaps above. The battery grip I feel is necessary for the larger lenses like the 14-35mm although I always shoot my 35-100mm on a tripod so I feel with this lens it is a non issue. I have to say there is so much this camera can do and thankfully the menu and super control panel are laid out in a similar way that it was easy for me to figure it out. I am also thankful that Olympus has provided the camera with a variety of options for buttons and dials. There are more options than I can use! As well, I like the electronic viewfinder. I didn't know how I would like it but with use it has proved itself to be a great asset. I can now judge exposure through the viewfinder. Really, so far, no complaints. I'm just happy I can continue to use my SHG lenses, the best lenses made.

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