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February 20, 2014


thank you olympus

entered the electronic viewfinder world from a full frame camera.
i don't have it long enough to give an in depth review.

16 mp will give a moderate poster size print but, in my opinion, not over a 16" poster. that is the only negative i have to say. unless i'm doing something wrong.

i can't get over the operation of this camera, it is amazing. the ease of shooting, not having to move your eye from the viewfinder, the button placement, and so many other features makes shooting 'fun' again.

not having to carry heavy lenses is a big plus, one can get buy with just 2 lenses, zuiko 12-40 pro and 40-150 pro, (which has not been released yet) so i purchased a regular 40-150, on sale, and i am not sorry. lenses are fantastic.

yes the camera is pricey and so are the lenses but you only pass through one time, might as well go for it. the quality is there.

it is fast and a real pleasure to use.

i also purchased the 15mm 1.8 lens that doesn't talk to the camera. simply move the lever to wherever, take the shot and you will be surprised.

the learning curve is interesting, buy the dvd.

so, in my opinion, this camera is great, fun and easy to use however i need to give olympus a shot;
a camera system bag for $315.99----really????

February 15, 2014


Olympus is up on the game

I previously owned the EM-5 and loved it but sold it because it was still lacking a couple things that i knew would get better with time. One being the EVF, i love the evf for letting you actually preview how your shot will actually look with WB, Monotone, Saturation, Contrast and all but it was only good for daylight use. I found that for doing night shots like star trails or anything at night was a no go for the em-5 because you just couldn't see anything just a bright square blinding your night vision. The EM-1 to my surprise is miles ahead in that area as i found i can shoot in really dim conditions and still see through the EVF Sweet!! I will tell you from my experience being a big DSLR shooter using all kinds of camera's Canon 5d mark3, Nikon d800 and many others that Olympus is really doing some amazing things with the OMD Line. I found it hard to believe that the files coming out of this little camera can handle processing and have an incredible dynamic range right up there with the D800, believe it or not, rent one and see for yourself. I love the small footprint of this little camera along with the great build and all the programmable buttons that let me set this little gem up to my personal machine. My big dslr's get so heavy out hiking carrying glass and tripod that i longed for a small interchangeable lens camera that would be light , tough and not skimp on image quality. Believe me if the image quality wasn't there i would not carry this little camera but would still be lugging around my big guns and deal with the shoulder ache. There are only a couple of things i would love to see in the next OMD but for now i will take this as it is.
Keep up the great work Olympus!

February 14, 2014


Look no further for a new camera.

I'm not going to bore you with all of the great aspects of this camera. You can read about them. What I will tell you is that I am just an amateur photographer who loves taking pictures. However, my last camera was 7 years ago - one of the first Canon Rebels. I wanted to get a new camera as I knew that technology has changed in 7 years. Every bit of research I did always came up with the OM-D being at the top of the list. So, I bought it with the 17mm 1.8, 45 mm and 60mm. lenses. I am absolutely amazed as to the shots I achieve with this camera. The camera has me looking at what I am shooting much differently. You will not be disappointed.

February 10, 2014


A Most Natural Way to Take Pictures

Highly customizable, but completely intuitive, my new E-M1 is the most natural way to take pictures I have ever known. It knows what I want and gives to to me every time. I recommend this camera to everyone, regardless of your experience. The E-M1 knows what you know and adapts!

February 10, 2014


Every Oly users deserves this one

I've only had mine for 3 days and I can hardly tear myself from the manual and trying all the new things offered. For example, every button, it seems, can be re-programed. I've finally settled on using the FN1 for obtaining the 2X digital zoom, and the FN2 for setting the ISO. The other buttons I've left as is. The Info button can bring up full info of the settings and you can make other changes from there - in that respect a carry over from the E- series, except with the M1 it can be there all the time and disappears when you bring your eye to the finder. The size of the camera is perfect - just a bit smaller than my E-620. Great camera.

February 07, 2014


Fantastic New Features!!!

Love the new EVF, sharp and great colours.The grip is a great addition.Camera feels like a "Pro" model , a little heft to it.
Wi-fi is also a great addition.All in all love it more than my EM-5, which
i was also crazy about!!

January 22, 2014


OM-D should be OMG!

I love this gem of a camera! Wow! It is so lightening fast and so well made, it is a true pleasure to use. I don't want to put it down. I am very impressed with the photos. I also own a Canon EOS Rebel SL1, which I also enjoy using, but this is my favorite and since I can't put it down, my husband will be using the Canon from now on. ;-) I definitely recommend this camera. Try one for yourself; you'll see what I mean.

January 18, 2014


Everything I wanted & Needed

For a few years I was feeling burdened by my Pentax K-5. It did nearly everything I wanted. But… It was big. It was heavy. You know what I mean. I had been watching the rise in CSCs and M4/3 caught my eye because of the great selection of lenses. So I planned my transition. I bought a used EPL-1 with two kit lens. Played a round. It was fun inspire of the technical limitations.

So I planned it out. I sold my Pentax gear after investing in an EPL-5. The upgrade was a good camera, The EM-6 had been out quite awhile & I decided to be patient & get Olympus' upgrade. When the EM-1 came out the sticker shock was real. I bided my time & read all the reviews and waited until the back orders were mainly cleared.

When the time was right I bought it. It is everything all reviews say. Tear them. even the criticisms are true. For me it is the perfect camera. I'm not a pro so all that doesn't matter to me. The moment I held it it fit well in my average size hands. The ability to customize the controls is awesome and intimidating. The Olympus image quality is great. I already knew form the EPL-5 how to work the supper controls so I was off & running.

I know I will be keeping this camera for a long long time.

January 13, 2014


Amazing piece of technology!

I know it will be some time before I uncover all the hidden gems in this camera, but I have been sold on Olympus since film days, and have had several Olympus digitals (C-2500L, E-20N, SP-565UZ, and two E-620s) before picking up the OM-D E-M1. I must admit that I NEVER thought I would be able to accept an Electronic ViewFinder in my primary camera, but the E-M1 demonstrates that the EVF's time has finally come. I also typically ignored Scene Modes, but was intrigued by the "Hand-Held Starlight" mode, which takes a quick sequence of shots and stacks them into one, as is typically done in astrophotography. I tried it out it recently while walking through the "Magic Christmas In Lights" nighttime display at Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile, AL. The results were spectacular! Yes, it was an expensive purchase, but I'm glad I took the plunge! [I would also add that while it's nice to be able to use my old Four-Thirds lenses, the Micro Four-Thirds lenses are so much lighter and more compact that I'll seldom travel with the old lenses!]

January 01, 2014


Super Upgrade from E-520

After a lot of research, I decided that my first DSLR would be an Olympus 4/3. Although not stellar at the time (2009), I decided to go with the entry level E-520 and invest in glass (12-60 SWD, 50-200 SWD). Since then I added extension tubes and flashes. I was becoming more and more frustrated by the E-520 capabilities and kept waiting for a significant upgrade. When it became clear that there would be no replacement for the E-5, I was getting close to jumping ship from Olympus. Thankfully, the EM-1 came out which allowed me to use the glass I had already invested in while getting a first rate professional body. This camera is amazing and blows my old E-520 away in every way. It works great with my legacy 4/3 lenses and I love the high ISO performance.

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