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May 19, 2015


Photography reinvented

This camera is my new go-to body for personal use, and on-the-job documentary work. Heavy pro full-frame bodies, and lenses have taken a toll on me in the last decade of fast-paced pro photojournalism work, made a past love a demanding chore, and last year I start looking for a lighter solution that was up to the demands of the profession. I bought an E-M5, and loved it but it wasn't quite there. The E-M1 was everything I was hoping for in the first place

(I wish the video had variable frame rates-firmware update???).

It has great low-light capability, has a fast frame rate, fast auto focus, great and bright viewfinder, it's light, intuitive to use, 1/7th the cost of my current kit, and best of all it makes my job as fun as it was when it was my hobby. This camera is photography reinvented.

May 17, 2015



I handles my friends M1 and was very impressed. I had been using Canon gear for the last 20 years. It is so nice and light and very well built. It operates flawlessly and speedily. The photographs are beautiful taken with the two f2.8 lenses I purchased with the camera.
Another great feature is that it is waterproof. I lost a Canon at Iguasu Falls in Brazil due to moisture. All in all it is a perfect 5. Thank You

May 17, 2015



Amazing camera. It's just one of those cameras that makes you want to get out and shoot. And it's just the right size, even with 3-4 lenses it's still small enough to never get left behind. Great quality of workmanship and design, great feel in the hand. The camera quickly becomes intuitive, after the initial learning of the multitude of controls which are all placed in easy reach while framing pictures.
What you can get out of the camera is another reward in itself. Very pleased.
Over the last 12 years I've owned Canon and Nikon DSLR and now the Olympus OM-D E-M1. First time I ever stopped to give a review.

May 09, 2015


Glad I switched

I have been a Nikon user for many years. Got tired of lugging around my DX camera and lenses. About 7 months ago I traded in my Nikon gear for an E-M1, a 14-150 Oly and a 75-300 Oly lens. The image quality of this new gear is on a par or better than my Nikon D200 with 28-200 lens. After learning how to set up three My Sets for my favorite ways of shooting (Hand held general photography, Tripod mounted photography and Action photography) I will never look back at what I previously was able to do. I would recommend this camera and lenses for any serious amateur photographer. I can't get over how much smaller the lenses are and the reduction in weight. Thank you Olympus.

May 08, 2015


it could be a five stars if it was NIPPON made

it is a nice camera OMD E-M1 classic look, silver (retro) to fun with it and nice good working M. Zuiko"s Lenses (4 lenses that i acquired) that performs well with the M 1. I am not a pro bought a pro cam and optics...Pro wanna be. however they are all over priced for being made in China, although the battery was made in Japan. just like i said they all performed well.

May 07, 2015


OMD - almost perfect

I've had my OMD-1 for almost a year, having shot thousands of images. Still learning how to make this baby sing, and sing it can. When things go wrong with what I capture vs what I expected, I know it ain't the camera's fault. Got the OMD-1 for its lightness/compactness. it does not disappoint.

My only beef is that my previous camera was an E-620. THAT had an articulating screen, which allowed for some superb set-ups on the tripod that I just can't get with this dumb sliding screen on the new model. The guy or team responsible for moving away from the articulating screen should be flogged with a thousand wet noodles. Perfect camera, except for that gol-darn screen that prevents taking many images I wish I could capture. Olympus, a simple thing technically. What were you THINKING????

That dumb screen makes me give a stellar piece of equipment a four instead of a five.

Only other beef is the low pixel count. Would have been nice to have 20 or more on a bigger sensor. But what the heck, that's nit-picking compared to that unbelievable gaff of moving to a sliding screen from an articulating screen…

It's a great camera, really delivers the punch I want when I set it up right. What more could one ask for? And the options are easy to dial in, and view, before pulling the trigger. Also got my first wiiiiide angle lens, the 9-18 which, given the slowness of the lens, is on the way expensive side. But have had plenty of fun creating dynamic and powerful landscape images with it, nonetheless.

April 20, 2015


Great Camera; Needs Upgrade to Op System

I got my OM-D E-M1 about two months ago now. I have shot quite a few images, and the results come out very good, as expected.

When I shoot images with the Art Filters, I keep running into the same problem. The camera is programmed to shoot All Art Filter images in P-Mode (program mode), And to use Matrix Metering. I use Spot metering Exclusively, and Aperture priority mode mostly, with Manual mode used about 15 or 20 percent of the time.

For a camera to be advertised as professional grade, it appears I do Not have much control of the functions of the exposure modes when using Art Filters. With my E-5, I can set the camera to Spot metering, and the Mode dial to “A” for Aperture priority mode, select an Art filter, and shoot my image. I usually select the area I want in focus, push the shutter button half way to lock in focus and exposure metering (Spot metered), then compose the shot, and shoot my image to suit my needs. And when I look at the attributes of the image, the information verifies I shot in Aperture priority, with spot metering…. With the E-M1 I cannot get an image to come out in Aperture priority, nor will the camera shoot Art Filters with spot metering. The attributes of images Always comes out as shot in Program mode, and matrix metering. Program mode and matrix metering is the primary modes a beginner uses… they let the computer decide what to use. I want the camera to take images the way I need them.

I started noticing this when I was trying to learn the Partial Color Art Filter, which would let me shoot a particular mood of image. I quickly discovered I could not shoot in Manual mode, then learned I could also Not shoot in Aperture priority mode. Also, the subject I wanted in focus frequently was ending up as “out of focus”, where I then discovered the camera was using matrix metering. Why would someone Change the mode of operation (from what worked on the E-5) to what is totally Lacking in the new E-M1?? Now I am back to using my trusted E-5 as my primary camera, and the E-M1 as a back-up to the E-5… I cannot depend on the E-M1 if I have to shoot something with an Art Filter. I am Soo Glad I never got rid of my E-5.

Also of note:
When using the Partial Color Art Filter, one is required to adjust the rear dial to get the color wheel to display. But at the same time, one can also use the front dial to do the same thing! The programmer programmed both dials to do the same thing!! But, the exposure bias could have been added to the front dial. There is a bit of short-sightedness in the methods used programming the O-MD series of cameras (I own the E-M1, owned and sold an E-M5, and tried the E-M5 mk-2 at a local store) There either needs to be a third dial, or a button that can be programmed for exposure compensation. If you are shooting in Manual mode, you need dials for aperture and shutter, then a method of accessing the color wheel (in partial color mode). If in aperture priority mode, you need dials for aperture, and exposure bias, then you need a method for accessing the color wheel (in partial color mode).

In Final, the operator should be able to select the Mode of operation of the camera, and then when going into art filters, the art filter should operate in whatever mode is selected, and whatever metering mode and focus mode is selected. Maybe Olympus will be able to create a software update to incorporate this issue… I will wait and see. Maybe Olympus will have to wait to incorporate this update in a newer version of camera in their OM-D line… if so, please add the swivel back used on the E-M5 mk2, and please add back maybe a third of the thickness around the grip, to make the camera a bit more comfortable for us with larger hands.

Thank You

April 17, 2015


Great Camera!

I am fairly new to photography and I purchased this camera after using a PM2 for 2-3 months. I really love the ease of use from a beginners standpoint. I know I have not utilized even a 10th of the power and functionality of this camera, but I am anxious to learn. The pictures I have taken have been awesome and I love the wifi & sharing feature. The settings are very easy to navigate. I have been able to quickly change ISO settings as well as turn off and on the digital teleconverter. (Although I don't use the digital teleconverter much) The focus settings are easy to use and set up customize. I have recently updated the firmware and that was very easy as well.
You will love this camera!
Happy Shooting!

April 10, 2015


Great Camera

I love that I can use my old E- series lenses with this camera and get better performance. This camera takes beautiful pictures and is extraordinarily customizable. I do wish for better video and the addition of features in the new E-M10.

I use this camera primarily with the 12-40 2.8 lens and the original 50-200 2.8-3.5. I get far better pics than I got with my E-30. Focusing is much improved with all lenses, and face tracking with children cannot be beat. Focus peaking is really useful in manual focus mode.

April 02, 2015


great size

I bought the E-M1 after a long consideration. I was used to DSLR and was tired of that size and wanted something smaller, yet still fully featured. I chose the E-M1 and its been great. It's got more features than I was used too, but I don't see that as a bad thing. I've read that its video performance is lacking, but I've only used it for stills so I can't really comment on that.
I love the WiFi too. It's great being able to transfer pics without connecting wires. I just wish you could connect and have it transfer in the background and still take pictures.

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