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November 03, 2015


Came back to where I started

Started my photography interest way back with Olympus and migrated away to explore other options, and now I am back and glad too. I just jumped from another mirror less brand and to say I was not happy is an understatement.

I am now an extremely happy owner of a E-M1, so glad I made the move. The build of this camera, the AF speed, fit, finish, lens selection and quality, image quality, IBIS, etc are why I came back to Olympus. The other thing I noticed , bodies are less expensive, and the lens'es are really affordable compared to the competition. The E-M1 is packed with features, and the future firmware release will add more life to the camera (not that it doesn't have enough).

currently I have this paired with the 12-40/2.8 and will add soon the 40-150/2.8 and 2 fast primes (17,25,45 or 75). The TC and a flash or 2 should round it out. Thanks Olympus!!

October 26, 2015


Excellent camera overall

The image quality in 90% of lighting conditions is excellent. Great colors, very sharp. The camera is mostly very easy to use, lots of features packed into the camera and available via buttons, so it takes a little while to figure out how to get at all of the features. The pro lenses are fantastic, razor sharp throughout the zoom and aperture range.

The body is small, and lightweight, but has excellent build quality. The buttons have a smooth, high quality feel, like they will last a long time.

I would suggest that Zuiko reduces the damping on the 40-150 pro lens, though, since its hard to zoom all the way in or out quickly, since the damping is so heavy. For most needs, its fine, but for sports, if you need to follow players moving towards the camera, and you need to zoom out all the way very quickly, you have to apply a lot of torque to the zoom ring, which could cause you to miss the shot. The lens does have excellent sharpness and overall image and build quality.

The mirrorless focusing is not quite there yet, though, compared to old DSLR technology. On the sports field, sometimes the focusing mechanism goes unstable, i.e. the camera hunts back and forth very quickly, several times, and does not converge, i.e. the camera can't find focus. In lower light conditions, it happens often enough to be more than an annoyance. I was able to get the camera to hunt, fail to focus, then take a photo far out of focus in lower light. This never happened in good lighting conditions. I would like to compare focusing behavior with larger sensor mirrorless cameras, I have not done that.

Overall, great camera, would recommend it for most kinds of photography, except low light, and certain kinds of sports.

October 19, 2015


A Few Days In ...

I've only had my E-M1 for a few days, but have not had the opportunity to use it yet because I've gotten derailed with the setup process. My computer operating system is Windows 10, which the included setup CD does not appear to be compatible with (error messages). I have only looked briefly on the website, but did not find anything related to Windows 10. I was able to register the camera on the Olympus website, but could not find anything related to making sure that the camera had the latest software. I've looked briefly at the manual, but wasn't able to find anything quickly. My take is that the setup and user process could be more intuitive and user friendly. It's disappointing to get bogged down first thing with setup.

However, the camera is the important matter. So far, I am impressed with its specs and having it in my hands. I am hoping that I will be able to get past setup soon, so that I can provide more useful response as to that camera itself.

- Note from Olympus: The CD included with the E-M1 includes the full instruction manual on PDF and Olympus Viewer 3 software. They are both Windows 10 compatible as should the CD itself be readable. Both of these can be downloaded from the Support section of Olympus Website. Please call us at 888-553-4448 (Monday to Friday, 9am - 9pm ET) for assistance. We are not sure why the CD is causing issues.

September 25, 2015


More than a Year and a Half with Olympus OMD EM-1

When I return from doing photography with my OMD EM-1, I am set aback by the stunning images. The technical advances of this camera are amazing. I find the timelapse function to be very useful for documenting cloud movements in the sky. Live Composite is still a new function for me, but I am finding it has its place also. My success with stock photos and videos continues at a rapid pace.

I love to take photography walks with my OMD EM-1. My imagination gets the better of me, or perhaps my EM-1 gets the better of my imagination. Either way, the EM-1 is a magical creative tool. The magic continues when I return to do the post-processing computer work. I shoot only in raw. The final steps of the photography process are in image editing software for me. Mouse clicks and keyboard buttons bring to life the impressive quality of the EM-1 raw files. I have heard the jpgs are fantastic, also.

Technically, the EM-1 can be a very complicated camera. I have studies in other languages, however, and the grammar of the EM-1 remains somewhere between Latin and Mandarin Chinese. But the many choices and menus open up great potential for professional photographers and advanced enthusiasts alike.

Timelapse movies have become a cornerstone for my photography sessions when not doing photography walks. Documenting cloud movements, sunsets, and boats on the Ohio River highlights this very useful function.

I have only recently started using Live Composite. I used it for sunset scenes after the sun had disappeared behind the distant hills. Landscapes in darkness seem possible future topics.

I now have hundreds of stock photos. They are very difficult and challenging to produce. Mastering the technique isn't for the faint of heart.

In summary, incredible image quality, advanced technology, and success are all facets of Olympus OMD EM-1.

September 12, 2015



This new mirrorless camera is packed with a punch. It's more compact, easy to work and takes pictures flawlessly. The wifi functionality is very nice.

I have a range of lenses, from the new PRO lenses to using my 4/3's lenses. The interchangeability means I don't have to get rid of all my old lenses which is very nice.

This camera has completely replaced my E520!

This is a great camera to have for all professional photographers. I am always recommending other photographers take a look at this camera when they are looking to buy.

September 10, 2015


m4/3 at its best.

I reluctantly sold my Nikon D7000 because of the size and weight. i am blown away by the EM1. With the 12-40 pro lens it takes better pics than my nikon. I was worried about the higher noise at higher ISO's but with the EM1's stabilization, i am able to shoot at lower ISOs than i had to with my Nikon (i don't take tripods with me). In most cases my D7000 was noisier..
with that lens my EM1 is soon sharp. I work for stock photography and i have never had a shot rejected for technical reasons. I had many rejects with my Nikon.... For travelling without a tripod and getting caught in the rain and snow.. the EM1 is stellar !!!!!

September 07, 2015


This Camera rocks

I had a Nikon 1 V2 mirrorless and was not happy with it ,sold it and bought the EM1 WOW. The learning curve is not dramatic maybe because I have 3 Nikons and a boatload of lenses but this little Oly does and amazing job and so far I am thrilled with the sharpness of the shots the speed of the camera ,the price name it ,I love it.The features like HDR gives super resolution .Once you get used to where the function buttons are there is no stopping it. I am considering an upgrade to the lenses already. I am hopeful that the weatherproof feature is not an exaggeration because my Nikons freeze up and fail to function in the cold weather and rainy days are out except for my little Olympus tough (that's how I got into Olympus )and it is tough.

September 04, 2015


Fantastic Camera!

I upgraded from an OMD E-M5 to an E-M1. I love the form factor of the OMD E-M1 and the metal construction! Today, too many DSLR's are built like plastic toys. Not the E-M1! Then there are the lenses and the fantastic picture quality Olympus delivers. If you do any street photography, this is the camera for you. This is truly the digital version of the Olympus OM-4. Although I am retired now, this is my camera of choice for travel and candid shots of my grand kids. Portraits shot with the E-M1 and my 45mm f1.8 are spectacular! My point and shoot camera is the Olympus Pen E-PL5! With the micro four thirds format, you can share ultra compact lenses with both your OMD and your compact Pen body creating a truly compact system. Nice job Olympus!

August 21, 2015


Highly recommended

I qwas in the market for a smaller lighter camnera system. I struggled with this decision for months. Should I await for newer technology, would low light performance be adequate, and what about image quality of a 16mp camera. This camera may not be for everybody but it is best for me. You really need to ask yourself what do you shoot most of the time. I do street shooting, travel photography, and landscapes. I rarely do any kind of action photography or video, While I would love to have a perfect camera I know there is no such thing and you always have to make compromises. The reason I picked up tis one instead of the similarly priced EMII is because it works with four thirds lenses extremely well. I was able to pick up three used four third zooms for less than I would pay for one pro zoom. And the focusing speed,image quality and build is great. I have not used the camera extensively just learning about it. And there is a lot to learn. Great camera. At present price probably best bang for the buck.

June 25, 2015


Replaced my FX Canon with no regrets!

Had two Full Frame Canon bodies with a full compliment of L lenses. I photograph a number of regional, national and international competitions. Fast and reliable AF is a must. I also do a lot of interiors, both commercial and residential. I was growing very tired of hauling my Canon gear from job to job. I had looked at the EM-1 and read and watched several reviews. I finally took the plunge and bought a body with the 12-40 D2.8. I owned it for less than 2 weeks and sold all my FF gear. I now how 2 EM-1 bodies and have not looked back. I love the size, features and quality. It does not matter where I go, I always have an EM-1 with me!

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