August 12, 2014


Great battery grip

The review that says "it drains both batteries unless disconnected" is absolutely wrong. I use this thing all the time, almost never detach, and it just does not do what that person says, so, don't let that review bother you... I'm not saying his isn't doing it but if it is there is a service issue.

July 27, 2014


Excellent and Affordable

The HLD-7 grip is a good value and helps make the body easier to use for vertical/portrait orientation. It is full featured and features solid construction. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the extra battery that it will take, doubling the amount of shooting possible. The camera switches automatically from the depleted battery to the fresh one. I have not experienced the issue the first reviewer has had. To me, this grip makes an already excellent camera, feel even more like it professional camera it is.

March 20, 2014


Drains Batteries

This grip is essential for four thirds glass and pretty valuable for doing portrait work. I use it constantly. But leave it attached to the body and it will drain both the grip and body battery within a day or so. Leave it off and the body battery will last for much longer. There is no off switch that will stop or limit this behavior. Somehow in the rush to get a great camera out, this helpful accessory was botched.

November 08, 2013


Needed if you use 4/3 lenses

I bought the battery grip immediately since I have quite a few 4/3 lenses; it helps balance out the camera when using them. It's also a big help when using the intervalometer mode on the camera by supplying extra power when shooting hundreds of still photos. Definitely worth the $200!