October 21, 2013 by Sue
TG-830 the BEST camera I've owned yet!
Get to know the settings on the camera before taking it out for an important photo shoot. This camera takes awesome photos and you can hand it over to your two year old and let them use it without worrying about it getting dropped and broken. Everyone should own one of these. I like that you can video and take snapshots at the same time. Not to mention that you can swim with it, leave it in your car on a HOT or COLD day. If you get a 16 GB memory stick you can record awesome videos for hours straight and have room and battery power for pictures. Love it!
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July 14, 2013 by Julia
I received my adventure pack a couple days ago and I've given myself a bit to figure out all the features of the camera and binoculars. I have never had a camera that was built like a tank. I'm pretty rough out in the wilderness and I love to take things to the max. So, having a camera that can withstand all the bumps that come with my adventures is a must! I love how the camera takes amazing low light pictures with such high definition! The binoculars are pretty good, I can see things about a mile away with clarity, very useful when out hunting or birdwatching.
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July 5, 2013 by Thom
TG-830 iHS Adventure Pack Review
Bought this camera to take on a trip to Yellowstone National Park and other scenic locations out West. It performed well; however, the lack of a viewfinder was a problem as the LCD screen is easily washed out in bright sunlight. I was guessing on a lot of the pictures I took because with the sun at my back or to the side, the LCD screen was almost impossible to see. Also, as hard as I tried, due to the location of the lens, my left index finger managed to make it into several photos. Leave the lens in the center of the camera to eliminate this problem. Other than that, I took over 600 pitures and quite a few videos and I am satisfied overall with the camera and the binoculars are a nice thing to have as well. I thought it was a good value for the price although I am a little disappointed with the software that came with the camera.
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