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October 08, 2013


Very Pleased!

I'm just a novice photographer trying to improve my skills so I'm not going to comment on all the technical aspects of the camera - I'll let the more knowledgable & experienced photographers do that. But I will speak to a few of the things I really like about this camera...
WIFI? Why would you want that on a camera? I LOVE this! I can view all of the photos I just took on my iPhone and iPad, which means I can edit photos on the go with my iPad photo editing apps and immediately upload them to social media sites. Important to me as I have a lot of family that live in other states and great for traveling! Small size (smaller than an SLR) makes it easy to carry with extra lenses but has a heft to it that indicates quality, Menus are intuitive and easy to learn; camera operates from a fully auto mode to a fully manual mode so I can rely less and less on the auto functions as I improve my skills. Glad I made the extra investment to get this camera! PS, get the viewfinder for shooting outdoors on bright days...

July 26, 2013



The camera feels very solid and the controls are well laid out. It is much more solid feeling with larger lenses than my E-PM2 was. The ability to remove the viewfinder and have a relatively small looking point and shoot is a major plus for me. I am partial to the classic rangefinder style. Focus peaking works very well for me with old manual focus glass. My eyesight is not perfect and this approach makes focusing straightforward.

July 09, 2013


Getting to Know the E-P5

I have only had my new E-P5 for a few days and am still getting to know what it can do. So far, I am very pleased. I bought the kit with 17mm f1.7 lens and the VF4 viewfinder. I have been shooting with M43 cameras since they came out and feel this is the way of the future.
First a word about the viewfinder. The VF4 is much improved over the previous ones. It locks securely to the camera and it has a big bright view without much smearing of the image. It pops off easily with the push of a button and can be stored in the supplied pouch. It also activates when you look through it without any button pressing.
The 17mm kit lens is super sharp from my initial tests, with very little distortion. With it mounted and without the viewfinder, the package makes for a great street-shooter. Me, I'm a vf guy, so will mostly keep it attached. I also have the 12-50mm lens and a couple of Panasonic lenses, so can have lots of choice. The 12-50mm is a clever lens, with two ways of zooming and macro as well. It's super light.
Talking about weight, the E-P5 is surprisingly heavy, which, to me is a good thing. It says "quality" just holding it in your hand. I bought the silver model, so it has that classic look to it.
One thing that worried me at first was a whirring noise coming from the camera after I half-pressed the shutter. I finally deduced it is the 5-axis stabilisation at work. I have got used to that now. By the way, the stabilisation works amazingly - best of any camera I've owned, including the Nikon DSLRs that I sold just this year.
The menu system is quite logical and the camera has a whole bunch of function buttons to call up particular features at a touch. I kind of wish there was a "Custom" choice on the main dial, but I'm still getting used to the E-P5.
The camera seems very quick and responsive and I will be testing it thoroughly in the next week. So far, I'm happy and would strongly recommend it.

July 06, 2013


Initial impressions of EP5

I am coming from a long line of Olympus digital cameras (starting with the E10). The EP5 was purchased to replace my EM5 (which replaced my EP3). I don't use the EVF a lot - basically for manual focusing - and always liked the body style of the Pens better.
So far I am very impressed. The AF and IQ (though I am judging more from JPEGS than RAW as I really don't like Olympus Viewer) is as good as the EM5 - which I loved. The control system is an improvement IMHO over the EM5 and WAY better than the EP3. The feel of the construction is great.
Still getting used to some of the various setting options, but having come from a lot of Olympus cameras, the menus don't bother me. I like how much you can customize for your shooting style.

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