October 15, 2015 by Gerald
A fine camera but with dim light caution
After many happy years with an earlier PEN model, it was time to upgrade to a newer, more capable, travel-friendly family member. Based on research, it appeared the E-P5 still provided equal and in some cases better functionality than the newer E-P7. Well, sort of. Ads say "great in low light conditions" and the like. What they don't say is that's true in SOME low light conditions. BULB and TIME settings, for those who want to shoot night skies or moonlit beaches, don't work at these low light levels. This is not explained in any product literature; only calls to tech support will reveal this. Great camera and lenses for day use, but watch your light limits!
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December 5, 2014 by Philip
very satisfied customer
I purchased a refurbished white E-P5 on Cyber Monday. It came within two days. I am quite pleased with the camera so far. Having an E-M5, I was interested in the E-P5 as a backup body that I can use with the EZ 14-42 mm kit lens. The combo works great and is quite pocketable (coat pocket). The build quality of the E-P5 is quite good and my refurbished camera had less than 500 shutter activations on it. I separately obtained the VF-4 viewfinder which works great with the E-P5, giving an extraordinary view, significantly larger than that of the E-M5. So far image quality is as good as that of the E-M5. The camera will become my go-to camera for informal shooting, while I will use the E-M5 with larger lenses (using the two piece grip). It is truly a quality product.
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September 21, 2014 by Don
Well made, highly featured and elegant camera.
I upgraded from my E-P3 to the E-P5. Having been a Olympus Pen F half frame film camera user, I find myself right at home with the E-P5's size, features and handling. The combination of the E-P5's small size, light weight and wonderful availability of M43rds lens makes for a great professional camera system. The camera lends itself to all types of photography from macro, wildlife, family and street photography. A real treat is that this camera makes a great companion on family vacations, it's easy to carry and creates lovely photographs of those precious family moments.
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June 20, 2014 by ebpinpin
Exceeds expecations
I'm a serious amateur with intermediate photography skills. The reason I bought an E-P5 was to move away from my Canon 7D and it's bulk. While the Pen isn't a DSLR, it is certainly comparable to the 7D in its ability to capture great photos. Really recommended for someone who wants to travel light while they shoot away but doesn't want to compromise image quality.
March 17, 2014 by Thomas
Total Sleeper: Stealth Mode for the Win
This camera may appeal to soccer mom's but it packs the punch of a V8. I'm simply stunned by how well it performs. It's got the looks of a classic BMW with the sophistication of a high end appliance. Enough with the superlatives, it comes down to straight line performance. This camera beats them all and leaves a smile on your face after your done. Super fast AF, 1/8000 shutter speed, deadly silent when you click the shutter and enough customization options to leave your head spinning. You can do PROFESSIONAL grade photography with this. Studio work? Check. Weddings? Check. The quality and performance is DSLR spec- period. What I really love about it is it doesn't draw attention. At least not the type big DSLR's bring. Stealthy! Yet, the pictures leave onlookers shocked when you show them what you've captured. ISO performance is better than many full frame DSLR's I've owned. 1600 ISO- no problem. Only minor gripe is the grip. It should be interchangeable and offer beefy options in a similar vein to the EM1. No big deal though, it's still an incredible value even at full retail. 5 axis isn't hype either. I've gotten shots I normally miss with the big guns. This is what every small compact camera dreams of becoming. The EP-5 is the culmination of advanced imaging technology in a style that never gets old. Absolutely no regrets here at all!
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