February 22, 2015 by Adrien
Slow back search
There is just one improvement I feel is needed. If a recording which was made say several months ago needs accessing it means rewinded through every previous recording. If several recordings are made each month this takes considerable time. What is needed is the facility to jump back a month at a time without having to stop on each intervening recording.
June 11, 2013 by Christopher
Good Organizer
Pros: #1 So Olympus improved the DP-201 and DP-211 with this recorder. Finally, you can download files to a SD Card and put them on your computer. #2 Volume stayed the same with has a good loud volume. #3 Other features are the same except a new one is added which is the mic adjustment level. You can record dictation, conversation or music with the rotation of the dial on the side instead of having to push a bunch of buttons to get to the recorder microphone sensitivity. #4 Large Display (the same as the DP-201) with calendar. #5 My favorite part is you can record in the future or the past. For example, if you have a business meeting a week away you just pull up the calendar move the cursor to the date and hit 'Record' then Memo and you can save that recording on that date. However, you can only record 10 memos in one day. There is something additonal called 'Files' and you can save 99 Files in one day. I prefer to just hit the date button on the menu and change the date on the recorder and save it that way in the future. that way, the recording is more clear if you have it on a better quality setting and it only takes a second. Just remember to change the date back when your done. You don't have to do this, though. You can record in the future by only a couple clicks but if you choose the 'memo' feature you only get 60 seconds. However, this is great for DR Appointments in the future or meetings or birthdays, etc.. #6 Another neat feature is if you want to delete all your old memos but not files (that is just the quick reminders) you can delete all the past ones without deleting files that you saved that might be more important. #7 On music function is what I use for my notes and the quality sounds great. #8 If you use an SD Card a plus is too that when you put it in your computer the date on each file comes up for easy organizing. You can just save it to your desktop and have permanent records and dates of what you recorded. CONS: #1 This needs a backlight. I don't know why Olympus gears this towwards elderly or more mature people yet those people usually have bad eyes and a light would be great. #2 An alarm feature would be great especially since this is advertised as a voice recorder to organize your life. #3 This is a personal thing but if you are going to be putting in things like business meetings, memos, dr. appointments it would be great to have the option for password protection. However, the first two would be a great improvement. #4 Not sure about the dial for sensativity. I like the idea it is quick which is a plus but don't know how it will hold up after time. #5 You get a 150 page book but it is in about 25 different languages. The actuall directions are only 3 or four very tiny pages. They could use improvement. At least have an instructional video online for purchasers. Overall, I would recommend this recorder. I like it. I have almost every olympus recorder but found this the best for organizing and making my life less hectic. Be prepared to get aggraveted as it will take a little time figuring out all the features and how to use them.
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